May 6th, 2009

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So, I've noticed that my boss has be scheduled for 48 hours in one of the coming weeks of May. I was told my some of my coworkers that in my position, which is called 'part time core', more than 40 hours a week does not give you over time. I have to work over 80 hours in the 2 week pay-period. So this means that my boss can schedule me for 10 days in a row in a pay period, and as long as I don't go over 80 hours, I don't get over time?

Also, I work in Oregon, if that helps.

Cheap ass or thrifty?

Okay, I am NOT in the service industry. But I have many friends (and my lovah) that are so I spend in of time in service establishments.

I find that I get kinda aggro when I see cheap asses out and about. I mean the no-tippers or the .25 tipper.

But the one that makes me wanna holla? You wanna know? Well, I'm telling you anyway . . .

The folks that come into the bar and order tap water. On ice. And proceed to play pool, skeeball, pinball, whatever.

Not the "I'm drunk and taking a break" folks

Not the "I'm having a glass of water between drinks" folks

No sirree, it's the "I'm going to use this establishment like a paying customer and not even tip or offer to tip my bartender" no "I'm sorry I'm a cheap ass. . ."

I always think go to f*cking Portland Parks and Rec and play pool. Oh wait, you might have pay .75 . . . . . .

disclosure: my lovah is a back of the house person so it really doesn't affect him, so that is not the source of my bitterness.

what gives? Why don't these folks stay home? These kids usually don't look too broke.

Edited to say: Wow! so many responses. And I earn less than any bartender I know and my clients are sometimes severely mentally ill and unmedicated. And I am nicer to them because it's the right thing to do, not because there's a $$$ incentive. and I STILL think free ice water drinkers should tip.
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yet another jury duty question

Let me preface this by saying that I am not opposed to jury duty. I've been called in a few times and have served on a jury once, all when I lived in Ca. It was actually a rather interesting experience (especially since it wasn't a particularly awful case - property damage, no rapes or murders or anything like that). And if I ever had to go to court, I'd want people like me on the jury.

Here's the deal: I just got a Grand Jury summons. Says if I'm selected, the term is for one month. In the meantime, I work on call with no benefits at all, and particularly no vacation pay, sick pay, or jury duty pay. I have no roommate, no significant other, no family, and no friends with money that can bail me out. If I don't work for a month, I will lose my apartment. Period. Do judges in Oregon (specifically Clackamas County) care about that? When I was called before (granted in Ca and about 7 years ago), as soon as the judge heard anything about money he was like "shut up and sit down, that is not an excuse and I don't want to hear it". And I heard variations of that every time I was called. I'm going to write a letter to the court explaining that I have no financial recourse and etc, but what are the odds of them actually giving a shit?
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Free show tomorrow night!

My friend Jacob and I are playing a free show at Artemis Cafe tomorrow, May 7th at 6pm. It's our first time playing together out in public and we'd really love to have you guys come see us!

It's going to be just him on guitar and me on violin, but if you want to check out what he sounds like beforehand just take a look at his myspace:

or even his website (he's still working on it..)

It's free tomorrow at 6pm, Artemis Cafe on 12th & Division. We'd love to see you there! Mention my name and get a free hug afterwards.

forgive my dumb expression, those photobooths are wildly unpredictable.