April 13th, 2009

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Free Earth Day Celebration on Saturday in Vancouver!

Celebrate our 10th annual Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 18th with the StreamTeam. The event includes a native tree planting, a FREE EcoFair with children's activities, wildlife shows, bird walks and more! There are a variety of different ways to be involved in the celebration:

Native Tree Planter: Plant it for the Planet is entirely FULL! Over 250 volunteers are registered to plant trees. Join the celebration and cheer the planters on at the EcoFair!

EcoFair: Join the EcoFair and have some free EcoFun while enjoying a local green space. The EcoFair is a great opportunity to be involved if you want to learn how you can lessen your impact, save money and support the environment. Be a part of this large community event and celebrate for 30 minutes or 5 hours!

Visit our website for more information: http://www.clarkpublicutilities.com/ourenvironment/streamTeam/earthDay

Star Wars D6 books...

If anyone has any of the old D6 system for Star Wars Role Playing books and would like to offload them, please contact me!

I have most of them in PDF, but, having the actual book is something more when playing. And I'm running the beginnings of a large campaign at the moment.




Portland's newest development, the Park Avenue Pit

Construction of downtown Portland high-rise is halted by tight credit

Tom Moyer, one of Portland's most successful real estate developers, will halt work Monday on his 32-floor tower now under construction in downtown Portland.

Moyer's decision to pull 350 workers off the Park Avenue West is a stunning sign that no city, no person and no block is spared from this recession.

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Palm readers and/or Tarot cards?

I'm not necessarily a big believer in astrology and all that related stuff. I read my horoscope every now and then, and I think it's fun to think about. But, I've been curious to get my palm read and/or do a tarot card reading. Mainly cause I think it'd be fun to do it once, just for shits and giggles basically. I don't want to spend a fortune on it, but I'd spend $20 or maybe $30.

Anyone know of a place/person that does palm readings or tarot card readings that isn't a complete hack and won't charge me an arm and a leg?

Thanks! :P
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PGE outages and cupcakes

A question and an endorsement

First off - the power at my place is out and I called PGE's Automated Outage Reporting System which estimates that the power will be restored at 6:30pm tonight. Has anyone ever used this system before to track power outages? I am wondering how accurate their estimates are or if they're totally sandbagging? I have to estimate machine up time as part of my job and I know that I fudge the numbers on a regular basis :)

But on a happier note: this weekend I purchased 2 dozen german chocolate cupcakes made from our own sistermaryeris and WOW were they excellent! The extra few cupcakes she tossed in didn't make it to the party but instead had to find a new home in my belly where they made me very happy. So next time you are looking for a treat for a special occasion, or just 'cause, try her cupcakes. They're grand!
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3 questions for the price of 1

hello DP!

I have 3 questions/ discussion topics...

is this a good/bad idea, IYO? Also, if I decide to rent it out... ummm.. how do you find people to rent it? It's a nice room, clean & right off NE Alberta with shared kitchen & bathroom with a full size, super comfy bed! There is another person living in the house (would that put people off?)

i left shit behind in NY and it's time to claim it. do any of you have experience shipping your things to Oregon from a far off land & have suggestions on where to go & what to do?

i want to meet some people who vend on Alberta for Last Thursday to be vending buddies with. this is what i do...
anyone out there who would like to be craft friends?


My bike finally is not loving me as much as I wish it would. So my question for you all is where would I be able to find myself anther used/new affordable road or single speed bike. I try craigslist but its not happening for me.

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Question for you all.

I'm writing a paper for a class on fandom, and I'm arguing that in various venues there are certain unwritten rules that cannot be broken without facing some sort of "punishment" by its members. I'm looking at things such as stadiums, mosh pits, opera houses, and internet fan communities.

What I'm curious to know is: are any of you members of a certain fan community that might have such rules? I'm looking for examples similar to what I've seen in damnportlanders, that is, while it's not explicitly stated that you cannot ask "Where should I live? What places should I start looking for a job if I'm moving cross-country?", it's almost impossible to ask these questions without facing at least a little bit of snark and ridicule.

Do you find these unstated laws in any of your other communities? It seems that while we do have moderators, most communities are generally self-governed by its members. I'm just looking for more places and examples of unwritten rules, since it can generally take a few weeks or months of observations to gather such information.

Anything you all have to share would be welcomed!

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dear portlanders,

my significant other lives in seattle and i live here. i know we're not the only ones in this situation! i am wanting to go up there this friday afternoon/evening (i get out of work at 3:30) and come home sunday afternoon/evening/night. anyone planning on driving to and from seattle this weekend? could i trade you some gas money for a ride? i don't smell, and have very minimal stuff to bring. i can listen to music or read a book if you like being quiet. i live right near the burnside bridge, and the bf lives in the fremont area. anyone, anyone??

thanks in advance!

p.s. i'd be interested in future ride-shares, as well!
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decent apartment complexes or the like

So, I'm dead tired of renting a tiny tiny room for way too much and roommates that suck,

so the boyfriend and I are getting our own place. So, anyone know of any good apartment complexes you've lived in, currently live in, or have seen for rent signs outside? I'd prefer SE or NE somewhere in the middle numerically. Or if anyone on here has a sweet basement/attic with bathroom for rent? (and I am checking out craigslist already, for sure)

MUCH appreciated if anyone decides to help, I'll buy you a beer if I get the place or something.


Seeking a bit of art....

I am looking for a cane.

I would like one that suits the fair amount of vanity that I have. Almost any cane I have found is either low quality, or lacks any decoration at all. I am looking for one that is both sturdy and heavy enough to stand years of use both indoors as well as when hiking.
I also like the feel and heft of a metal head. Most I have seen in stores are wood or wood/plastic.

I am willing to pay for craftmanship. Here is hoping for help from DP land