April 22nd, 2009


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did anyone else notice the panhandlers getting meaner and scarier lately?
in the last few weeks I've been seriously accosted by a few of them and i do not understand why!
i'm a young looking girl who isn't super well put together, i don't think i even own a pair of stockings with out holes in them, i'm not walking down the street with a designer hand bag and an iphone, i'm pretty much surviving but when someone asks me for change, if I have some spare on me i don't mind throwing something someones way and if i can't i genuinely say sorry.

SO here are some scenarios..

#1- I'm riding my bike near the lloyd center and some one actually sees me coming and walks up to my bike, steps in front of it so I have to stop and asks me for 50 cents to ride the bus. i'm probably looking a bit shocked/annoyed/scared that this person walked into my path and forced me to either stop or run them over, but i say sorry. they walk away talking to themselves, LOUDLY so i can hear, saying i am a bitch for not giving them 50 cents and that he f@#*ing hates privileged white bitches!! WTF???

#2- again near the lloyd center but this time on foot, a man walks up to me frantic. I am on my cell phone but apparently that doesn't matter that I am clearly engaged and busy. he has snot pouring out of his nose and says he needs some money, he needs food, he just needs anything i can spare. that particular day i was lucky to have $2 to rub together and i stopped my phone conversation to tell him no, sorry I don't. He throws his hands up in the air and screams "FUCK" really loudly at me, like into my face and my phone and runs trying to catch another person walking the other way.

#3- On the max, yesterday. I have my bike so I'm standing with it. An older man is walking from one side of the train to the other. He asks every single person for money on the ride... every single person says no to him. he skips me for some reason and asks all the other people. Most of them are older men as well in my area of the max. he makes his way back to me and asks me last. i only have 3 dollars to last me 2 days so i tell him sorry i don't. He's like "man I just need some money, I lost my job, I'm broke, I don't know what to do... etc etc" and I say to him "yeah, it sucks, when i was jobless, i would take the train to gresham and donating blood plasma, you can get up to $40 some times, it's not too bad".... he FLIPS OUT on me. Seriously in my face screaming "NO I CAN'T NO I CAN'T!!!! you think you can tell me what to do, you think you KNOW whats right for me". I was seriously scared and said "look, just passing on the information, it worked for me, if it's not for you then fine" so he's screaming at me still anyways "you don't know me, you think you can tell me what to do" and everyone is just kind of like looking at me, no one says anything to this scary screaming man an inch from my face. As he screams I just interrupt him and say "okay, bye then, yep, okay then, bye bye". I mean, he was saying he didn't have money, he didn't know what to do.. those words don't magically make it appear in my pocket to give him.

WTF?? I mean, seriously.. WTF?

Of course these are just 3 isolated incidents but all in the last 2 weeks so I'm curious if anyone else has been seriously scary harassed.

bank stress tests should be kept quiet, US officials say

So the fed wants the banks to be quiet. No news release saying their stress test went outstanding. Otherwise no news from the other banks could be considered bad news, and their stock could be punished. I get that. But for all the people in that office, can't you tell when the CFO , Controller and Treasurer walk out of the conference room, by the looks on their face? If they walk out, are laughing and high fiving, it's safe to say the stress test went well. If they walk out of the room, looking at the ground shaking their head, not so well. I'd be curious to know what these stress tests are like. Is it like an audit, where the IRS comes out and brings a brown-bag lunch, and just raids your file cabinet? Anyone else care to respond, with fact or just how you envision it? I imagine a conference room with a paper flip chart and a box of coffee.

Photographer recommendation?

Whew, wedding planning! She is a beast. So the mister and I are trying to find a photographer that would be available in September. There are quite a few photographers out there, and I was wondering if anyone had any personal recommendations. I'm finding a lot of sites with pretty pictures and quotes up to $5000. Yikes! We're looking for something a less extravagant. Who photographed your wedding? Were they talented, on time, easy to work with? Would you recommend them to a stranger over the internet? If so, could you recommend them to me? Thanks!
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This is pure time wasting that I need to get through my work day.
So please...tell me who your favorite female singer is.
Here is the CRITERIA:

  • VOCALS = range, timbre, pleasant on the ears
  • PERFORMANCE = are they good live? Have you ever seen them?
  • HOTNESS FACTOR = can they shake their ass on stage...and do they look good doing it?
  • LONGEVITY = were they a one hit wonder, or will they stick around for a while?

DO IT!!!!!!


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My phone is completely messed up. I turn it on and get a white screen, Ive tried everything, its busted. Im not up for a new one for a couple months.

Anyone have a sprint phone sitting around I could swap service into for free borrow or trade?

Sprint vs Verizon?

I'm switching cellphone carriers (joy), and I'm wondering which of the two has the best coverage in Portland. I've read mixed reviews on both, especially that Sprint has problems with dropped calls? I live in SE if that matters, but ideally I'd like a service I could use wherever.
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springwater corridor history

do any of you portland history buffs know the history of this particular spot along the springwater corridor, between omsi and oaks bottom?

Collapse )

i am wondering what sort of industrial building (or whatever) the concrete used to be part of. i know that the stones with acrylic slices are part of this art installation, but beyond that, i'm not having much luck with google.


Garden/Landscaping friendly folks:

I love gardening but realized that I barely know anything about growing non-food type plants.

The front/side yard of my current house needs some work and I am aiming for a complete DIY landscape makeover project. I would love some input on some good, Pacific NW perennial flowers or plants. I have done a bit of research but any suggestions or even some tips would be really helpful.

The side yard receives mid-day and evening sun, and the front yard would need plants that do well in partially shaded or fully shaded areas. I would like something that is considered moderate to low maintenance.

My vision: Background "filler" plants to put against the concrete foundation/porch and pretty flowers for the space in front of those. I was even considering something creative like building a rock garden for part of the space around the house because I had noticed many perennials seem to specify they would do great in a rock garden type environment. I feel slightly clueless and overwhelmed.

Help or thoughts? Thanks everyone!
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Sasquatch tickets for sale!

Turns out I can't go. I've got a couple tickets left to get sold. I have one ticket for Saturday and one for Sunday. I'll sell them for the price of the ticket, w/o service fees. So, that's $56.50 each. (I'm really hoping to sell the pair together) If you're interested, send me a private message or leave a comment. Thanks!

ETA: They are currently spoken for. Thanks!
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Moroccan decor?

Hello DeePeers: The fiance and I have decided to redo the bedroom in our new place as a Moroccan budoir. (Feel free to snark, I'm totally excited.) The ceilings are pitched, we have a skylight and a window basically at ground level. I've been looking up decor ideas and am in search of:

-Best place in town to talk to someone about paint colors that knows what they're talking about (Fred Meyers is already off the list. They had problems when I was trying to figure out what white paint to buy.)
-Best place to buy MASSIVE ammounts of fabric for cheap and/or curtains (I seem to remember that Fabric Depot has crazy sales sometimes, so I'll head that way this weekend. Also, can anyone inform me about this mystical Mill End store?)
-Interesting lamps (table or hanging only, gold or brass fixtures, colored glass)

I've already figured out how to canopy the bed, so I don't need that. As a side note, has anyone been to Old Portland Hardware? Thoughts?

I've spent WAY too much time lately at the vintage stores on Hawthorne and am looking for places that are worth visiting that I would miss because they're outside my walking area.

You guys rock, thanks!

PS: Have truck, will travel for something cool.

Question about paying for moving help

I'm going to be moving in a couple of weeks and I need some help. I'm going to advertise here and on CL (I've had good luck doing this in the past). My question is what is a fair compensation to offer?

I'm trying to do as much of this myself as I can. The things I need help with are relatively heavy and/or bulky items; bed, dresser, desk, couch, armchair, etc. Also lots of boxes of books and some bookcases. Everything will be boxed up and ready to go and I will have both a truck and an appliance dolly. (I'm moving from NE 32nd and Killingsworth to NE 9th and Tillamook... it's about a ten minute drive.)

There are a couple of things that make this move notable. 1) Stairs. The apartment I am moving into is on the third floor. 2. More stairs. There are things that need to be moved from both the upstairs and the basement in my current place. 3) At the top of the second flight of stairs at the new place, there is a small landing and then a sharp L turn. Not so fun for bigger stuff, but I know it's doable/been done.

Depending on how many people I get, I figure this will take 2 - 4 hours total. In the past, it's been more like 2 to 2-1/2 hours, but I am allowing extra time to deal with the stairs.

In the past, I've offered $10/hour in cash (and tipped, and paid for pizza, beer and soda) and that's worked out fine. Does that seem reasonable in this situation? (I'm pretty broke and my stuff is not valuable, but I'd like it to arrive intact.)

Opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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The bad parts of Portland

So, out of curiosity.

What do you think are the 'bad' areas of Portland?

Like, areas where people are like 'Oooo, be CAREFUL around there! Don't go there after dark! If you do you are in DANGER!' etc. etc.

Do we even really have any areas akin to those like in New York or LA or such in terms of places to avoid?

I've asked a few people this question before, and I am always a bit surprised by their answers.

(PS: Stepping over condom wrappers / or situations in which you may have to reply 'why thank you nice random man for the compliment on my fine posterior!' or 'Hey-thanks for the cocaine / sex offer, but I'm good! *pimp fist-bump*' to me doesn't count as really 'dangerous' areas FYI. Perhaps 'bad', but not really worthy of worrying that you will get jumped)


I have been sitting on a LARGE stack of World of Warcraft TCG cards (6-700 maybe?) for quite some time now, both from my purchases and a few gifts. And, I've "played" with them once. And it didn't go so well :) No one I was playing with really knew that much about the game, although we all had a lot of fun.

I think I might like to try to learn to play before I just decide to get rid of them. I know some local area card shops teach/play OTHER card games, but I've asked around and I can't find any that even PLAY the WoW TCG, let alone teach it. The closest I've found was in Seattle... So aside from waiting until this year's PAX, is there somewhere else I could go to learn with a group of people? If you don't have a suggestion for that, how did YOU learn to play, and is there a group of people who play here?

Barring all of that, if any of you are interested in buying a massive amount of cards from multiple sets for what would end up being a huge discount, let me know.

Property management questions

Dear DP, I come asking for input with regards to property management companies. I am aware that a lot of them are very nice yet the majority is said to be a lot of slackjawed, rude, uninterested yokels. But I do have some pointed questions here.

I am looking to rent something from Inter-west Property Management. Any experience with them? Good? BAd? Awesome? Indifferent yet helpful? Any skeletons in their closet, moreso than usual?  I've never had horror stories, all 3 landlords sofar (2 private, 1 ppm) have all done their job. Most 'hassle' I actually had was with private landlords........

How about Capital Property Management? 

I don't  trust random internet reviews of these kinda companies any more. Example: I rented from a widely reviled company (Pierson Prop Mngmnt) and I personally never had a better prop mngmt experience.
They loved me and I loved them. I submitted MANY repair requests and they would send someone within 2 days. Fixed windows, shower stalls and a few other minor things. Never a problem getting a hold of them or getting called back or anything. I gather most of the people I dealt with are gone now, so maybe now they're shitty again, who knows.

I've also heard many many bad things about American Property Management, including from my sensible intelligent friend. I don't intend to rent from them, I distrust all companies with "American" in their name and sofar it has worked out great for me.

Other suspicious places: Ellington? Wimbledon Square Gardens?

Bueller?? Thank you DP!!

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so, i'm moving into an apartment complex and need to sign up for my own internet provider. is comcast the default they'll try and stick me with or does anyone have a success story with a different company?

and i haven't moved in yet to see if i have free internet, as in, unencrypted from an unknowing neighbor. kind of hard to turn down free internet.

thanks in advance..