May 7th, 2009


Fox News On 12

I don't usually watch the news but last night I had a moment of civil consciousness and decided to be informed with what was going on around me and with my community.

Here's what I learned:

Unnamed kids were selling prescription drug in a high school. I guess that was a surprise somehow. I was buying drugs in Jr. High in the early 80's. I'm sure kids were buying drugs from other kids at school long before me. Is this news?????

Psychos can stalk you from the information you share over the internet and Facebook. Really? This is news? Are there still people who DON'T know this?

People had poop in their basement.

And I wonder why I don't waste my time watching the news every night.
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Feeding the ducks

My daughter has been watching Kipper The Dog which has an episode where they go feed the ducks, now she wants to go feed the ducks. I just moved here so I'm sure where we could go. Does anyone have any idea? I live by Lombard and Interstate but certainly don't mind going somewhere around downtown or over in St. John's area. Also needs to be reachable by transit. Thanks for any help!

Rockaway Beach?

The boy and I going to Rockaway Beach for our anniversary on Saturday, and I was curious on what DP recommends while we are out there. didn't have many reviews and we're looking for some good eats - either barbeque, pizza or fine dining.
Please and thank you.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know how late Grilled Cheese Grill actually stays open on Saturday night? Their website just says "late", is late 11pm or 2am..?

[edit] I called and a fine gentlemen informed me with a Southern accent that they try to stay open until at least 12:00am but they are often tired and want to go home.
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Come and Get It!

Craigslist and Freecycle havent panned out.  I am moving and want this desk and chair out of my apartment.  Free to anyone that can come and get it tonight or tomorrow.  I'm on a second floor apartment in Vancouver, so bring help and a truck or van (no, it wont fit in a car).  The chair has been slept on and scratched on by my cat but isnt completely falling apart.  The desk is in good shape.  Picture of it here:

computer, et cetera not included.

email 02things at gmail dot com to arrange a time to pick up.

First Thursday question

In the street fair area, do people have actual assigned turf that I could accidentally interfere with if I set up a sign for my photography project along the side of the street? I'd like to see if I get any takers for my "100 Strangers" project, and I have a sign. I'd like to setup on the corner of NW 13th and Johnson...but maybe someone else has "dibs" on that spot? Thanks in advance for your feedback/replies.

Edit: I set up 'shop' on 13th and Hoyt, and the project went quite well. I got some great photos. I'll probably do it again next First Thurs., perhaps there or perhaps some other spot. Look for me.


I am planning to do something for the teachers at my kid's school in North Portland. Besides maybe pizza and delivered dish, any ideas on what I can have delivered to north Portland food-wise around 11:30 a.m. on a weekday? I can't do it because of work.

Money IS a consideration.

thank you!
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Ok, here's a question.

For those of you who are familiar with the Terminator series of movies:

I'm watching T2 right now. As I understand it, one of the premises of the movies is that only naked flesh (and cybernetic flesh-based terminators) can travel back in time.

So how does liquid metal guy get to go back in time? He's liquid metal. He's not flesh over cybernetic skeleton.


Portland related because I'm watching this in Portland, in preparation for the new film starring Christian Bale, about which I am jiggly.

Oh, and if you want to debate the timeline paradoxes, have at it.

Picture time!

What are the top 10 questions you would ask a potential wedding photographer? (Photographers welcome to reply as well)

Edited to add:

We've looked at websites to see past work, and it will be photojournalistic in style so no worries about getting everyone to pose!
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If you're looking for time wasters...

...this is pretty funny.

It's Garfield Minus Garfield. I'm not sure where I found it, so forgive me if it was in DP that someone turned me on to it, but it's bizarre and zen. It's the Garfield comic strip with Garfield removed, showing Jon Arbuckle's existential angst in stark relief without that stupid cat's commentary to make it the idiotic comic that we all know and can't believe is still being published after 30 years.

I swear, I actually enjoyed Garfield when it first came out, but I was a little kid then, and maybe it was better, but the bar was also certainly lower for me. But I actually laughed out loud at a few of these modified strips.

tomorrow in north portland/ne alberta

Hey everyone,

Luckily I found this post ( which answers some of my questions.. but I want to know more! My friends and I are graduating and separating very very soon and so we'd like to explore a bit more in our last days in Portland. We generally hang out in the SE area but want to check out the other side of town.

SO.. are there any awesome (cheap) live shows or DJ's that you know of tomorrow (Friday) night in the North Portland/NE Alberta area? In particular, we like mashups, hip hop, soul, or anything quality!

Thank you
Larch Mount
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Japanese Style Karaoke

I heard there was a Japanese style Karaoke place in Beaverton near the Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY.

Instead of a large bar there are private rooms for groups with a TV / Karaoke machine set up in each room. Basically you pay for the room by the hour.

Has anyone been there and could you tell me the name?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Another someday transplant with a question

I plan to move to Portland, but I don't have an actual date right now. I've been looking through a list of neighborhoods, but would love some insight from people who actually live here. I'm looking for something with decent rent, something under $1000 a month. Know of anything?

ETA: Because any post I make tends to be confusing (as, I tend to be light on the details), I'm going to add this.

I'm looking for a neighborhood close to cultural points of interest (museums and the like), which would be something like some areas here in Rochester. Someplace where I can get a decent sized studio or one bedder without giving up a few limbs to stay there. And, I do plan to go back through the old posts to see what people have to say. But, the main purpose of this entry was to ask for opinions of neighborhoods.
Running Fox

Forest Park

I would like to go hiking around Forest Park tomorrow since the weather is going to be (somewhat) nice. I've never been to the Park proper itself, I've only passed it on the bus and saw it from across the river in St. Johns. I've been digging around the Internets and I haven't had much luck. Portland Parks & Rec's site isn't that helpful either.

How would I get there via TriMet? Where would I get off at and how would I get to the trailheads?

Thanks y'all

I gotta get out of the city for awhile!
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(no subject)

Hi there! I'm hoping to get some quickish help in finding a decent spa that offers gift certs. My mom lives in the Mill Plain area near 205, and I'd like to find something around there or on the east side of Portland. Typically, she gets facials or manicures/pedicures, and we're looking for a place that comes recommended and isn't crazy expensive. Somewhere with a no tipping policy is preferred.

thanks in advance!