April 11th, 2009


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Hello, DPers.

I've been slowly switching out my old plastic clothes hangers for new wooden ones, and currently have about 10-15 to offload.  Rather than putting them in the garbage or recycling, I'd like to donate them to someplace that could use them. 

Goodwill is an obvious option, but I was wondering if there was somewhere a little less well-known that might actually have more of a need.

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Hi, DP.

Say you just want a lazy day. Maybe some meanderings through interesting and/or kitschy stores, or flea markets. Hawthorne's great, but you've done it a few too many times. Same with Alberta.

You want to mindlessly wander, maybe pick up a few odds and ends you've been thinking about. Where do you go? Walmart? Pawn shops? A particular neighborhood? Jambo-like shops?

Thanks DP.
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my cat, who is about 7 1/2 months old, feels the need to pee or something on all my stuff. all his other behaviors i can deal with, hes a cat and i accept that. but having my place smell like piss or whatever scenting stuff he is using is not ok. he is fixed, has been for like 2 months. is there anything i can do? he isnt much for the learning.
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Stolen Stuff

Yes, it really is me. At the library :(

As jennifer_jamsn posted, I returned home the other night to find my front door unlocked. My laptop (13" MacBook), the mouse attached to it (Kensington Pocket Optical) my printer (HP Photosmart C4400 series, I forget the exact number)- along with the USB cable, all missing. Unfortunately, none has any distinguishing marks- except for a few stticky spots & tomato sauce.

I discovered today that they also got my ipod Nano- but they didn't take the cable. The ipod was in a blue & white silicon sleeve.

Yes, I talked to the police & to apartment management. Talked to my mom... I even tried Apple. No luck. The police took a report & came out to take fingerprints. No suspects yet, though.

I am working on getting a new computer ASAP. All through the generosity oof familly, of course. I have no money, or renter's insurance.

I feel so... violated.
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Mailing in taxes

I am cursed this year and cannot efile due to having multiple state returns (yeah, not only the hassle of multiple state returns, but then the additional indignity of wasting a half ream of paper and ink. grrrr.). I have always efiled before....am i ok mailing my federal and state returns in via regular ole USPS or do i really need to shell out the extra $$$ to send them certified? And yes, i know i'm cutting it rather close at this point :(
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last minute book?

I need to get a book today, but am having no luck. I have to read 3 chapters out of a textbook, which the teacher was nice enough to copy and make available electronically, so we were told we didn't need to buy it. However, the electronic copies are so out of focus that I can't read them. I have looked (online) at: Powell's, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Multco Library, PCC library, PSU library, PSU bookstore, and OHSU library - nobody has it available in a store (I can order it online, but it will be too late). The book was just released a couple months ago, so nobody really has it yet (so not on craigslist, etc). Am I missing any obvious possible sources for a last-minute textbook? I'm thinking not, but if anyone would know, it's DP!

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 Are there any Chinese food places that deliver to SE 22nd and Hawthorne? Americanized Chinese food is a-ok by us. In NW pdx there was August Moon and Ling Garden, any inner-SE equivalent that delivers? PLEASE MAN, WE'RE HUNGRY

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Discounted Jupiter Hotel Reservations for Prom Night!!
Jupiter Hotel Reservations for the night of the prom
The Jupiter Hotel is giving prom attendees a very VERY special rate for this week only!!! So, if you know someone coming in from out of town for the prom or you just want to get a room to avoid drinking and drivng, the Jupiter is very close to us.

You could walk to the prom!


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moving to portland

im prob going to be moving to portland or beaverton within the next couple of months. i was wondering if anyone would like to fill me in on things only people in your area would know about. special awesome spots to get rare drafts. little cafes with artsy crap everywhere. show venues and local bands to check out. where japanese/anime shops are. the best places to buy awesome stuff at cheap prices. where to live. where not to live. how is the tri-rail thing, really? the type of people in and around portland and where to find their crowds. best local doctors, dentists. how hard is finding a job at the moment? where to go. where not to go. etc.

it would be a great help to me and my roommate.

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Bed and Breakfast in the Gorge?

My birthday and my boyfriend's birthday are one day apart and we did not have the opportunity to celebrate them like we wanted to when they happened last month. I decided to surprise him with a weekend away in the Gorge - hiking, sleeping (or not sleeping), eating great food, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a good Bed and Breakfast some where in the Gorge? Anything within two hours would be great.

Thank you!

pet ducks

We are considering having pet ducks, I hear they are super cute, loyal, and fun to have.

Do any of you damnportlanders own ducks?
Where would you recommend getting ducklings in the Portland area?
Are there helpful websites/guides/books you would recommend about raising ducks?

Hope you are having a fun Saturday!

texture versus taste

Please discuss:

Is "stale" or "crunchy" a legitimate answer to "How does that taste"?

For: my curiousity/paucity of articles on the subject and I need information. You guys like food. Go!


Feel free to also discuss other nebulous words: mealy, rotten, smooth (alcohol smoothness for example, doesn't seem to be that texture-related.
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By golly, you are going to experience an aggravated sexual assault.

On the corner of SE Foster and 92nd, there's a business called Edmonson's Drapery. This name is spelled out in big letters on the building's wall. Unfortunately, right in front of the wall is a metal structure that holds up a billboard or something. One of the legs of this structure perfectly covers up the D in the second word.

I can't imagine why this place doesn't ever seem to get any business.