April 14th, 2009

  • chdo

computer woes

Hey DP!

So my desktop bit the dust. Or something. I had it shipped here from my home, and I'm assuming something got jostled in the mix. I've opened it up and looked inside, and I think it might have to do with the graphics card? It powers up and everything but there's no display. and I checked to see if the card was jostled but it doesn't seem to be. and I also checked my monitor to see if that was the problem, and it works on my laptop.

Long story short: anyone know of a good, reputable place I could take to get my poor puter checked out? thanks!

cob walls

hi dp,

i live in SE so I see a lot of neat cob construction. I'm wondering how feasible it is to use cob as a building material for retaining walls - like the one on 37th for the "memorial lifehouse". does anyone know whether that was an existing retaining wall that just has a cob facade over it?
Rinse repeat

Your suggestions- I value them!

So for a huge school project I have to create a radio station, and the era/genre I've been dealt is the 60s and 70s... so given this criteria, I just need as many suggestions of artists/songs etc from these decades that were your faves, that you loved or were just plain killing the air on your AM Radio!

My thanks goes out to you Portland, I'm giving you a hug... if it's possible.
  • zaiah

Tween! Suggestions Sought

The daughterling will be turning 11 in an upcoming Gemini fashion.

We are, generally, hicks from the countryside and a several hour drive to Portland with only a little couth but at least a few citified manners.

We've made a few forays into things beginning to approach culture.. the usual zoo, omsi, art museum, take the max around, and the streetcar, and learn to read a bus map THINGS.. and a few steps up from that - like game nights, and trendy third street vendors, and going to three sushi houses in a single night to compare, and coffeehouse meetups with people who are strange like me, and (even though we only really wanted to see LUDO) going to Van's Warped Tour..

For her birthday she wants to take me and her and one or two of her friends for a 'night out.' The zoo (and similar) is a little 'too young' feeling and one sort of ideal would be to go seconds shopping for 80's punk costumes, dye our hair pink, wear stripey tights and go see Amanda Palmer.. if only, you know, she were playing Portland this summer.

I am looking for suggestions on what a night on the town looks like for this age bracket - cool places to go, or potential events to take in... suggestions please?

Now I don't censor my own spawn overmuch (she is naturally reserved and polite and loves to listen to the Wet Spots on her i-pod), but I might have to keep it age-appropriate-sane for the parents of the other Tweens...

  • rekre8

Apparently I'm part of the "old person" group.

"Deschutes Brewery is turning 21. I remember when I turned 21. I was thrilled to be able to legally do all the things I had been doing illegally for years. But there was also a level of suave sophistication that settled over me – a sort of "je ne sais quoi". I’d been through it all – and now I was an adult. I would henceforth be referred to as "sir", perhaps even "your eminence". The world was my oyster, and I knew a billion ways to change it for the better. I would save ALL the whales and demonstrate to the heads of state their foolishness in waging ware and repressing people. The Native American man standing amidst the trash on the highway would no longer have a tear in his eye (if you don’t get this reference, ask an old person). Things would be green. Cars and factories would emit pure water and oxygen. The beasts and the children would be blessed. Flowers would grow from the barrels of guns. We would make interstellar contact and have the technology to cure all illness. Everyone would love one another and there would be a chain of people holding hands around the globe singing Grateful Dead songs. All refrigerators would dispense ice and water through the door. And there would be really good beer.

Well, at least there’s that. Oh, to be 21 again. I envy Deschutes Brewery."

(from the Deschutes Brewery Spring09 Newsletter "The Bitter Truth")
ski nut

seafood markets

I don't remember seeing a post with this so:

Where is the best/most reliable seafood market in SE (or NE)? I'm looking for tasty cuts that aren't going to make me sick but also will not completely drain my bank account. Salmon, tuna steaks, maybe some swordfish on occasion. Any recommendations or do-not-go-to-this-places?


Urban Chicken Farmers

Anyone else a chicken farmer?

We have chickens in our backyard. Its rad, we have a coop, and a protected chicken run. I read the Oregonian today, they ran a feature saying chickens are selling at a rapid rate throughout the metro area.

got chickens?
I black and white myself
  • mislih

Glasses (getting them)

I've never had glasses before, but I can't see very far. I don't have any sort of insurance but I do have a little money. I'm looking at America's Best, with their deal of two pairs of glasses, an eye exam, and 5¢ for $70. Aside from the fact that any superlative in a company's name is a lie, I'm worried that this isn't all it claims to be. People who have used this: what is your experience? Is there something that costs a little more but is a better service?