April 20th, 2009

Tonight! Depeche Mode "Sounds of the Universe" release party



with Djs:

Playing electro, new wave, eighties, and of course plenty of Depeche Mode.

At midnight we will be selling the album and doing a big raffle Autographed DM posters and a copy of the deluxe version of Sounds of the Universe which retails at $99.99.

Mon April 20th 2009
Doors at 9:00pm - 21 & Over

The Fez Ballroom
(Next to Powells Books on Burnside and above Buffalo Exchange)
316 SW 11th
Portland, Oregon


Upcoming Portland Concerts:
06/07 - Modwheelmood(ex Nine Inch Nails) @ The Fez Ballroom
10/06 - New Model Army @ The Fez Ballroom

Reach the Beach

Anyone out there ridden the Reach the Beach century before?  I'd love to ask you a couple questions about what to expect on the day of the ride.

Anyone riding it this year?  I've been doing most of my training solo so far, but as I work up to longer rides, it's feeling like it would be prudent to have a partner.  I'll be riding 65-75 miles each of the next 3 weekends, if anyone wants to get together for a training ride.

(PS, I know that the Portland Wheelmen do training rides, but when I've ridden with them in the past, I always felt kinda out of place. As in, 20 years younger than anyone else in the group.)
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Monday Happy Hour?

Can you suggest an awesome Monday Happy Hour? I'm gathering some friends together for my birthday soon, but my limited experience leaves me unsure of where to go. And if you can't go on your own experiences, why not choose based on someone else's?

Ideally, I'd like a place that:

A) is fairly central in location (friends will be coming from all parts of town)
B) has a good selection of beers (a good stout, in particular, is a MUST)
C) has good food and drink specials (cheap + tasty = Win)
D) is not super-noisy or full of douche-y people (we'd like to have a conversation)

Is this possible, or asking too much? Help a girl out. Thanks!
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where to wed?

Hey gang, me and my sweetie are currently looking for a venue to hold a wedding ceremony and reception, in Portland or maybe in the surrounding area.

We've contacted maybe a couple dozen places, but are curious if anyone here has any specific, personal recommendations for places you've been and loved, either as a guest or as a participant. (Or, perhaps just as importantly, places you've been and hated.)

Here are some criteria:
  • both the wedding and the reception will be held at the same venue
  • indoor setting ... we'd probably only consider an outdoor setting if it also offers an indoor backup plan option
  • we're not ostentatious, but on the other hand we'd prefer not to do this too DIY, so something inclusive of other services (i.e., decor, coordination, catering, etc.) is good
  • can handle about 150 guests, give or take
  • booze-friendly
  • not particularly religious
  • handicapped accessible
  • Portlandy
  • set up with live webcam for simulcast of ceremony to DP (not really)
Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Also - I remember some months ago, someone made a post like this with the exact same subject line, but I can't for the life o' me find it. If anyone can link me to it, you win 10 internets.

first time visitor

hello, all.
I'll be heading into Portland for the first time May 8th. I have to wait for a friend whos flight gets in significantly later than mine. What's a single girl to do for about 5 hours on a Friday afternoon? I'm leaning towards catching the MAX and going downtown/pearl district. I'd like any tips and also recommendations for good lunch spots/pubs, galleries and shops that are uniquely Portland. I'm pescetarian but would love to check out vegan/raw food spots if available. Also, any little parks to check out? Probably the closer it stays to the rail line the better but I am willing to do some good walking.

Also, how is the weather this time of year? I am having trouble w/ what to pack but I guess layers will be my friend.

Free 16mm Film Tonight, Nothing But a Man

Tonight Free Monday Movies is proud to present Nothing But a Man, a seminal work in the history of American independent film, in 16mm vintage black & white film.

Nothing but a Man,
1964, 92min., black & white, directed by Michael Roemer

A landmark independent film, suppressed after its initial release, Nothing But a Man is dramatic portrayal of the struggles and hardships of Black life in 1960's America. This quietly moving, beautiful film remains as relevant today as it was then.

Set against the rise of the civil rights movement the film tells the story of Duff, a railroad section hand, who is forced to confront virulent racism with Josie, a preacher's daughter. Nothing But a Man is devastingly powerful film about the struggle for the basic necessities of dignity and respect. Starring Ivan Dixon and jazz great Abbey Lincoln. Music by Mary Wells, Martha and the Vandellas, the Miracles, the Marvellettes, Stevie Wonder and others.

Show Starts at 8PM 
- FREE - All Ages Welcome - Best Happy Hour in Portland Starts at 9PM!

Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking



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Borrow your Bicycle?

Dearest DeePees,

I will be visiting Portland from May 2nd until May 9th. The friend I am staying with doesn't have an extra bike for me to use, so I was wondering if anyone would be into letting me borrow their bicycle in exchange for something good. (say, a whole bunch of freshly baked scones)
I'm pint sized, so I would need to borrow a bicycle suited for someone who is only 5'2.

I promise I won't get drunk and ride it into things!

missing cat

hi, if anyone lives out in beaverton around murray and farmington and sees the most beautiful cat in the world
i know its not the best picture but its the only one i have.

please contact me, finnslighthouse@gmail.com

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MAX disruption of the evening

From: TriMet Email Updates [mailto:subscriptions@trimet.org]
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 4:25 PM
To: Front Desk
Subject: Service Alert: MAX disruption downtown

A MAX train traveling westbound through downtown Portland has derailed at SW 11th and Morrison. Emergency personnel are on the scene and will evacuate the train. TriMet crews are enroute, and service will likely be disrupted through rush hour. Shuttle buses are running between Rose Quarter and PGE Park MAX stations. Portland Streetcar southbound service is also impacted at 11th Avenue.

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I don't know if anyone remembers...
but last summer my downstairs neighbors had a mess of flies swarming all over in their windows and it was really gross. Everyone made ridiculous jokes about zombies... remember?

Well, this spring there are no flies but there is a horrendous stench wafting from their apartment up the stairwell. It's an absolute vomitous smell.

I'm convinced you were all right.

They're harvesting dead bodies to farm zombies. They have to be. If you smelled it you'd agree. It's definitely the smell of a zombie army. A legion of the undead. My days are numbered. I'm sure they'll be coming for me soon.
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Do you work at a hospital?

Hey! I'm looking for employment info on hospitals and surgery centers in the Portland area. I'm a (soon-to-be-certified) scrub tech on the prowl for a pay check. I'm not about to be picky but I'd ideally like to work in an outpatient surgery center or smaller hospital. If that doesn't work out, I'll be looking to the larger hospitals. Any suggestions? Which hospitals should I avoid? OHSU? The Portland Clinic? Providence? Tuality?

FWIW, I don't currently live in PDX, so location doesn't really matter.