April 6th, 2009

Virtual Garage Sale

It's Spring and that means spring cleaning and a garage sale!

Sadly, my apartment has no garage but thankfully the internet can do anything, so I'm posting these things here to give my DamnPortlander friends and snarkers alike the first shot at these amazingly valuable items.

I'm not posting a price here since the idea is to get rid of them, and make some beer money. Any reasonable offer takes them (but keep in mind I have some idea what these go for on eBay or Craigslist, so don't expect to get them for free).

I've linked the leather jacket to pictures of the actual jacket; all other items are linked to a product or specification page since I'm bein' lazy. I'll put more work into it if I have to actually post to Craigslist or eBay; like I said, y'all get the first shot at these so you also have to deal with my not wanting to take lots of pictures of all this crap - er, fine merchandise. :)

  • M-Audio Keystation 61es This is a USB MIDI keyboard, perfect for use with Garageband or similar programs for making music. Sale pending on this item.
  • Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-3100 A simple voice recorder with mic in and line out. This item is sold.
  • Trailblazer (no-name) 18-Speed Mountain Bike (I don't have a link for this because I can't find this brand-name on the internets.) It's a good first bike and comes equipped with the softest, most incredibly padded gel seat I have ever seen in my life.
  • M. Julian (Wilson's Leather) brown distressed leather coat, size XL
  • Belkin Wireless G router A superfluous wireless router I no longer need.
  • Irregular back issues of 2600 (A Hacker Quarterly), going back to Vol. 13 (Summer 1996) Re-live the early(er) days of the digital underground!
  • Vintage Macintosh Portable (non-functioning, but includes power supply, all manuals and "carrying" case) Museum-quality! ...if that means it doesn't have to power up or, y'know, do anything. This has been sold.
  • Star Wars trilogy Widescreen VHS Box Set - Own the ORIGINALS - before CGI and before Greedo shot first! This is the box set released in 1994.
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Popular dog parks

I own a pet sitting business and have been suffering a lack in clientele due to the recession. Therefore, I'm kicking my advertising into overdrive before I end up homeless! So I'm curious, what dog parks in Portland tend to be quite busy on a regular basis? I'd like to go somewhere where lots of pet owners are congregated so I can personally pass out business cards. Beyond that, any suggestions of other places to try and drum up business?

I've been advertising through vets, pet stores, and online since I started this two years ago but now I think it's really important that I hand out my cards in person, as to make more of a positive impression.

Thank you!

*Edit: I DO offer dog walking services for regular clients. In fact, ideally I'd love to get some regular dog walk clients going for the summer since two of mine have decided to cancel services to save money. Also, if of you DPer's are interested in services, here ya go:

Right At Home Pets
(I'd be open to offering a DP discount too!)
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Free Movie things!

Also, last time I posted this, a political debate erupted.

This documentary is apolitical. So you are obviously free to post whatever comment you want, but I will be only responding to comments about the documentary, or the event itself.

On that note, this documentary is pretty much amazing. It's an incredible story and it's a film by Werner Herzog.

Interview clothes/shoes

All those job interview suggestions have been great. But I have a quandary...

Amazingly, I have a job interview tomorrow! This place professes to be "casual." I've lived in Portland my whole life, so I'm fairly familiar with "Portland casual," but it has also been a few years since I worked (been a student) and I want to make sure I get it right.

I figure I can wear my khaki slacks and a long-sleeve shirt. But shoes....oh shoes. Would you call a nice pair of tennis shoes casual? No stains, no holes, no frayed laces.

What would you suggest?
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Hey, damn WoW players...

Our local guild has grown a lot since I first posted about it back in August. We just had a kickass house party with about a dozen of our members. Our next monthly meetup will probably be a picnic or barbecue of some sort, weather permitting. I'm hoping to recruit a few more members by then, preferably age 21+ because our activities usually involve booze. If you have non-local family or RL friends who play, they're also welcome to join.

Check us out! We're raiding Naxx a couple nights a week, but still glad to help new members level and gear up. Other than our meetups, we try to avoid scheduling anything past midnight.

Armory page
Guild site
Recruitment email

popping pine trees...

Oh hay DeePee.

Query: Do pine cones make noise when they open? Specifically, popping sounds? I was out today and was walking past some pine trees (not sure of the exact kind, they're the ones with the really long needles) and kept hearing this popping sound coming from them. There were no power lines anywhere nearby, and it wasn't a woodpecker, as the noise seemed to be coming from all throughout the trees.

Someone solve this mystery!
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Coffee for EARLY people

I am completely uncaffeinated. No, that's not true, chocolate has caffeine. But I'm certainly not nursing a 2-cup morning habit like my honey, who, in great dismay, discovered we were out of beans. We're in the near SE, not far from Burnside & 28th, and there are a metric shitlood of coffeehouses around here, so I poo poo'd the whole thing and went to work.

Apparently, NONE of the coffee houses are open before 9. He ended up grumpily heading to the grocery and restocking the beans. And moaning about it. Isn't coffee for waking up? I know I'm a morning person (6am is a fine time for a bike ride and all), but isn't 9 a little late for your first cup of consciousness?

On further investigation, it seems that the local Starbucks may have been open, "but that doesn't count as coffee."


What time does your local caffeine pipeline open?
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Okay, I hope this hasn't been posted a million times, but I swear I Googled and didn't find anything...

I would like to join a gym and I am looking for recommendations.

The details: 
- I live in Hillsboro, so west side is ideal, but I take classes at PSU four days a week, so I will consider places reasonably near downtown.
- I would like someplace where the concept of customer service is not completely foreign to them. 
- I am not really a workout-savvy person, so I need somewhere where someone will answer my questions about how to use the machines. A five minute tour of the facility does not qualify, and  I would prefer not to pay $400 extra to get this information.
- Late hours are ideal, since I am a night owl. And by late, I at least need a place that is open until 9 or 10 most nights, but the later the better. 
- Rock walls, saunas, pools, basketball, racquetball and the like are cool but not necessary. 
- I am not rich, so reasonably priced is helpful. 
- Also, the given stuff like: clean, safe, etc. 

Am I dreaming? Or does anyone have any suggestions? 

If you hate gyms (or I guess even if you don't), what do you do to keep in shape? And how do you stay motivated?