April 25th, 2009

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Desperately seeking...

stain remover!

When I was living in Kansas, I used to buy this Out! Natural Stain and Odor remover and it was the only thing that ever really worked for me. This stuff was a miracle and now that my cat has decided to go on a peeing spree I am desperately searching for some more. The website suggests a few local stores that sell the Out! brand, but I am looking for this particular product. Has anyone seen it anywhere?

I know this is a really long shot but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask =)

Also, I know it is available through amazon, but they want $25 for it after shipping charges which is about 3 times what I used to pay for it. Plus, I need it ASAP because, well, pee stinks. =(



If you like tasty creations for a good deal with HUGE portions of food go to Petite Provence on Alberta. My chipotle chicken sandwich was gigantor and probably one of the most precisely placed together sandwiches I've had to date. It was around 8 bucks and you get the choice of a salad with greens, potato salad, or soup(home made daily). I had the greens and when it came with the sandwich my jaw dropped because the portion was awesomely huge! I ate 1 half of my scrumptious sandwich and all my salad. I had to save the rest for later because of all the chicken and stuff packed into the grilled fresh bread. Damn! They also make pastries and assorted deserts(think Pix) with a more traditional French style. I was very surprised. If you're tired of Frances and Helser's roll on over to Petite Provence. You won't be disappointed.

ONE OTHER place to try out is Red Fox on Albina and Alberta(previously Albina Green). AMAZING bartender(cute and grizzly too). Wonderful burger for a decent price with strawberry mountain beef, bacon, and cheese. My man and I ordered a side of asparagus which was delicately grilled and super thick. The fries that came with the burger were thinly cut and lightly salted. Crisp and just right. I haven't had fries like that before so I scarfed them down happily. The bartender also made me a virgin juice cocktail and cracked jokes with us, I wasn't there to drink so he accommodated me pretty well. If you're in NE give yourself a good evening and roll over there for a drink and a fun chat with an excellent bartender. Oh and the snacks are decent and priced well for us recessionistas!

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Weekend lunch

If you feel like going out for lunch on the weekend, what are your favorite spots? Lots of lunchy-type places seem to only operate M-F. We've been going to Bunk (on Saturdays) and Tribute's pretty frequently and want to try something new.
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Wedding post #49875902

If you have either (a) attended, (b) been a part of, or (c) planned a wedding on the Oregon Coast (specifically Cannon Beach but other location anecdotes welcome) please feel welcome to comment on your experiences.

I have most everything handled as far as who, what, and the things we are Doing Ourselves, but community center-type reception-site locations are eluding me (this is what happens when one tries to plan an August wedding in four months). Several places I've called are booked (ie: Cannon Beach Community Center et al) and we are at this time planning to have the ceremony on the beach but if you have some specific recommendations please add them!

(note: we will consider a resort or hotel location, but primarily as a last option since we'd like to keep this budget friendly and prefer to do the cooking with friends and family for the reception.)

Hopefully this post makes sense to more than just my own addled brain!
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Cupcake close-out!! Come on down!!

Feel free to scroll past if crass commercialism in DeePee bums you out.


Lemon Baby Shower Cakes

If you've got a sweet tooth, a knack for bargain-hunting, and a flair for impulsive purchases, have I got a deal for you.

Today, and TODAY ONLY, the delightful sistermaryeris is having her only cupcake sale EVER. We are filling a large order, we've got stuff on hand, and thought that the DamnPortlanders should benefit.

If you order by 3 PM today, and pick up at our NE Portland (Gateway area) location by 8 PM, we'll give you TWO DOZEN cupcakes for 20 bucks. These are usually 25 bucks a dozen, and well worth it at that price. The only catch is that you can have lemon or vanilla bean cake, and lemon or vanilla frosting. We can do others if you'd like, but those would be at regular prices.

So, order by 3, and you'll be scarfing some yummy cupcakes by 8. Wash 'em down with beer! Eat them while you're surfing LJ! Throw CupcakeFest '09!

Email me at drjeff at gmail, or comment here, and we'll hook you up. DP references available upon request. :)

EDIT: We're full! Thanks for the orders. We are still available to make whatever you need at any other time.
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APB: Old School Ranch Dressing

It's an emergency!

I need old school ranch dressing.

You know what I'm talking about: the watered down, runny (yet insanely delicious) ranch dressing* of the past. I am pretty sure every elementary school in the midwest served this stuff (definitely if you recieved free or reduced lunch like most of the kids in my school). So where is it Portland? Where can I get it? PLease provide brand name and potential carriers of said ranch.


*Definitely NOT Kraft or HIdden VAlley.

Crappy FREE Stuff!

So, I have been cleaning out the shed in our backyard that was full of giant piles of stuff left by former residents, and these are things that are both large, useless to us, but potentially of interest to other people. I want someone to come take it so we don't have to pay to have it all disposed of.

Collapse )

Email me @ rachelkj at gmail dot com if you want something & you can have my address. You haul, obviously.


i bought myself a sweet new bike and i've been trying to ride it as much as i can, but i am pretty out of shape (i recently quit smoking after 8 years of faithful devotion to the habit). i live in nw and i want to ride it to psu everyday, but even the slight inclines on the way to psu turn my legs into jelly and my lungs fill with fire. i realize that if i continue to ride uphill to school everyday i will eventually stop being so damn out of shape, but there are days when i just don't want to show up to class drenched in sweat and panting like a labrador with legs that barely work. so i was wondering if anyone knew the flattest (or most downhill) route to psu from uptown. is one of the southbound streets flatter than the others?

thanks a zillion.
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Maximum fun!

Anyone going to Sound of Young America today or Monsters of Podcasting tomorrow at the comedy festival?  

'cause I know no Maximum Funsters here.  And the bf is a bit annoyed that I'm forcing him to see an interview show full of people he's never heard of.

i know you're out there

dear stupid f'ing a-hole who stole my key lights from my yard while I was mowing it,

thanks for leaving my keys, but no thanks for stealing my key light. They were clearly in a bag, IN MY YARD.. not on the side walk but IN MY YARD... you know, where my house is.. where i was outside mowing the grass. if i found a bag or set of keys in someone's yard I would assume they belong to that person, or take the time to knock on that persons door and say "This was outside, are they yours?" but you are of the special untrustworthy crowd who would SNEAK in a bag and STEAL something. i hope you enjoy that key light douche bag. maybe someday some jerk off will steal something of yours that you accidentally don't keep as good of an eye on as you should have.

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Stuff for Sale!

Hello DP!  I'm going to be moving soon, and I need to get rid of some of my stuff!  I have:

1 queen size solid wood futon, which works as a couch or bed.  It makes a very comfortable bed.  We've been using it as a guest bed, but won't have room for it in the new place.  I'm asking $120.00 for it, but am open to negotiations...
Also on craigslist: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/fuo/1140111951.html

1 solid wood dining room table with four matching chairs
.  The table top has some paint damage, but this could probably be remedied with some sandpaper and varnish.  I'm asking $125.00 for the set, but again, am open to negotiations....
Also on craigslist: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/fuo/1140133385.html

1 other solid wood dining room table
, in GREAT condition.  $100.00, but open to negotiations.

I can only take cash, and I can't deliver as I only have a little Ford Taurus.


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One of the best sodas evar!

Pepsi has went and done it. They have replaced that high fructose corn syrup shit with real sugar and it is the most awesomest thing in the world!! I'm asking everyone in this group to please email Pepsi and ask them to keep it coming and not make a promotional item out of it. Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback taste pretty much as they did back in the day and it's soooo good!

The only places I've found it are at Helen's Market at the corner of W Burnside and NW Broadway and Katina's Market at the corner of NW Flanders and NW 6th! I understand that Safeway might have it too but I haven't been over there to check.

Go have one and tell me what you think! If you have positive comments about it, please tell Pepsi as well!

No, it's not vegan but it is kosher!
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Cross Country Move

Hi Damnportlanders,

My partner and I are moving to Portland this summer.  (Yeah, yeah, I know, we should stay away yadda yadda.  Don't worry, I have a job with a company on the east coast that I'll be telecommuting to, and my partner will be going to school, so we're not gonna be takin' yer jobs.)  Anyhow, I was wondering, if we're looking to rent starting July 1st, how soon should we start looking for apartments?  June 1st?  Mid-June?  Earlier?

We'll probably be looking downtown, the Pearl district, South Park area, and Lloyd Center area.  Our budget is pretty flexible.

Also, are there any reputable apartment finder services, or should we just go the Craigslist route?  Any property management companies to stay away from?

Thanks, and flame on if you need to.  :)