April 4th, 2009

Hiring a handy man

I need to hire a handy man to hang a door, fix a window frame, put in a little bit of sheet rock and one or two other minor tasks. I've been looking on craigslist and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the following people who posted as handy men, or if you could recommend someone who is reasonably priced and does reliable work:

1) Mike Bieber, Bieber Construction
2) Joe with C.F.N. Construction (also lists Troy and Darcy)
3) Felipe - posts in all caps, stresses no job too small or too big
4) Jeff - has a business called Just Call Jeff

Screen Printing Ink?

Hay DeePee,

Where is a good place to get screen printing ink? Yesterday google-fu led me to NW Sign Supply, but now, the morning after our rad screen printing party, the ink still hasn't dried and the color is bleeding out all around the edges of the designs. I'm used to this stuff setting in an hour or two, and then being able to heat-cure it by tossing it all in a dryer.

So, where to get screen printing ink that doesn't suck?
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Letterpress Letters

Oh Damned Personal Shoppers, I need some thrifting/junking help.

I'm looking for old used letterpress type for a photo project. Metal Type, wood type, it doesn't matter so long as the letter forms are still in decent shape. I don't need to print with them, just look at them.

Cheaper is better, but I'm not opposed to paying. Portland related because I'd prefer local so I can inspect the goods before paying, because I live in Portland, and because it doesn't have to be Portland related.

Mirah @ the Aladdin tonight!

Does anyone want one FREE ticket to Mirah at the Aladdin tonight? I bought it a while ago and I'm really not feeling up to going. I have the ticket as PDF form, so I can email it to you. Please comment with your email address if you want the ticket.

ETA: Thanks folks, the ticket has found a new home.
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Free loveseat in fair condition

Fabric loveseat in neutral beige, blue and mauve pattern with (oak?) wood accents on front. In fair condition; fabric has cat scratch damage on both front corners, but it's pretty comfy. U-haul from Beaverton, next to Beaverton Creek MAX station. I don't have a tape measure for exact dimensions, but it fit into the bed of a Flexcar pickup truck when I got it. I have pets, so just a warning if you have allergies, but it's from a non-smoking home. Get this out of my house!!

Evangelist on the Max?

So I was riding the max earlier, and this guy got on at Loyd Center, and started loudly preaching at all of us. He was talking over the usual chatter, and basically being annoying. He also attempted to hand out pamphlets to people. I didn't see a single person take them. One person got angry with him and told him he was breaking tri-met code.

I tried to be polite and tell him that according to the bible that he claims to follow Jesus left people alone who weren't interested in hearing what he had to say. He argued with me that there were people on tri-met who needed to hear his "message" Judging by how no one took his pamphlets, I don't think anyone was interested. Myself included.

So how often does this happen, and is there anything people can do about it? I mean seriously people, everyone in this country has heard about Christianity. Can this be considered a form of harassment? If people don't know how to leave other people alone in this manner, can they get in trouble, or does this fall under freedom of speech/expression? If it happens again, should I take a phone picture of him so that the proper authorities can deal with him?

This might be opening a can of worms since religion is involved, so let it be known that I'm all for freedom of religion, but I don't want religion forced in my face when I'm trying to read a good book on the max, and I don't think a lot of other people did either.
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who wants to clean my house?

I'm looking for someone to come in every other week - when I'm not there - to deal with the bathroom, microwave, and floors. There are three cats in residence, the place is only 800 sq feet and I don't need the bedroom done.

I'm off Belmontand will stock whatever supplies you prefer. Julep1162 @ yahoo
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MS Word question

I know there is a word to change one word through out your text to something else but I do not recall how...
Like if I wanted to change the time =pm= several times on the page to =PM= how would I do this?
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After eating at Toshi's Ramen in Eugene tonight, I'm wondering where I can fill my ramen cravings in Portland. Google has failed me in providing any good ideas. Any suggestions, or am I stuck going without while in Portland?



Tonight I was downtown with my friends getting voodoo doughnuts and hanging out at pioneer square. We stopped for a little bit to listen to this awesome man playing fiddle music in front of the Nordstrom's door facing Pio Square. My friend Claire plays the violin and she was really excited to discover that he was offering lessons. He had a little flier with tear-offs at the bottom listing his email address. She took one of the slips but lost it on the bus going home. Does anyone know who he is or how she can get in touch with him? She really wants to take lessons.

Thanks and any help is appreciated.