April 16th, 2009


Camping in Long Beach

Once upon a time I was told about a place in Long Beach, WA (at least I think it was Long Beach) where you could camp on (or very near) the beach in rented Airstream trailers.

Anyone been to this place/know what the hell I'm babbling about? If so, please tell me the name.

Thanks in advance, as my G-Fu clearly sucks. :*

Come to the Mom Shop!

There's a great event going on this weekend at Oaks Park featuring locally owned businesses, a silent auction to benefit Schoolhouse Supplies, and lots of other great programming. You can go here to get more information and even pre-register. Be sure to be one of the first there because the swag is fabulous.

Oh, and there'll be a spot on Channel 12 in about an hour with a few of the vendors including yours truly! Tune in to get a taste of what you'll see!
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Pioneer Square Tea Party

Congrats to everyone that showed up to protest big government spending and taxes!!!
I was really surprised so many showed up (thousands they say?) and how many young people were there! If anyone has any cool video or photo I'd love to see them.

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I have disgustingly thick hair and a large head and I need a swim cap so as to not damage said hair.
Where should I go to find such a thing? Preferably in Downtown or close. So far the internet has been of little help to me.

Currency Exchange

I'm taking a trip up to Vancouver. I want to change some of my 'merican dollars into Canadian dollars for this purpose. I know that my bank and lots of banks will do this, but where is the best place to do this? I don't have a whole ton of money, so I would like to cut down on the amount of fees, etc.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I tried to Google it, but didn't get a whole lot.

question of the day?

In light (dark?) of all the conspiracies I've heard in the last 3 years, I've been wondering, when 2012 comes (lolz) and we all DIES (roflmaozers), when you look back what will be your FAVORITE conspiracy of the times?

Chemtrails (don't even argue this with me, thanks) piss me off to no end. Is it a slow poisoning of the masses or does it go along with HAARP in Alaska? Probably neither but still, WTF are they doing fucking up my blue skies?

So, whats your favorite conspiracies or general nuttiness of these modern times? I've got snark shield but go ahead and waste it on me anyway.
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I am sick of my boring hair. It's time for a change.

I need some recommendations for a hair stylist, preferably in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area.
Price is somewhat of an issue. I don't want really cheap (supercuts, great clips, etc), but not too expensive either. Somewhere between $50 and $60 would be OK.

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Dearest darling damnportlanders--

As much as I SAY the horrible peeling clear coat on my 14 year old car doesn't bother me, IT TOTALLY DOES.

Suggestions on a place where I can get the clear coat on my car redone? Cheap is awesome, but I mostly want a place that does good work and won't jerk me around. Also, how long should I expect to be without the car during that process?