April 17th, 2009

springwater trail

i got a bike recently and i'd like to ride the springwater trail this weekend. anyone know if it's possible to access it via foster road? i looked at a bike map and it looks like it crosses the intersection on se 82nd. if i ride my bike to foster and 82nd is it easy to figure out where the path connects? otherwise, where are the access points so you can get on it via the street? thanks!
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Dimmable CFLs

So $BOY and I are in a minor war, he likes his cave, and I insist that I need to be able to SEE to type. Part of this is from his love of using dimmer switches, which is all very well and good, but the part where he's saving energy by keeping the lights low but using normal bulbs could be partly solved if I could find a damn CFL that was dimmable. I looked around yesterday at the Fredrick's at Gateway and the True Value over by there with no luck and a couple other places by me in Brooklyn/Woodstock-ish, the only one I found was a porch light. Anyone have a source for these in a household size? My far-sighted eyes thank you.

(no subject)

Anyone here know a good/active comm for portlandophiles specifically related to classical &/or jazz music?
And/or: Can I bribe someone here who has a paid account to search LJ for comm's with classical and portland, or jazz and portland as interests (non-paid account, can only search by one interest at a time)?
thanks for your time...

(no subject)

If you've been to a show at the Doug Fir, what time did the main act start? I'd like to see Michelle Shocked there on Tuesday, but the show starts at 9 and there is apparently an opening act. It's a school night, so if I'm looking at not seeing the main act start until 11, I'll be skipping it.