May 4th, 2009

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Plant enthusiasts, gardners, and other assorted freaks

On Friday, May 8, Clackamas Community College is having its annual plant sale!

I won't even mention how many different shrubs, trees, garden plants, veggies we've got in our overloaded greenhouses, and hoop house--but here's a little price list:

Hanging pots (Fuchsias!) 15 bucks.

Six packs and color spots: 1.50

Tomatoes: .50

Shrubs and trees: as marked (much lower than the nurseries, I promise!)

Sale starts at 12:00 PM! But, if you can, come early (line starts at 8:00 and it is pretty long. BBQ for those on line! Bring boxes to carry plants!

OK--bad marketing ploy alert!
For you people that have seen the movie (OK. I admit it, I've read the book (hated it), and have seen the movie--just because it is one of our Greenhouses that one of the scenes takes place in) Come see the Greenhouse that is featured in TWILIGHT!
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So, I want to have someone come in and mop my downstairs, clean my kitchen counters, and maybe clean my bathrooms depending on the cost we're looking at. This is also sort of a tentative guest run to having someone come in once every month or two to do basically the same.

I do NOT want to hire Random Damnportlander #329 (or even DPer That I Know #92) to do this-- sorry. Just getting that out of the way.

I want to go to a service or hire someone who is a professional cleaner-- has their own equipment, knows what clean is and how to get there efficiently, etc.

Anyone have recommendations for services or individuals, preferably based on personal experience?

Lego Castle Making

Monday Morning cuteness

Oh hai DP! So my roomate and I have become chicken farmers of the Urban variety (I stole this phrase from a website).

Here's 2/3rds of our flock, Guiness hiding behind Rogue.

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Who else in DP land has chickie chicks? What's your experience, tips or tricks (and best places to buy all things chicken) about raising these lil' things in the Greater NW?
Hat & Headset

Watch Repair[person, usually a guy]

I have an automatic Seiko. The rotor has come loose and instead of merely circling around inside, it now flaps up and down and bounces on the other mechanisms. I cannot wear it this way because it will damage the rest of the watch.

Do any of you have experience with and therefore can recommend a watch repairman (more likely a clockmaker than a jeweler, IME) that knows automatics?

If you can provide the specifics of your experience (watch type, value, cost of repairs, turnaround time), that would be extra special.

I need a watch, damn it!*

*No, a cell phone will not suffice as a time-keeping device, specifically backstage where I use my watch. Cell phone displays are backlit and can interfere with the ambiance, much like you guys.

UFOs - Vintage Film - Live Webcast - Tonight!

UFOs at Monday Movies!

May 4, 2009, 8PM Free Monday Movies!

It’s UFO night! Get off your big fat conspiracy theory and join us at Old Town Pizza for another great vintage 16mm film from the Tom Robinson Archive!

Unidentified Flying Objects (Clarence Greene, 1956, 92 minutes) The first flying saucer documentary produced, by a director noted for his offbeat style and OCD-level concern for accuracy. Filmed in real government radar rooms with the cooperation of the military. Features the well-known incident when US Army jet Red Dog One was tracked and was surrounded by UFOs over Washington DC.

NevaFeva & Cuervolinda will be broadcasting live from Old Town Pizza over the Internet, beginning at 7:30pm with an interview of Tom Robinson, followed by the film. If you can’t make it in person, please join us in spirit at 

As always, it’s free and all ages are welcome, so bring your spawn.

Hope to see you there,
Tom and Linda and Neva too!

Old Town Pizza
5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)
#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking
All ages – 8PM – In the loft

freak angels B&T

A Poll

Who's more annoying: The people freaking out about swine flu, or the people freaking out that people are freaking out about swine flu.

Bonus Points: Utilize the scientific method in your response.
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We are looking for a babysitter for our 7 (almost 8 month daughter). We are in SE and looking for someone for the ocassional weekend night maybe a weeknight here and there.

Any recomendations would be awesome. We would like someone experienced please.

Thanks in advance!
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Making Strides walk on Saturday

I'm walking at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk on May 9th. It's a 2.5 mile walk that starts at the Rose Quarter. I was wondering if any of you would be interested in making a $5 donation. If anyone is interested in walking then you can still join as an individual or start your own team.

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a request:

this is probably a long shot (because who wants to give these up?) but i suddenly have two friends coming from out of town thursday evening, which would normally be great, but a group of friends and i are going to see star trek in imax on thursday. at 9:55. and it's sold out :( worse comes to worse, they will just get tickets for the 10:10 show on thursday not in imax and go in a different room, but we'd like to see if anyone has two tickets for the 9:55 imax showing that we could buy from you if you aren't attached to seeing it on thursday or just can't go.. and pay above what you paid for them (which comes out to an UNREASONABLE 16.50 per ticket, sigh.)

let me know if you can, but if not, thanks for looking anyway :)