April 26th, 2009

Japanese men's magazine--name? Info?

I remember that there are a couple of Japanese speakers in the group. Can anyone tell me possible English versions of the name of this magazine? It's the 1961 premiere issue of a Japanese men's magazine. I'm hoping to search for info on how long it was published, etc., but can't do that without and English name (though there may not be anything online about it in English anyway). Thanks for any help you can give me!


Over breakfast this morning, my bf and I had an interesting discussion about smoking.  He said he believes smoking is a "character flaw," because he thinks it indicates weakness and an inability in general to deal with stress.  I ... agree with this logic, I guess, but the general statement that being a smoker is a "character flaw" makes me pretty uncomfortable.   Mostly because I used to smoke.

So, DP, what are your thoughts on this?  Does being a smoker indicate deeper character issues?  Seems harsh to me, but what do you think?


is anybody else's clear wireless TOTALLY SUCKING today? it's been kind of sketchy lately, but today it is barely working enough for me to make this post, and i've had long stretches of no internet whatsoever. is this happening to everyone today or do i need to make a disgruntled call?

Kentucky Derby hat dilemma

Hey peeps -

Because you all know everything: help me out!

I need a hat/ensemble for a Kentucky Derby party coming up. I need a BIG hat. like super southern belle large. Any advice/ideas on where to get a really big hat that I can then decorate?? (other than Goodwill, I don't want to have to dig through bins.) The decoration will be work enough, I don't want to spend a whole day searching for the hat alone.

Thanks in advance!!

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for all you pdx/nw ladies out there size 12 and up.... don't forget today is Fat Fancy! Portlands monthly vintage clothing store!!! only reason i post this is because the girls that run this endeavor are fantastic people who are worth supporting, oh, and they have AMAZING finds!

please check these girls out today, or mark your calendars for next month!

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yeah, second post of the day

i am FURIOUS. so there is this girl sitting on the sw corner of nw everett and 14th, where there is a freeway off ramp. she is holding a sign that says she is preggers, give her money and stuff. AND, she has a BABY PUPPY sitting in front of her, it can't be more than 8 or 9 weeks old. so this girl is supposedly pregnant, obviously is homeless and broke, SO SHE WENT AND GOT A FUCKING PUPPY.


it took every ounce of strength i had not to start verbally ripping her to shreds. i know there is nothing i can do, she has every right, legally speaking, to be supposedly pregnant and owning a newborn puppy. i almost went up to her to ask if i could take the puppy, as i would be able to give it everything it needs. and yet, i did nothing. was i wrong? i can't even see straight right now, i am so incensed about this situation.

meeting people in the real world...

OK I must admit I'm a little stumped here.

I've been living in the area now for about six months.  I'm a nice guy, I'm social, I can be funny, and I don't do evil things like toss dwarfs, insider trading, piss on the toilet seat or burn garbage.

I really had no problem meeting people and connecting with folks in my home town, but for whatever reason I've had the darndest time meeting people since I've moved here.  I don't do the church thing, I'm not a student, and I don't really see my co-workers outside of work so it's been a challenge to find a good solid group of like-minded friends. 

So as odd as this question might sound- where do you all meet people?  I know there's websites like "meetup" but I honestly didn't find much that interested me in there.   I am working to put together a group for one of my interests (I posted earlier about a group for comic book creators) but this type of group is fairly niche and therefor I've had few folks interested.

So what are your thought?  Had you ever been the "new guy/gal in town"?  How did you become established in your community?  Do you still find it difficult to meet people?

Oh and just so were clear, I'm still clear of swine flu- just in case you were concerned.
Me- Far and Away

Dancing Fool

Hey, DP. My google fu is failing me, so I figured I'd give you guys a shot. Does anyone know where I could take adult tap classes that aren't really of the "sparkly sequins and top hats" variety? The cheaper the better. I figure there's got to be somewhere around because I saw an advertisement at the Echo Theater back in February for an "open tap jam," but all advertising subsequently disappeared, and I know Do Jump doesn't offer any sort of tap.
Rainy Day


I will be in need of a seamstress/tailor to make alterations in a month or two. If you have a personal recommendation (or warning) of an impeccable shop/person please pass it along! I am willing to pay what is necessary to have someone that can work with formal fabrics (not a wedding dress but for a wedding), communicate with me promptly, and be someone that I am happy to refer to other friends and colleagues! Downtown, NW, and westside suburbia locations preferred.

Thank you!

It's like a swimming boobah head

So, my friends live behind a small lake in the burbs of Atlanta. This weird little blue thing keeps showing up and we have no clue what it is. We are all kind of amazed and curious, but no clues on what it is. Any theories on what it could be? Any experts in blue aquatic boobah heads? It's not a street light.

Clothing Optional question...

So, I went to this spa-ish place that was Clothing Optional. I'm okay with folks being naked, having been a nude beach enthusiast in my younger days, and all, but I opted for clothes, as I had never been there and wasn't sure how folks rolled.

Anyway, I was the only person there besides a 70-ish guy. At some point, he deposited himself on a bench that was directly in front of me, eye level, and then tried to involve me in conversation with his legs spread wide open.

I've gotta say, I wasn't really thrilled about being forced into an inane conversation and having to view old-man cock-and-balls, Though I've been around the block a few times, I wasn't sure if he was a perv, or if that was a normal thing. If the tables were turned, I have to say I would never just splash my vadge out there, to some person I was conversatin' with, casually, but MAYBE I'M JUST A SQUARE!

Your thoughts, dear DP?

Legal Question.

Do you have to retain a lawyer for all services, or do they have any a la carte pricing for some services (like looking over a disclaimer, or a contract agreement, or such things?)

I seek business services from a lawyer, but don't understand paying a huge ol' retainer if I don't want to retain their services, but instead just have them do one thing.

I'm going to go look at the SBA website and see if they have any good advice. Someone also suggested that since I'm a PSU student, there is a lawyer on campus for students. But I'm not sure that would cover this sorta thing.