May 3rd, 2009


you all know everything

Ok, I have an annoying livejournal issue and the site itself is not much help.

I am not seeing any icons anywhere. It is really friggin annoying and I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix this pesky little issue.

Are there any wise and helpful dps that could assist me in my time of need?

Thank you in advance.
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Looking for a new place to call home

I know the places we have in mind aren't easily found unless you know someone who knows someone. So DP, I'm hoping YOU know someone. Or have seen this.

What we're looking for:
A house in NE Portland (South of Alberta, E of I-5, W of 33rd, N of Burnside)
Relatively safe to safe neighborhood (we could live on the dangerous side)
2 bedrooms and 1 Bath (preferably 1.5 or more)
Bungalow style (~1920s architecture)


We have no pets. No need for a fenced in yard (a yard would be nice). Rent is not a determining factor.

Have you seen this home?
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Noise from the rail yard near Reed College

Do any of you live (or have lived) close to the rail yard in the Brooklyn neighborhood?  My lady and I are considering renting a place at about SE Harold and 18th, right between Sellwood and Brooklyn, but are concerned about sound from the rail yard at night. 

Any first hand experiences you can share are much appreciated – we'd like to know if we're in for blaring horns at 3am and house-shaking clanks from coupling trains.  The landlord hasn't actually spent a night in the house, nor were there any neighbors around to ask when we visited the place.  Thanks DP!

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So, I know about all the places you can go to get your car's computer scanned for free... but that's not exactly my issue. My ABS sensor light is on, which has triggered my traction control into perma-off mode and made th steering wheel stiffer. I am looking to get my ABS system scanned, but want it to be as cheap as possible, if not free. Anyone who has done this before and might know where I should go for the best price (free would be best, but I am doubting it's possible). I don't need any repair work done, just a scan. My mechanic friend doesn't have his own ABS scanner.

Thanks in advance!

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so i'm thinking, "maybe its a good idea to get rental insurance?"

so dp's, i'm sure some of you have experience with this sort of thing. is it worth it? has anyone actually utilized it?

also, what are the best companies to go with? i'm looking for economical here.... i've found two different places for 180/yr, but they charge monthly installment fees of $5, bringing the total to 240, unless i pay it all upfront (which i can't currently do).

knowledge time!

web hosting?

i am in the market to buy some web-hosting for my personal portfolio. i want to buy space from something a little more professional than, say, godaddy (because i want good customer service). any recommendations? they don't need to offer domain purchases at the same time... i can buy that seperately and link them, although it definitely would be easier if they did. the last time i bought web hosting of my own was about 6 years ago, so i'm sure companies have changed since then.
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for sale... sony digital camera dsc-f717

since everyone is posting their schtuff for sale lately...

please check out my cl post at

it's a sony digital camera, 5mp with a really nice lens.

i'd like to sell it to buy a lens for my dslr, i know it's
priced high, but if any lovely dpers were interested i'm
sure we could come to an agreeable price. --insert sob
story about being laid off here.--

i really just don't want to hassle with ebay.

and for content besides hawking wares--- before i added
the would not ship part, i got two scam emails inquiring
about it, man. no i will not ship to west africa. are
they just sending emails to anyone who puts an ad up to
see if they can get people to bite? seems labor intensive.


Found bike

My friend and I found a bike last night. It's in fairly good condition, but it appeared to have been abandoned. We guessed that maybe it was stolen by a drunk person and then joyridden to the place where we found it. Whatever the case, whoever put it where we found it obviously didn't care about seeing it again, so they must not have been the rightful owner. On top of that, there were a whole bunch of sketchy characters in the neighborhood, and it seemed like only a matter of time before someone else noticed it and picked it up for nefarious purposes.

So, it's in my garage now. Where's the best place to go to find the rightful owner? Craigslist seems like an obvious start, but where else? How much info should I include/withhold in order to find them, but not have to deal with a thousand other scammers people with missing bikes that weren't this one?

Also, anyone on DP missing a bike?

Is this true?

My boyfriend is apprehensive to apply for unemployment because 2 times in the past he filed and was denied and then he was (supposedly) told that if he applied a third time that if it was denied he would never be able to apply again...
So it this true?
If so that is just dumb.
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