May 2nd, 2009

Push Button For POPSICLES

Builds It

Is anyone building an arbor right now or any time soon?

Can I come and watch you build it? I can help out too if you need it.

I want to build one for some vines I have in my backyard, but no matter what books I read or pictures I look at, I just can't seem to get beyond it just being an idea in my head.

If not, does anyone know where I can find/download an instructional video for building one?

I don't want a massive, strong one, but I don't want one that is so flimsy as to be nonfunctional.

K, thanks.
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another stolen bike post

it is with a heavy heart that i report my 2008 lemond poprad (bicycle) stolen last night. it's a pretty unique ride, so folks keeping their eyes open would be much appreciated.

i wish i had a picture of it all tricked out, but that photo shoot was scheduled for tomorrow. there's a stock shot here:

mine looked like that, except for the following additions and omissions:

white selle anatomica leather saddle with bronze rivets (funky split-down-the-middle look)
bamboo fenders (look kinda like those $150 ones from river city, except unpolished)
bamboo water bottle holder on the seat tube, silver metal one on the down tube
stock-looking white leather handlebar tape
exchanged front wheel for a 36-spoke all-black mavic with a SON generator hub
removed the crash/cheater brake levers on the top of the handlebars
crank brothers mallet pedals (silver) - platforms with eggbeaters in the middle
black edelux LED headlight bolted on to the top of the handlebars
(rounded metal thing about the size of a raquetball)
bar-end red LED lights
28mm armadillo slick tires
exchanged front of drivetrain for a compact dual w/silver shimano cranks.
beefy black back rack for holding panniers, with a shift sticker (the white one with SHIFT spelled out in bike parts) on, and a hole drilled into the middle of the rack.
handlebar mount for wireless speedometer; sensor on front fork & wheel

the bamboo fenders and water bottle holder are by far the most distinctive things about the bike, but will probably be the first to go. the front wheel is held on by a locking lugnut, so the fuckers
will be unable to change the front tire/tube, ever. small consolation.

it was locked with a U-lock and there was no evidence of extreme force or power tools used to remove it from the (bendable) rack, strangely. maybe i failed at locking it properly, dunno.

anyway, if you see it, there's a substantial reward for its return ($500). please call me day or night at 503 766 3728 (503-some-rat). thanks for your help, and lock carefully, folks.

Arrested Devolopment Trivia TONIGHT!


All of our cool friends (i.e.- the ones who have seen Arrested Development) are out of town this weekend. We are looking for some people to join our team tonight! There is space for 3 people.

It starts at 7pm tonight, and we want to get there a bit early. It is at Peter's 19th Hole on NE Fremont at 57th. I am getting my hair done at 5pm on Hawthorne, so if you wanted to meet me there I could give you a ride at about 6pm.

More info:
So who's in?
Mr. Sparkle

Phone books and dishwashers


I need two phone books. Preferably the Dex Plus books. Why do I need them you ask? Well, I use them for monitor stands. They put my LCD's at the right height so I don't have to stare down at them. I'll come and pick them up from anywhere that is TriMettable.

Also, does anyone have a dishwasher I can use? This sounds silly, but I need to put a keyboard in it to clean it. If you've ever disassembled a keyboard and cleaned it by hand, you'll know what I mean. It's a lot easier to clean it in a dishwasher. Don't worry, it won't get fried, I've removed the electronics from it already.

TIA and stuff.