April 3rd, 2009


Stolen Motorcycle

This is probably a long shot, but I thought I'd post here... "just in case." My 2006 white Honda Rebel was stolen this week... probably sometime between Wednesday and Friday ("discovered" it missing this morning at 6:00 AM). If you happen to notice one in your neighborhood that you hadn't noticed before, please contact the police! I've got a case number and they've told me it's just a waiting game now. :-( The only "extras" it's got is a sissy bar and luggage rack that I installed... and a little dial clock on the handlebars. I'm including a picture, just in case. Thanks in advance for any info/help.

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Clarification please

Hey Sellwood area peeps/brides to be/know-it-alls:

There is (was?) a bridal shop on the corner of Milwaukee and Bybee called Tres Fabu. Are they out of business now or what? I heard a rumor they are. Their phone is still in service and message doesn't indicate they are closed. I'm in NoPo and don't want to drive to Sellwood just to find they are.

Additionally, if you are in the know with the bride-related stuff, tell me some other good places to look for a dress. Preferably NOT a big shop like David's Bridal. (vegan not necessary.)



At a loss for what the Easter Bunny should be dropping off for the kiddos this year? Well, how about one of the Hawthorne Fred Meyer's NIGHTMARISH LOVECRAFTIAN ASPHYXIATED BABY-BASKETS?!?

These things have been scaring the shit out of me for weeks now. They're right there above the crappy Eggos, all lifeless and pallid, staring through your soul with their dead plastic eyes and duckling jammies. I'm not going back into Freddy's without silver bullets and a flagon of holy water.

Portland therapist

I am forwarding this from a friend, since I've seen multiple posts here over the last few months about looking for therapists. Please contact Jessica directly. Thanks!

I am pleased to announce the openning of my private practice,  Roots and Branches Counseling
My office is at Common Ground on NE Everett and 29th.  I am offering holistic counseling (mind--body--spirit) and art therapy for individuals and offer generous sliding scale ($35-80, depending on income and availability).  Clients can contact me at 503.737.4276 and my website (still under development) is www.rootsandbranchescounseling.com
I am well versed in the following issues:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • trauma
  • addictions/substance abuse
  • spritual issues
  • mindfulness/DBT
  • transitions
  • grief/loss
  • sexuality
  • creativity
I especially enjoy working with the following populations:
  • women
  • young adults (18+)
  • people of color/multicultural
I would appreciate any referrals you think could benefit from my services and would be happy to send you some business cards. 
Thanks and Best Regards,
Jessica Schurtman, MA CADC I

Working Girl!

I am likely going to have a face-to-face interview for a job that I desperately want in the next few weeks, and I want to look sharp.

Where can a shorter (5'4) plus-sized girl (20) go to find a nice suit/jacket and perhaps a skirt/pant to match?  I am drawing a blank for places to go.

P.S.  I do not like anything that Lane Bryant is carrying right now.

Thanks!! :-D

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Specialized bike shoes for sale

I have a pair of women's Specialized bike shoes that I no longer need (as I am not riding clipless anymore). They are extremely comfortable shoes, some of the most comfortable I've ever worn for biking. We had a good summer together, and I kept them in very good condition. Cleats included. They're good for someone who's just getting into riding clipless.

Size 9 (EU size 40).
Approx weight: 830g.
Bought for $75, will sell for $45 (price negotiable).
I can meet you somewhere if you would like to try them on.
See link for picture:

soundtrack to frou

flutez rulez!

i'm sure that ya'll have seen this dude, Greg Patillo, on YouTube.....he's also classically trained.

he's in PDX tonite and tomorrow....playing tonite at The Old Church

then he's giving masterclasses tomorrow at the Greater Portland Flute Society's annual Flute Fair.

hardcore flute nerdin'.  anyone else going?

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Bad Nicknames

Does anyone have them?

I'd love to hear about the bad nicknames you've overheard or people have tried to give you.  It would also be amusing to list the most WASP-ish, upper crust, ivy league-ish nicknames like Trip and Kitty.

One of my grandmothers called most of us grandkids "Charlie Brown" despite none of us being a big-headed, bald kid.
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Today's "where can I find a bridal shop?" post reminded me that I wanted to share the bitchin' news that DP-famous littlebluedog celebrated spring break by asking the lovely thatsassylassie to marry him.

And she said YES.

Congrats, Tim and Nicole! Just wanted to let the DP universe share your happiness

Although, I'm entirely unsure what she sees in this dude:
060108 tim goes nutso
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In pursuit of eating lower on the food chain, I'd like to join a CSA. I found a list of them online, but I wanted to see if anyone had good or bad things to say about any of the farms. I live near Gateway Mall (corner of I-205 and I-84, basically), and I'd prefer something that isn't totally across the city.

Any suggestions, oh thou healthy veggie-eatin' DPers?