April 24th, 2009


Portland Care Packages!

Hi again!

I am putting together a nice care package for my best friend who just moved to Texas.  So far, I've taken lots of lovely Portland-y pics, made her a card, and plan on sending some delicious treats.

But it doesn't feel like enough.

If you were away from home, what would YOU want sent to you to remind you how much you loved Portland (and possibly maybe why you should come back someday)?
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Sports Medicine doctor?

Hi gang,

My injured knee seems to be getting worse rather than better. I have a giant list of referrals from my insurance company for a sports medicine doctor but I'm wondering if any of you might have a recommendation from personal experience? If it helps, I really dislike orthopedic surgeons. I live in upper NE but can travel wherever.

Darklady by Ator

EVENT: Darklady’s “Forbidden Fantasies” Erotic Open Mic Night

Darklady’s “Forbidden Fantasies” Erotic Open Mic Night

Darklady invites you to talk, sing, dance, laugh and talk some more about sex – “Forbidden Fantasies” Erotic Open Mic Night style.

Whether you like to watch – or be watched. Whether you like to listen – or be heard. Whether you like to socialize – or be socialized. If you’re sex positive and looking for a creative way to spend a Monday evening, stop by Rumpspankers and celebrate the mind, body and spirit erotic.

The Rumpspankers kitchen and bar will be open for business, the pool table is free and happy hour lasts all night. Although not a play party, the night is topless friendly, so feel free to show off your moon tan, new piercing, favorite tattoo or most daring lingerie and earn HotMovies.com mardi gras beads and special drink prices, as well as praise, in return.

Performers: Sign up now to guarantee a place in the line-up. Currently set to perform are Darklady, The Nice Lady and Dale the Nail. Tentative performers include Sahara Dunes.

Monday, April 27
7:00 pm – 1:00 am
$5 Entry
Ages 21 +
No RSVP Required

Rumpspankers Restaurant
700 NE Dekum
Portland, Oregon
Cozy, but Wheelchair Accessible

Bring a pet or human care donation for Esther’s Pantry to enter a drawing for a $100 Taboo Video gift certificate and Big Teaze toys I Rub My Duckies and Fishies.

Saturday, May 9: Darklady’s “MILF-y” Dinner & Porn Date Night

Monday, May 18: Darklady’s Pre-Thon Social @ Rumpspankers

Saturday, May 30: Darklady’s “Solo Sex Circus” 9th Annual Portland Masturbate-a-thon

June: “Bisexual Pride” Dinner & Porn Date Night

-- Darklady
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The Southeast Grind

A week or two ago somebody mentioned the closure of the Fireside Lodge, which has been replaced with the Southeast Grind. Although they're still getting their act together, it seems vastly superior to the Fireside. Here's my experience:

First, the cosmetic differences. The floors of the seating area have been gouged and replaced with granite looking tiles. A handful of small, tasteful ceiling lamps have been added to supplement the fluorescent light fixtures. I'm here in the afternoon, so it's hard to judge how the lamps will affect the lighting overall. The log cabin furniture has mercifully been excised and replaced with much more comfortable and modern tables and chairs with at least as much seating. Overall, it somewhat sparse and the color palette's a little off, but it seems like a work in progress, and there's definitely potential. The Fireside Sign is still up, but should be replaced in the coming weeks.

They're serving Stumptown Coffee (woo!), Voodoo Doughnuts (meh), as well as sandwiches, salads, and so on. First refill on coffee is free, and $.50 thereafter (among the better deals I've found for caffeine-binging). I had a spinach salad, topped with tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, sprouts, onions, and a balsamic vinaigrette for about $4.50 and a free sample of a surprisingly tasty vegan pastry (some kind of cinnamon-apple bar). The wi-fi is quick, stable, and free, the barristas friendly, and the hours extended from 6AM to 2AM with mention of possibly opening for 24 hours next month.

It's still in its early stages, but they're set to fill the void of late-night hangouts in the SE. You folks should make your way over and throw your money at them, and maybe make some suggestions about the decor.

Summer sublet!


I'm a junior at Whitman planning to move to Portland this summer for an internship with Bitch Magazine, and I'm looking for a really cheap room to live in from June until the end of August.

I have a friend, also a Whittie, who'd like a room too. So if you've got two cheap rooms available, I'd love to hear from you.

We can afford rooms in the price range of about 300/month.



salvidgl at whitman dot edu

low income care

I am needing to get on some medication for my mental illness. Is there anywhere in Portland/Milwaukie/ Clackamas area that is low cost? (I don't have health insurance) 
I have already tried Clackamas County Mental Health and Outside In. All suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

Plus size model call: Portland Oregon

This call is for a show I will be curating in November 2009. Yay! Spread the word near and far! Thanks.

Plus size model call Portland Oregon.

Kina Williams Photographer http://kinawilliams.com and Bertha Pearl of Size Queen Clothing http://www.sizequeenclothing.com are teaming up to bring you a big fat conceptual multi media show at the Q-Center Nov 2009. Would you like to come play with us?? 

We are looking for plus size models size XL to 6XL in Portland Oregon or immediately surrounding areas. Preferably women/female (self identified) and/or queer or gender bender identified.  We want people who are joyful in their bodies and shameless in their expression of their curves and rolls. We want people who love being photographed. We want people who won’t hesitate to show off  their bellies, butts, thighs , arms and hips... and have some fun with us, regardless of experience with this kind of thing..  

Shooting dates will run throughout the summer in Portland Oregon, so if there is an extended period of time that you will be away from Portland please let us know those dates in your response. 

We will be working with professional and amateur makeup artists. If you have an MUA you already work with please introduce us. Bertha will be doing the styling. Kina will be executing the themes through set design, location and post production techniques in her photography. 

Each photo session will run approximately 2 hours with the entire process of makeup and styling taking up to 4 hours. Shooting dates will adjust if the weather isn’t right for the theme, but will be rescheduled for the next possible day.  Currently we are putting together shoots for “steampunk” “cirque” and “southern belle”. The rest of the concepts have not been solidified at this time. We will be shooting anywhere between 6-10 themes. 

You must be able to sign a legally binding model release form in order to participate in this project.  Can’t flex on that one. 

This is a barter based model call. What we have in return for your time/effort is 10 web res and 5 full res images from the session fully edited, deep discounts on prints from the show (it is also my goal to artfully frame them in recycled materials), a pair of boxers OR a pair of bloomers from Size Queen and a discount on any merchandise in the store including the outfit you modeled.  

If you are interested please respond by contacting kinawilliamsphotographer/ at/ gmail /dot/ com with MODEL CALL in the subject line.  Please send a head shot and a full body shot (low res images ONLY) they do not have to be professional pictures, but we need to be able to see you. We will also need your standard measurements (bust,hip,waist height) and please introduce yourself…we’d love to meet you!! 

Please feel free to post widely…and thank you!

Kina Williams, Bertha Pearl