April 23rd, 2009

Selling CDs for monies?

Any idea what Everyday Music gives per CD when selling them back?

I know that, generally, Powell's gives $0.75 - $1.00 per used mass-market paperback (or about 1/3 of what they would sell it for) in cash (more if you take it in trade, of course). But I want to keep my books for now.

I do have a bunch of CDs that have all been ripped to hard drive and a backup made, and I could use the cash dollars. So what can I expect for my shitty CD collection?

Thanks, DamnPeople!
Buon Appetito!

Made in Mexico

A recent jaunt to Costco in Aloha yielded a case of Mexican-produced Coke made with real cane sugar. In spite of my lack of love for Coca Cola, I find the cane sugar stuff to be great -- and it even comes in glass bottles I can save for later. But I'm still looking for something else.

I would like to find some Dr. Pepper made with real cane sugar. I've had it before thanks to a small bottle ritzcrackerman purchased for me while he was down in Texas and visited the plant. Does anyone know where I can find bottles of the stuff locally? I'd like to use some to stock my photography studio for when we meet with clients. Plus I want some for myself.


ETA: I've found three possible solutions so far:

1. There's a company called Real Soda (http://www.realsoda.com) based out of California that has a Portland distribution site. I called and left a message.

2. Old Doc's Soda Shop (http://www.olddocs.com/) sells the stuff, but it's a case of 24 8oz bottles. Not quite the long-neck variety I was gunning for, but it'll work if #1 doesn't.

3. Since passover is just ending, it's possible I could find real sugar soda in the kosher sections of many stores right now. No telling if it'll last, though.
Mi-mo-sa in Manhattan

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Transit riders breaking out into a "Let's Go Blazers!" chant on MAX Yellow Line last Saturday night: I wouldn't mind hearing that more often in the coming years!

2. Bicycle riding in the warm evening breeze--at 12:30 a.m.: yay for the hot weathered weekend!

3. Meeting couple of awesome foodie strangers at the Eat Mobile food cart festival last Saturday night: the fun conversations made the hour-long wait in the falafel line enjoyable!

4. Being introduced to Medford's Southern Oregon Brewing Company beers couple of days ago: the sales rep was giving away samples at Bailey's Taproom couple of evenings ago.

5. The cute and friendly waitress at The Alibi lounge.

6. Awesome friends who plan fun social outings: the Portland-area is a great place for planning things to do in.

7. $1 vegan corndogs every Wednesdays at Hungry Tiger Too.
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Learning to draw

I can't draw AT ALL...yet I love to doodle and always wish I had the ability to draw things that sort of looked like what I intended. I mean, I was once asked to draw a frog by a 4 year old who wanted to know why I drew a piece of toast with arms and legs instead. I have no desire to become an artist or anything, but I'm considering taking some basic beginner drawing classes.

My question is for those that are also lacking in drawing skills...have you ever taken classes and did it actually help you improve? Were you surprised by anything you learned?

ETA: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain has been ordered. Thanks for the suggestions. I remember my grandfather had that book and always encouraged me to try it, but being an ass and teenager, I totally didn't.


The other night, I was talking to my mom, and she said they had really good looking Oregon grown blueberries in the stores. I went down to the store the next day to look for some berries. There were some nice looking Oregon grown blackberries, but the only blueberries I saw were from Florida! Why would they have Oregon grown blueberries in California, but not in Oregon?
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Marley in his bandana

Strawberry pots?

Has anyone seen glazed ceramic strawberry pots for sale around town that aren't ridiculously over-priced?

Thus far I've only found the smaller, plain ceramic ones at Freds for around $30 (which I'll get if I have to but was hoping for glazed and a little larger).

The one that I did love at Al's Garden Center is perfect but at $68, too pricey for my budget.

I don't mind second-hand either (I'm keeping an eye on Craigslist too) as long as they aren't cracked and chipped.

Thanks in advance.


P.s. If anyone's selling a decent 2nd hand wheelbarrow too, pls send me a pm.

p.p.s. I realize this isn't craiglist but I figured my DP peeps often come thru. :o)

Nanny Share?

Having been just been notified the family I work for can no longer afford to have a nanny, and being given 5 weeks left to work, I posted an ad on Craigslist for my services. I had a reply from a woman who would like for me to do a nanny share for them. It would be 4 children: 3,4,6 and 7. I currently get $12 for a 3 and 5 year old. Does anyone have any experience for a nanny share with 4 kids in the area? What's an acceptable rate to ask for? Any tips, or advice? Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone have a TI-89, Stats Editor, and the necessary cable to download it to my calculator? I'm needing it for my stats class and would happily exchange a beer or coffee for it.
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speed freaks

Our street could really use a stop sign. People speed like crazy down our block in our residential 'hood and that shit is getting really old. Anyone have ideas or experience about who to talk to or how to go about getting a stop sign added to a nearby intersection?

EDIT: thanks for the infos gang :)
Say Anything

You, sir, are a hero!

To the guy at Madison's bar and grill tonight who was honest and kind enough to chase after my dad and I and ask if it was my phone that was left at the table, thank you so much! I really don't know many people who could find an iPhone and return it, that restores a little faith in my love of Portland! Even if the waitresses and bartender- well, everyone who works there! Even though they know me and would have held onto it for me or called me at home to tell me I left it there, I think it fucking rocks that you went the extra mile to chase me down to return it. For that, I hope like hell that karma treats you right for a good long time! You, sir, are my hero :D


Ash, the girl who tends to misplace everything at the drop of a hat!
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