April 9th, 2009


Babysitter for today


I need someone to help take care of a toddler today. His people will be around, but will be working, so he needs supervision. If you have CPR and first aid certifications, so much the better. Dress will be PNW business casual. This is a paid thing at a regular rate. I would like to speak to references for you, as well. I anticipate seven hours work. 

Please call me asap. 

503 946 3902 x 457


In your personal experience, how long does it take caulk to dry? I've caulked things before, but I don't remember it taking over 12 hours to dry. It's a really thin layer of caulk, if that makes any difference. Can you blow dry it lightly to speed up the process?

And yes, as all of my posts usually go, this is costume related. And I need it dry by early this evening.
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remember this place?

I went to this place in the pearl several years ago. It was a store with nothing but environmentally friendly finishes for your home. Flooring, counter tops, etc. Does anyone know if this place is still there? I don't remember what it was called. Or does anyone know any other place that is like that?
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Easter Brunch

Best Easter Brunch in town. It doesn't matter what side of town. Hopefully nothing crazy expensive. Plus points for something under the radar that wont be really crowded. I'd prefer it not be at a chain (I've already done Marie Callandars etc.). And, go!

A good steak and a brew!!

Dear DP.

Okay. So here it is. It's my b-day and I should like to get a good steak & potatoes with a good brew. Preferably in a stein. Or a frosty mug with a handle. But I don't wanna go to say, TGIF or some other horrible chain/diner. Unless they meet these criteria.

The thing is, I'm afraid this is too frou-frou for most restaurants in SE, yet the alternative is landing in say, Clackamas. By frou-frou I mean we have great amazing restaurants, don't get me wrong, but they're too healthy or too nice or too something. It sounds like it would be some place maybe in Vancouver or Beaverton or something. Still good, but also not afraid to give you a heavy steak.

So yeah. I'm looking for a GOOD manly big steak with potatoes and a good beer (in aforementioned frosty mug).

Any suggestions for this rather random but serious request? Have girlfriend with car, will travel!

Thank you, amazing people that generally appear to have the answer to everything (L)!

I am on a quest for the best smoked fish in Portland!

Greeting everyone. I am on an epic quest of deliciousness, through the markets, and the streets; through nob hill, and by the waterfront. My goal, you ask? A simple, but noble one: Succulent, fresh smoked salmon. The path is long and arduous, but I have great hopes that with the wisdom of damnportlanders, I can find my way.

I feast on salmon from markets, and stores. Quite good, but not enough to satisfy my hunger for long, for it can be loaded with the unholiest of preservatives, and shipped from far away. While visiting the distant land of Seattle, at Pike Place, I came upon a fish market. It was as if the very gates of heaven had opened, spilling freshly caught and smoked fish of all varieties onto beds of ice.

To my home, I brought back a bounty of fish; Huge, solid pieces of freshly smoked salmon, tender to the touch, not too salty, and containing no harsh chemical preservatives. But lo, this fish market exists in a distant land, and here is where I turn to the wisdom of damnportlanders. For surely I can find an equally grand treasure closer to home.

Where is the best smoked fish in Portland to be found? Surely there is a glorious fish market in this great city.

I thank thee in advance for thine knowledge.
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Man o man, trying to get commission work is hard to do.

Any word about this upcoming Comic Book publisher Planet Blue? I'm looking at a couple of places because I want to obviously get an internship in my field of study... (If you call it that haha.)

Tidbit of information:
I've tried with Dark Horse but their internships are solely corporate and publishing positions. I want to work with the actual illustration.

Thanks P-town :D
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entirely reasonable request

Dear Damned,

I would like to purchase (LUXURY GOOD OR SERVICE). However, I only wish to spend (FRACTION OF ACTUAL VALUE) for it, because I am (IGNORANT OF ITS ACTUAL COST / CHEAP / TOO POOR TO JUSTIFY THE EXPENSE).

I am certain that this request is reasonable, and that the only reason why I don't already know where to find it is because I am among the last to learn its poorly-kept secret. Please take time out of your day to tell me where to find it.

P.S. I don't want to be told how unreasonable my request is or how much (GOOD OR SERVICE) actually costs at a minimum.

room for rent ! have a bike?

Hey guys. I'm moving back to Portland in 2 weeks (exciting!) and I'm moving in with my two best friends into a house around 53rd and Burnside. The house is 3 bedrooms 3 baths, two stories, basement and backyard.
We have the basement bedroom to fill. It's like a dark cave, with a private entrance and bathroom with stairs leading right into the dining room of the house. It's a rather small room, i'd more so call it "cozy." $300/month
The house is older with creeky floors, fireplace and awesome decor. We are ranging in age from 22-28 and all artistic, creative, musical, geeky, happy, schoolin' folk. Two girls, one dude so we're kinda hoping for some male balance in the house.

If you like music, video games, good food (vegetarian, vegan or meat eater- whatever, we're all different), BBQs, ridin bikes to the park to play frisbee and just general mayhem.

We all know each other really closely and we'd like someone to be not only a roommate, but a friend as well. We like to have parties any chance we get, cook dinners together and I plan on starting a flower and vegetable garden this summer. One of my friends has lived in this house for over 3 years, so i've spent a lot of my time there already. :)

Dependable, with a job or at least a nest egg and proof. $240 refundable deposit. Utilities not included but fluctuate monthly.

if you are interested or know someone who is, shoot me an email at
ellistherobot at gmail dot com
and we'll start talking and figuring this out. We're going to use CL as a last resort.
Oh, the room is available around May 5th.

thanks guys :)


I'm also still looking for a bike, I'm 5'5" and I just want a light weight road bike.
Looking for one for my best friend for her bday also.
lemme know what you got!
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Sexy Places For Dinner/Drinks?

In your opinions, Oh Mighty Collective DP: What's the sexiest place in town for cocktails and/or food? No particular dietary needs, but awesome drinks a must. :>

What's the bar with the best intimate corners, low lighting, and cuddle spaces?

If you were planning a seduction, where would YOU go?

Tease and spanks! ;}


And no, this has nothing to do with Easter. Just chatting with my friend in Malaysia (gotta love the internet) and am now wanting to try Chinese herbal eggs. Anyone know if these can be purchased around town? I wanna go to Fubonn anyway (she may kill me if I don't try durian fruit at least once, and I bet they have those shirataki noodles), and I suspect they'll be there if they're anywhere. She sent me a recipe, but that's a lot of herbs. Several of which I can't pronounce and may not actually be carried at Limbo. So... yeah. Anyone know of these? Are they as good as she claims?
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