April 5th, 2009


Stupid Congress

Anyone else get woken up early today by their alarm clocks automatically springing forward on the date that Daylight Savings Time used to start? I know, it's Sunday, but we're going to Seattle Comicon, so we set an alarm.

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Thanks to everybody who recommended Blink for an eye exam. The staff and selection were good as promised. :)

So next Portland-related question. Is it safe to put seedlings outside yet? I have basil and parsley sprouts.

a week late

Sorry if this got mentioned, but I only just found out that actor and singer Andy Hallett (Lorne on Angel, Whedon fans!) died last Monday. People should not have congestive heart disease at age 33!
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Cherry Trees & Blossoms

The recent seedling question got such a great response. Thought I'd ask my questions here.

1. How long do the cherry blossoms last? Once a tree starts flowering, how long does it continue to do so? How long do we typically get to see the cherry blossoms for?

2. I have a cherry tree in my back yard and it isn't blossoming now. My housemate says it doesn't generate much fruit either. Any suggestions for how I can make my tree happier?

Thanks a bunch ^_^
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I know this question seems to come up here about once a year but I can't find it using the search feature and Google is giving lots of different results.

What are the trees around here called that smell like... sperm? Are they native to the NW? My siblings refuse to believe me when I tell them about this.. need some proof (aside from capturing the smell in a jar!) hah
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I plan on moving to Portland sometime next year and i'm wondering what's out there in Portland for someone who likes to Ballroom Dance? I've started going out to dance recently and I want that to carry over when I get to Portland. Are there any fun bars/clubs out there where I can do some ballroom dancing?
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hey kids, another stupid question!

i need to take my mom somewhere "taste of portland"-y tonight for dinner. preferably downtown/oldetown/pearl/NW.... you know west of the river area.

thanks DP!

My oh my..

How have you spent this awesome day!?

I just got a new computer and have had the blinds shut for a 5 hours messing with it, and told my man to take the car to work because I would just be here. Just took Pearl the pug out to the pot and was depressed that I clammed myself up in a dark cold hole of a living room, and thought I needed to get to Mt. Tabor asap with my pup only to realize I needed a car because I can't take her on the bus with out a carrier now. Poo Poo Poooo.
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Okay so I recently purchased a Laptop and now I'm no longer tethered to a tiny desk in a tiny room.

Where are fun places to go and sit for hours working at a laptop? What coffee shops and/or non-coffee-shop places do people like to frequent?

I'm not a coffee drinker (but I drink iced tea pretty much non-stop), if that helps. Bonus points for not too noisy, handy outlets, maybe good food and laid back people who don't mind me loitering for extended periods.

Edited to add: down with bars as well... same criteria apply.

Just curious where others go.
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Found: Small Black stuffed toy kitty in good condition

Today I went down to the waterfront with my sweetie to enjoy the sunshine, and we parked in the Smart Park garage at Naito & Davis. While looking for a parking spot we saw a small black stuffed toy kitty and decided to rescue it. It was on level 2 of the garage, and it was visible from the elevator. If you or your child is missing a stuffed kitty toy, let me know, and I will figure out how to get it back to you.

Maybe it's silly that I'm posting this here, but if I was a little kid who lost my favorite stuffy guy, I'd hope that someone would try to get it back to me. Snark if you must.
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Car Help

Hey DP -

Today on my drive home from work, my check engine light came on.  So it looks like I need to take my car in to a mechanic to find out if something is wrong/get it fixed.  I haven't been in Portland for too long and do not have a mechanic.

Does anyone have any suggestions of a trustworthy somewhat affordable mechanic in the North/NE part of Portland?

Any information to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Was I rude?

I have an etiquette question.
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My husband and sister both thought that he was out of line to ask this, but they also both said, "But I always try to say please." And...I don't. I always try to be friendly and polite, of course. And I always say thank you after a service of any sort, routine or otherwise, has been rendered.

Now, here are my thoughts. It wouldn't have been at all weird for someone to say please ("can you please not top it off?") but I don't think it was necessary, per se, in order to be polite, because I wasn't asking him to go to any extra trouble as far as I can tell. I don't always say please when I'm asking something routine. This is how I do it at coffee shops, too, or grocery stores, or anywhere.

Cashier: What can I get for you?
Me: I'll have a latté. {smile}
Them: OK, anything else?
Me: No, thanks.

Is THAT also wrong because I didn't say I'll have a latté, please? I don't know...I worked in retail during college, and when people would ask, "can you show me where your salt scrubs were?" I never once thought, "What's the magic word, beyotch?"

Just as a little background, I am not unfriendly. In fact, I am probably TOO friendly. I frequently get into little conversations with servers or whatever and I think it may border on the annoying, because they don't want to talk to me, they want to do their job. So I don't think I normally come off as brusque. I may have in this case because the guy was walking away and I was rushing to ask him before he left? Dunno.

Your comments will have real-world application, people. If enough people think a "please" is always required for friendliness, I will really attempt to change my behavior. I'm really unhappy with the idea that I may have been offending hardworking members of the service industry for years.

40% Discount at Old Spaghetti Factory

I don't read this community anymore unless the subject line is engaging, or the post is made by someone I find interesting, so forgive me if this has already been posted.

40% Discount at Old Spaghetti Factory

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the Old Spaghetti Factory is offering a 40% discount on select meals each Tuesday through May 26, 2009.

To find a location near you, visit the OSF website.

To see the menu with discount prices, click here.

Thanks Frugal Living NW for the heads up!

Other articles from Around the Sun:


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I want to buy a bike, but I am brokebroke, so my budget is $50. I don't know anything about bikes, so I'm guessing my best bet is craigslist? Do goodwills sell them? Any advice is appreciated!
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Further adventures in the NY Times obsessing over Portland

a couple of days ago, the NY Times ran an article about biking around Portland (here).

then just today, there was a review of The Nines (here).

And of course, we all remember the stories on gentrification and how "quirky" and "hip" Alberta street was becoming (both articles amusingly referencing some of the exact same things, but coming to quite different conclusions).

and soon, they will be running a story on the food carts in Portland. so why do you think NYC all of a sudden has this obsession with all things Portland? Is it just young hipsters who work for the NY Times and want to get paid to check out all the stuff they've been hearing about because they're bored of Williamsburg? Or maybe something else?

Thoughts? Opinions? Mom jokes?