April 19th, 2009

Attention: Damn Room for Rent

So I really hate to use DP to whore my Craigslist post-but hey it's great exposure.

I'm renting a bedroom in my apartment in SW. It's $310/mo. All the info is in the CL ad. If you email me let me know you're from DP because I'll wanna meet Dp'ers first. Thanks for looking!


**Edited the ad to exclude the bit about people rarely being home. I realized I came off a lot worse than intended. :)

Framing supplies

When I lived in CA, I used to go to this framing shop that was kind of a DIY place. They had all kinds of framing supplies: frames, mats, glass...bascially all the stuff you need to frame something, but you put it together yourself and just pay for the supplies an use of space. It was GREAT! Does anyone know of such a place here? I've googled and yelped...but nothing is coming up. Maybe I just don't know the right way to explain it to google???


Comics anyone?

I am interested in putting together a group to aid those who are interested in creating comic books.  I would really be interested in meeting writers, artists, and others who are looking to improve in their craft or network with other creators.

Is there anybody in this group that would be interested in such a thing?  The way I envision it - the group would meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss different issues facing comic book creators (such as copyright, writing, technique etc) as well as take some time to be able to offer peer review.  Down the road I foresee our group being able to put together comics online and maybe even develop a podcast on the subject.

So - Would anybody here be interested in such a group?

Dumping Yard Debris...

Tree branches, pine needles.. some dirt..

Where can I get rid of it without paying a crapload? I have a 8x4 trailer FULL and 10 big black garbage bags full so using our yard debris can is not an option at this point..
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(no subject)

I'm curious, with the weather getting nicer, are there any Damnportlanders out there that would be interested in a game of watergun assassinations? It used to be run as "PDX Assassin" and I'd be curious is anyone was interested in a fun round of it?

Eh? Just gauging interest at this point.
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Fur coat? (but not a real fur coat, that's cruel!)

I'm looking for a fur coat for a theme party for my boyfriend, but so far I haven't had much luck. I'm looking in Goodwills around town, I checked Craigs List and I checked eBay. My options are kind of slim since I'm looking for a particular style/color. That, and the coats listed on eBay seem to be REAL fur and are going for hundreds/thousands of dollars. Which I do NOT intend to spend on a costume piece.

Does anyone know somewhere (other than Goodwill, Craigs List or eBay) where I could look for a fur coat? Any help is much appreciated!! :D
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new bar downtown

hey damndrinkers:

my friend heard that there's a new bar that's opened across from Jake's downtown. it's apparently noted for its stellar selection of whiskys.... anyone know what this place is called, or been there?

thanks in advance.


I'm looking for some Yuengling for my Philly-born husband. Has any body seen this anywhere in Portland? I haven't seen it at any grocery stores near me (in SW Portland), nor at John's Marketplace in Multnomah Village.

Google only brings up another message board post asking for beers similar to Yuengling, since the OP of that post can't find it in Portland.

Any help beer lovers? It's for the man's 30th birthday, so I'd thought I'd try to find something special.
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Passport photos?

So, I've heard tell that FedEx/Kinkos will do passport photos, but their website isn't giving me any results. Can anyone verify this-- say, have you had them do it before or seen them advertising it *locally*?

Failing that, I'm on Farmington near Beaverton Transit Center (Between Murray and Hocken) and would prefer something in this area I can get to without a car since I don't drive... anyone have any personal recommendations? :)

edit: Thanks!

(no subject)

Anyone here listen to Passport Approved tonight? I don't listen to it all that often, but I caught the very end of the program and I loved the last song played, after Sat Bisla talked for the last time. Unfortunately I don't remember the title/artist, but it was a female singer, and the only lyric I can remember had something to do with getting/being high. I found the playlist online and it said the last song played tonight (although it's dated the 18th instead of the 19th, but I'm guessing tonight's was a syndicated rerun or whatever the radio terminology for that is) was Get On The Bus by Name The Pet, but I listened to that on MySpace and it's not the same song.

(I would post this on whatwasthatone but I've been posting there a lot lately and since I don't remember much about the song other than that it was awesome, I ask the almighty DP oracle for help finding this.)

edit: probably shoulda mentioned I emailed their MySpace page, but since my description was super vague I don't know if I'll get a response, so I thought I'd ask here as well.

Edit again: Found it on the 94.7 website (which I would have checked had I known they actually listed Passport Approved songs). It's "Racecar" by Yulianna.
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(no subject)

this is a weird thing to write about but i guess it couldn't really hurt.

about a month a go i was attacked in my apartment. its a long story and i don't talk about it well. but i work from home. i am a free lance illustrator. and well work hasn't been flying in due to our good friend the economy.
so i spend a lot of time here twittiling my thumbs and searching for other ways to make money.

but i keep freaking out. seeing blood in my kitchen and having flashbacks. i can't even paint now.
i can't let myself get lost in this hole.
i need to get out of this apartment.

if anyone has any job.... i have a good resume and a degree, but no job is beneath me. i would have pride in anything. i just can't stay alone in these walls. i have to get out and make myself feel like i can be a member of society again.

if you have any abilty to help me i would be forever in your debt.

New roommates!

OK, so, I murdered this guy's cousin, and then he came to get me back. I didn't like this, so while trapping him, a couple of his legs got pinched off by the glass.

I present to you, oh deep oracle, a SIX-LEGGED SPIDER:


What kind is it? Crab, hobo, dog, cat? Dangerous?