April 2nd, 2009


A note for employers:

When conducting interviews, try to be on time. I realize that sometimes it's not possible, but at least be respectful enough to notify the person waiting that you are running behind.

My time is just as valuable as yours and it's disrespectful for you to make me wait 40 minutes past my interview time especially when I show up early (5-10 minutes), without acknowledging it.

The past three interviews I've been on have done this. If we as prospective employees have rules to follow, you as a prospective employer should have some too. Yes, I need a job...but it doesn't mean this is acceptable.

Thank you.

Useful information

Here are some links that may be useful to people with or without jobs

Food Handlers Card - $10

Liquor serving permit - $25 (you will still have to pay an additional $23 to OLCC for the physical card though).

CPR, First aid, Blood borne pathogens, etc... - $19.95-$54.95

I have used all 3 of these things and have not had problems with the certifications.
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Reviews for the Body Bistro in St Johns?

Has anyone been to or know someone who goes to the Body Bistro in St Johns? I live really close to it and I've never been. I only know one person who went there to get her hair done, but I'm 29 with a spike-y dyke-y style (hair and fashion wise), and she's in her mid 60s and shops at LL Bean, so while she raved about how they did her hair, I still have a little trepidation because I can't find a single review for them using the Googles. I picked up a service guide at a local coffee shop and it says that they offer highlights with a haircut starting at $40, which sounds like it's too good to be true. Maybe I'm out of touch with today's salon/spa pricing. Anyway, if anyone could give a yay or nay, I'd be much obliged.
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For sale!

Hey DPers,

I've got a couple of things I just posted to craigslist, and if any DPer is interested, I could be convinced to throw in a discount.

http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/sys/1104068450.html iMac G4 desktop. Yes, it's from 2003. Yes, it still works wonderfully.

http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/msg/1104112420.html Yamaha bass. I'll be sad to see the old girl go, but the truth of the matter is that I don't play her anymore. She'd be great from someone who wants a nice starter bass.

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The friendly staff at the Cheerful Tortoise (yay for the server with the Wordstock button!), and the relative ease of bonding with strangers at the bar (over World Classic Baseball).

2. Filling out a workplace online survey and receiving a $10 gift Starbuckers, Inc. gift certificate for doing so (starts humming Ben Folds' "Free Coffee"....).

3. Visiting the Chinese Garden for the very first time recently, and being impressed by its layout and aesthetics. The cozy teahouse was a nice touch too.

4. Discovering the vast tequila menu selection and yum-eaux happy hour morsels at Casa del Matador.

5.The extremely helpful and friendly folks at The Know club on NE Alberta. We played a show there last weekend, and I was very impressed with the cozy confines of the club.
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Affordable Acting Classes

Posting this on behalf of a colleague, if you're interested be sure to email him (address included in posting).

Looking for an affordable acting class? 

My name is Phillip M. Meyer. I am an experienced actor, director, and acting coach. I have noticed that there are very few opportunities for people on a budget to take an acting class, and I would like to remedy that situation.

I am offering an acting workshop class based largely in scene-study work and collaborative critique. There are three separate classes that I am offering that would address different levels and issues in scene work. The sequence would begin in May, and would be every Saturday for eight weeks at 602 NE Prescott St. Below is a description of the class levels that I am offering.

College Prep for High School Students – (Max students: 12) [Cost: $150]

This is an eight-week introduction class into undergraduate college-level acting. One session per week, two hours per session. Students who take this course must be willing to work on their scenes outside of class at least one day per week. The course will be an active, hands-on lesson in the basics of structure and tempo of a scene, as well as Stanaslavski character analysis. Students who complete this class should be ready for most freshman undergraduate acting sequences. There will be a showcase performance at the final week of the class.

Advanced Scene-Study: Modern Styles – (Max Students: 8) [Cost: $150]

This is an eight-week scene-study class that will focus on writers from the 1950’s to present. One session per week, two hours per session. Each student will shape and perform two scenes. Students who take this course must be willing to work on their scenes outside of class at least one day per week. Pieces will be performed twice for the class, and then performed in a showcase at the final week.

Audition Workshop – (Max Students: 6) [Cost: $80]

This is a four-week workshop in shaping and refining your audition monologues. One day per week, two hours per day. Students who register for this must have two memorized monologues – one comedic, one dramatic – one classical, one modern – ready to be worked and shaped in front of a class of peers. We will work together to shape each other’s pieces, as well as work transitions, composure, and pre-presentation.
Students who enjoy this audition workshop may sign up for another four-week session that follows this one at the price of $50. They would be required to have two different monologues to work, however, the set-up of the class would be the same.

Private audition coaching is also available at $20 a session.

If you are interested, please contact me via email at phillipmeyer88@gmail.com for more information, or to request a slot for the class that you wish to take.

Phillip M. Meyer received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Portland State University where he trained with Devon Allen, Lorraine Bahr, and Scott Parker. His recent acting work includes 1943 Christmas from Home (Jack Warner) with Tapestry Theatre, Two Gentlemen of Verona (Proteus) with Portland Actor’s Ensemble, Much Ado About Nothing (Borachio) with Northwest Classical Theatre, The Bible: The Complete Word of God Abridged with Cacophony Productions, DasVadanya Mama (Feirz) with the Q & D Art Project, Big Love (Constantine) and Much Ado About Nothing (Benedick) at Portland State University, and Art (Yvan) with Ground Zero Theatre in Corvallis. He will soon be seen as James in The Miracle Worker at Mt. Hood Repertory Theatre. Mr. Meyer’s directing credits include The Skriker for CoTop Productions, and Helpless at the University of Oregon. He is a frequent contributor for the 24-Hour Plays at the Coho Theatre as a writer, director, and actor; and has been a private acting coach for 3 years.
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Tuesday April 7th: to the moon! a roller disco dance party

To The Moon! A Roller Disco Dance Party! A skating FUNdraiser for the Wheels of Justice that you WON'T want to miss!

Lace up your skates and get your funk on with Rose City Rollers Wheels of Justice.

Featuring the funky sounds of DJs King Lumpy and Sir Round.
A chance to skate with your favorite local derby players!
Raffles, prizes and MORE!

Tuesday, April 7th from 7-9pm
Oaks Park Skating Rink
$10 (includes skate rental)

Public health survey

Sorry to spam, but I figured that people might be interested in providing input.

The Adolescent Health Section of the Oregon Public Health Association wants to find out how you feel about a bill that is currently being considered by the Oregon Legislature. HB 2385 is a bill to protect children and youth from secondhand smoke by prohibiting smoking in a motor vehicle while a person under 17 years of age is in the vehicle. Please take this brief survey by clicking on the URL below.


All responses are confidential. Compiled results will be sent to the Oregon State Legislature.
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Laptop help

Can anyone give me helpful feedback about the differences between two machines?

computer one is a bit cheaper, has the same storage capacity as the other, but has fewer dedicated features

computer two is still in my price range (but barely), but i'm not sure if the things it offers make it worth the extra money.

i use my laptop for video, light photo editing, music, online classes, and general internet non-sense. ideally i would like an s-video plug, but i found an hdmi to s video cable for $13 bucks, so if it actually works, i'm not worried about the fact that these lack an s video port.

this is my first new computer, and while i realize these aren't the best of the best, i'd really like to get something reliable and functional.

Thanks in advance to those who can help!