April 21st, 2009

VG - Silent Hill - Piramid head impale
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World of Warcraft players???

Hello Everyone!

I am tired of playing World of warcraft solo.  I have a hunter lvl 72 named Hilga and a DK 70-71 named Jekkel that I play with all of the time.  I'm looking for ppl that would like to play and do quest or dungeons, or anything really. I just recently got my appendix removed, so, some forced free time has come my way.  When the pain killers does not make me too sick, im on.  I play on Stonemaul server.

If any one is interested, or know of someone, or know of an LJ community that might help me find some ppl to play with, please let me know.

Thank you all!

Banff Film Festival?


I don't suppose anyone has an extra ticket to the Banff Film Festival for tonight that they might be willing to part with? (Or might be looking to sell?) I would so love to go but REI is out of tickets!

Please let me know here or at waxsinister@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Update on Zombie Apartment of Smells

We'll probably never know what happened. The leasing office looked into it and "corrected the problem". That's their official statement. They won't tell us tenants what the source of the smell was and there were no police or coroners dispatched. I can only assume they were actually put in some sort of submissive trance and memories of stacked bodies were erased from their subconscious.

I'm sure that any day now scores of zombie humans and zombie bees will be milling about trying with hungry desperation to beat down my door and eat my brains. Until then, I sit quietly clutching my claw hammer and a can of Raid and I wait.

In the words of the beloved REM-
It's the end of the world as we know it.
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Larch Mount
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Running Shoes

I am running hood to coast this year and I am in need of new running shoes.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy running shoes with a staff knowledgeable about what would be best for me based on running style, stride length, etc?
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Tenants Rights

I live in an apartment that's part of a house owned by a family trust. The trust has decided to sell the house. The owners will probably keep it as a rental property (it's not easily condo-able). I signed a one year lease that ran out and has been month to month for a little over a year.

What sort of things do I want to be aware of as far as getting screwed when ownership changes? Screwed meaning giant rent increases, being kicked out really fast, or other things I haven't thought about. What areas of law should I be concentrating my google searches on.

Also, if any cat friendly folks (not big property management companies) are renting a large 1 bedroom or small two bedroom in the coming months that's close-in, let me know!
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so i bought a kitten as a weird way to help me get over everything that happened (http://community.livejournal.com/damnportlanders/14556046.html). i don't know what i was thinking. I can't afford him, i couldn't even afford the 30 dollars to get him. i think i just really wanted something to need me. it was a poor choice in the best of intentions.
i would really like to find a better home for him. where his mom/dad wasn't a complete zombie.
anyone want him? i paid 30$ for him, i really would like to get that money back, but i would take 20$. he really is a fantastic kitten

selling some things

i'm trying to go on a vacation with someone and i'm looking to surprise them for their birthday. so, i'm trying to sell some things. i've listed the prices, but feel free to make offers - all reasonable offers will be considered. my only rule is that i'm not accepting trade - i need the cash to pay for a trip, sorry :) i do have a car, so i can drive reasonable distances to drop off items, but if you don't live near me, it'd be awesome if you could meet me halfway at least :)
i'm giving you guys first crack at it before i go on craigslist.

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whew. told you it was a lot.

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This sounds weird, but how normal is it to find bugs around your place? The entire time I've lived in Portland I've been in NW about 7 floors up and pretty much never came across anything, not even spiders, no matter what the season. Now I'm living in a nice (but old) house around SE 14th and Salmon and I notice quite a few bugs... about 4-5 ladybugs roaming in the window sills (inside), a few silverfish darting out and back under the floorboards.. occasional spiders on the walls (none freakishly big or terrifying looking.. at least no more terrifying than seeing a spider in general).. an occasional tiny bug (unidentifiable but harmless looking) scuttling across the wall. For other people who live in some of the older houses in this neighborhood, is this normal this time of year to see this many? I think my cat enjoys all the new creatures to play with but I'm wondering if this place is infested or if this is just how things get in an old house once the weather warms up and every insect in the world seems to come out of hiding.

Aphid Twin

Any idea where I can get a moderate amount of ladybugs? I know that people can get them "in bulk" but I have relatively few plants so I don't need like 5000 of them. Just a couple dozen or so.

I can't see some of the leaves on my roses for the bugzes, and ladybugs are cool like that.

EDIT: I swear I didn't read the previous post before I posted this.

EDITED EDIT: 7 Dees FTW. Apparently the least you can get is 1500, and they were a lot pricier than I expected. That's ok though. Many of them did fly away, but it was still a total chowfest, and some of them were still out there crashed out when I checked at like 11 tonight. So thanks!

yet another "renter's rights in a renter's market" post

so, i moved into my studio apartment in december. it's a really old building, but i liked that it had a huge kitchen and charm and whatnot. it wasn't long before i figured out that THIS BUILDING WAS NOT MADE FOR ELECTRICITY. or something. for instance, if i ran my space heater (and i had to use a space heater because the one wall heater vent was hot enough to set stuff on fire, it's basically just a stove) and microwave at the same time, it would trip a fuse. constantly. so i had to remember to not run the heater when i wanted to use microwave. no good, the power still went out.

i figured since it was warming up, i didn't need to worry about the electrical problem anymore. but now, the ceiling fan makes the power go out. i don't have an inordinate amount of electronics running! the fridge and an air purifier are all that run perpetually. so today i talked to management (big company) and told them i wanted someone to see if they could move stuff around so my power doesn't go out all the time. if i am not home to fix the fuse, everything in my fridge could spoil, so i think it's kind of a big deal. that's only happened a few times, and i was lucky i got home soon enough to salvage things. my manager said that my apartment can only handle up to 15 watts. i don't really know what that entails, but i really don't think i run more stuff than any other person.

they are sending someone here to look at it within the next couple of days... if they can't do anything, do i have any rights here? should i try to negotiate something? i didn't know about this problem when i moved in, obviously. but i knew it was a really old building, obviously. my management has a lot of open apartments right now, and they are all at least $100 less than what rent was when i signed my lease. there is even a one bedroom in my current building for $50 more than what i pay now. i have a year lease, but would i be totally out of line to ask if i could live there instead (assuming it can handle more electrical stuff)?
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Hi guys!

So, heads up-- meetup is a week from today (Tuesday the 28th) at 7pm. I wanted to bring us back to the Deschutes Brewery (I think we can work them out pretty well), but unfortunately they're going to be closed on the 28th!

Rather than try to figure out what a good change of time would be for everyone, I decided to just swoop us back to the East Bank for this month. Sorry to those of you whom this inconveniences-- don't worry, we'll be back at the Deschutes in May.

So, once again: meetup, East Bank Saloon, Tuesday the 28th at 7pm. I won't be there but I think bellybalt will.

free thing that really sucks!

Have you been wanting a vacuum cleaner and too broke to afford one?

I upgraded, so now I want to get rid of the old one. It's a Dirt Devil Bagless Canister Vacuum. It's several years old, but it works. You can buy new filters for about $25, which you would probably want to do.

My only caveat is that I'm not going to bother to try and clean the current filter, because I have allergies. That's what you get for free.

I live on the border of Portland and Beaverton. If nobody here wants it, I will post it on Craigslist.