April 8th, 2009


Thanks and new question

Thanks everyone for helping me with my tights question! I found the perfect pair! Now I need more help!

I am looking for Clear acrylic high heels. I know Spartacus has them but I need more options. Again my Google-fu is horrible. The cheaper the better. Hopefully ones with not just a clear front strap but also a clear one around the back for sturdiness. Any help?

Thanks in advance!
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DV recovery help

My google-fu has failed me, so I turn to you, deardamnportlanders...

I know someone who recently got out of an abusive relationship, and she's numbing her pain with alcohol and pretending she's fine instead of seeking therapy. We aren't exactly friends (she hates me, but I don't have the same animosity towards her), so I would like to send her some links to some help without her knowing its from me. However, I'm not finding the links I want.
Most of the ones I've found are for people trying to get out of that situation, rather than people who need counseling to recover and move on with their lives.
She's not poor, but she's not exactly well off either- the relationship left her with a lot of expenses that were being covered by both, now by her alone, so low income options would be preferred.

Help please?
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Ebay question

I am in need of some input.

I "won" at item and paid through Paypal. Just as I completed payment, I realized my shipping address was outdated (I had been having items shipped to a place I no longer work.) So I contacted the seller immediately, explained the situation, and provided the proper shipping address, as follows:

(name of complex)
Manager's office
address of complex
city, state, zip

I am the manager, and am not here at the time mail is delivered. There is generally other staff around, either in the office or who could access it. This is definitely not a "just leave it at the door if I'm not home" kind of a place- it'd be gone in under a minute.

So I didn't get a response, but the item did ship. Checking the tracking, I see it is being returned as undeliverable. This is what the seller used as shipping address:

(my name)
street address of complex- no other specifications
city, state, zip

They did not include the manager's office specification. So I set them a message letting them know the package was being returned because the post office didn't have the correct infomation.

I just recieved a message from the seller telling me that due to liability, they have to ship to the address on the account... and they will re-ship but I have to provide the funds.

This confuses me as they were obviously okay with shipping to the address I sent them in my message- they just didn't ship it exactly as I specified. To my mind, if they had a question, it should have been addressed prior to shipping. If they were unclear on whether or not to include my name on the package, I would have clarified this for them that yes, of course, include my name too.

As far as shipping to apartment offices, my former place of work was also an apartment office, I had many Ebay items shipped to me there attn: office with no problems. I know a lot of people just ask for their purchases to be shipped to the office where they live, and if they are not home, the office is usually the default place where the package gets delivered anyway.

So I'm kind of thinking this is bs, but I have never had an issue like this before, and if I am truly in the wrong here, I'll pay to have it re-shipped.

If anyone has experience or advice, it is appreciated. I haven't responded to the seller yet.

Thank you!
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11 april show

this saturday, we're joining forgeries at the know for a cheap-o show in the alberta arts districtthe know, like all bars, thankfully, is now non-smoking, which makes the place bearable--it is no longer a smoke-box.

due to the way the neighbourhood works, the show starts early and ends early; both bands have to quit by 23:00; we're planning on being on stage around 21:00.

show is 3$; venue is at 2026 ne alberta.  dj wednesday will accompany us.

by the way, we're reworking the date on the wonder ballroom show.  we will not be playing 1 may.  we'll let you know, though, when it will be.  we're just pushing it back a bit.

alright, hope to see you saturday.

When to file for unemployment

I got laid off last week -- my last day is this Friday. My company is giving me four weeks of severance pay, which will run out on May 8. My question is: When do I file for unemployment? Should I do it this weekend or wait until the four weeks are up? I've heard that filing too early can reduce my benefits and I want to get as much $$$ as I can, considering how shitty the economy is right now. I've Googled "severance" and "unemployment" to death and can't find anything conclusive. (Major FAIL, Google.)

If someone knows the answer or could at least point me in the right direction, that'd be great.

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The WES train

On a whim I headed down to the Beaverton Transit Center after work and hopped on the WES train for a quick ride down a couple of stops and back up. It's nice! The cars are spacious and it's much more like riding AmTrak than riding the MAX. Big cushy seats and stuff, not like the hard-seat MAX.

The other photo is an example of these really cool interactive sculptures that they have at at least two of the WES stops. You can slide the heads and the trolley around in the tracks and rearrange the sculpture however you'd like it to be. They're neat!

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Cheap or Free Photoshop

Through the generosity of mr_xeno's friends, I have a functioning Mac again. It's an os x, from 2003 or thereabouts. My [ahem] borrowed Adobe Photoshop did not transition well off my old, dead Mac, despite the best efforts of another generous friend.

I really, really want Photoshop so I can start posting my artwork again. I have half an eye on ebay, CL, blah blah blah, but does anyone have a copy they're not using anymore ? (Maybe I could swap you some art or cookies or something.) Or do you know of a cheap fakey version that would do the basics and is available online ? Bonus points for Illustrator, if it's also around.

Sincere Thanks.

[ETA: Yay ! Thanks to everyone who had tips and helpful leads. I'll be checking them out this weekend !]

HALP! my hairs need a cutting!

I'm so lazy and my hair is outta control, first day off in weeks and i've decided to chop off my hair. I have no idea where to find a hair cutting place.

Need a cheap cheap cheap place in Southeast-ish to get my hairs did. I don't care if it's a chain place or what. But i need a decent haircut. ... and Go!

(no subject)

 I'm new to Portland and looking for something to do tonight.  I like things like music, comics, art, books, etc. etc. etc.  I've already explored most of the NE and SE neighborhoods and spent a few hours in Powell's.  Any general suggestions?  Does anyone know of anything interesting happening tonight specifically?  I like to keep it relatively cheap.


(no subject)

is there a site where I can preview some pages out of books?

specifically chapters 1,2&13 of Ball RedBook, Volume 2: Crop Production: 17th edition

I was stupid and didn't pick up the copy I have on hold and I kind of need to read this by tomorrow... :::slaps self in head:::


So I'm getting my first cavity ever filled pretty soon. What I want to know is will I be able to bike home afterwards? Like will I be too woozy or in too much pain to be able to bike four miles safely, or should I take the bus instead? Also, should I be as scared as I am right now?

Portland related because you guys know everything.

It may eat you

I posted this on my personal LJ, but I kind of wanted to post it here as well, so...

Monday night, around 7:15 or so, I walked to Albertson's to buy some Chubby Hubby ice cream and a few other things. On the way back home, I came across a drawing (possibly incomplete) on a piece of paper on the sidewalk. I thought it was awesome, so I had to snap a picture of it:

It was starting to get dark by that time, so that's why it looks bluish. Also, I took it with my cell phone. I'm not entirely sure what it is. My guess is either an unfinished happy dead whale, or a treasure map.

So DP, what random, weird, awesome things have you come across while out walking?

ETA: Oh, and I also saw a Neil Young CD case in the trash bin just outside Music Millennium a few days ago. I didn't check to see if the CD was in there, though.
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Before I go to craigslist...

I'm not fond of Craigslist, so lets talk!

I'm want to sell my car- no, there is NOTHING wrong with it except it has two doors, and I'd REALLY like four!

2001 Yellow VW Bug with Black Leather Interior
5-Speed Manual (OMFG CLUTCH!)

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There is nothing wrong with it, it runs excellent, lower mileage (83,671 TO BE EXACT I know, I got zero happy at first) that most cars from that year.

I'm just bored with my yoke-mobile and want something with a bigger trunk and something that I don't have to use as my excuse for not being able to take people with me places...

It has new tires, we just replaced them, the clutch was just replaced less than a year ago and so was the timing belt. It's a great car, perfect for beginners and those wanting to learn a stick... that car has fucking get up and go! I learned to drive a stick on it, and it was really good to me!)

I don't smoke, so that isn't an issue with the car. Also, I will have it detailed before I hand it off.

I'm thinking of $7,500, but we can talk. I can give you more details if interested! Drop a comment and we can converse!

Edit: Snark away, I added an extra zero at first! Wow, tired.
Anyone interested? Snark aside, haha, I lol at myself, but I wanna sell this car.
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alaska airlines and musical instruments

i have read on their site what they say about musical instruments but wanted to see if anyone has some personal experience carrying on a guitar. Has anyone been able to bring a full size acoustic guitar in hard case on board the plane? Would it even fit? I always travel with my baby guitar on airplanes but I don't want to this time around and I just absolutely hate being ANYWHERE WITHOUT MY GUITAR.