March 31st, 2009

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Deez Nutz

As I am thankful to the girl that warned us all about Whooping Cough (I found out last week at my Dr's office that I got a booster for it last year with my tetanus shot TYVM)

I wanted to give this PSA about Pistachios. Apparently you should STOP eating them until they discover if they too are contaminated with Salmonella.

You can view the article at the following link.

That is all.
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Slow week?

I thought since my last post was so successful I would make another.

1) I have a friend who needs to know if there are any other designer consignment shops in Portland like Recycled Chic. Anyone know of any others? Thanks.

2) Why don't some McDonalds carry the shamrock milkshakes around St Patrick's day? Every year I have to run around to find one. The two on Powell don't have them and don't appear to plan to have them, but the one on 82nd and Foster has them. What gives? Why can't I find a shamrock shake in March, on St Patrick's day even?

3) I know I asked this once before but where can I find some good places in Portland with dishes that use polenta?
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Dress Alterations

I ordered a party dress from David's Bridal a few weeks ago. When it arrives it will need some alterations and from what I have seen David's Bridal alteration charges are really expensive. It looks like the alterations could cost more than the dress. 

Does anyone have a reliable seamstress/tailor that can help me with my dress. It will need to be shortened, a bow taken off the back, and the shoulder straps shortened a bit.  

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Speed Merchants

Oh wise and knowledgeable Portlanders of the Damned; What's up with all the "energy supplements" for sale everywhere. In more prosperous times the semi-legal speed market was restricted to convenience stores, but lately is seems like everyone (coffee shops, co-ops, etc.) has a a cheap cardboard display selling plastic tubes or paper pouches filled with a mysterious substance.

Is this stuff profitable? If so, for who? Are business owners buying it then trying to resell, or do wholesalers give them some kind of "can we rent counter space/profit sharing deal"? Is there a "get rich quick selling fake speed" infomercial that's targeting Portland? Tell me what you know, internet spy network!
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(no subject)

I have a ring -- ex boyfriend's dead grandma's -- that I want to sell (yes I contacted him to see if he wanted it back first). I want it to be quick and easy, no ebay or anything. Something tells me a pawn shop is not the best idea, so what should I do? Do jewelry stores buy this kind of thing?


For any one wanting tickets to this show, they are being sold @ Corrosion Records for only $21. If you go to ticketswest they are $31.50 if you purchase them online or $28 if you get them at a ticketswest outlet! so clearly you save a nice amount of dough getting them @ Corrosion Records!

Corrosion Records
3341 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon


Overnight trip.

This weekend I am making plans with an old friend and want to go somewhere out of the city and out of Newberg, where she lives. I was kind of thinking we could go camp overnight somewhere within about 100 miles of Portland. Any favorites? Camp as in pop a tent, or maybe a cheap B&B.
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Where could one find fairly traditional haggadot in Portland between now and next Thursday? I've been checking grocery stores for the Maxwell House ones, but so far, no luck...
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Temp agencies in the current economy

I joined the ranks of the unemployed yesterday after my company eliminated my position. I was lucky enough to get a small severance package, but that money's not going to last for long. When I was unemployed in 2007, I had fairly good luck getting work through temp agencies. Does anyone know if the temp agencies are still doing well and sending people out on assignments? 

And if that doesn't work, is there room for another cardboard box under the Burnside Bridge?

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Adopting a dog

I am thinking of adopting a dog.  I looked online at several shelters, rescues, and the Humane Society.  Now I'm overwhelmed and I'm not sure where to start.

Has anyone had any experience adopting a dog in Portland?  Advice?  Warnings?

I know I need a smaller dog (small car + kids = small dog). 

A dog that is good with younger kids and other animals (cat, rabbit).

I was thinking that a dog between one year and six years old would be a good match (older, maybe calmer, trained).

There is more to the list, but I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm looking for - now I just need to figure out where to find the right dog for our family.
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School and books - halp?

Does anyone have Ways of Reading that is used for writing classes at PCC? I cannot afford to buy even a used copy at the bookstore so I need to buy a copy from, but it is going to take a while to get here. The campus library does not have a copy.

I need to read something in it tonight.


N64 goodness

I've given in. I really, really need to get an N64. New, used, refurbished, whatever. As long as it has all its parts and works, I'll take the cheapest one I can get.

Where online would I have the most luck? I'd like to avoid ebay, if possible, though it's looking more and more like I'll end up there.

I need close to the whole kit 'n kaboodle. Console, controllers, adapters. I don't need the extra memory or rumble packs, etc.

I'd also like to get a few games - the ones I have in mind are Mario Kart 64, Mario Party, Super Mario 64, Glover, and Yoshi's Story.

I'm actually at school in DC right now, not Portland, but you guys have a lot of internet knowledge so I come to you for advice. Help a girl out?
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LEP High

Well, for anyone interested, I posted a few weeks ago about my sons' high school that was facing closure because their charter was not being renewed by PPS.

Last night was the charter hearing at the school board. Tons of parents, students and supporters were there and represented the school. During their part of the hearing, LEP let the school board know they had raised over $100,000 over the last three weeks and were now financially stable.

Unfortunately, the school board did not approve their charter last night, but they can appeal and at that time, it looks like PPS will renew the charter based on the new information. They just needed time to review it and verify all the funds.

So, hopefully the red tape will be finalized by May. Thanks for everyone's concern and support during previous posts. It's pretty stressful, I'm hoping this is the end of it for a while.
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Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

Hi everyone! 

I am the new Wilton Instructor for the Michael's at 4955 SW Western Ave, Beaverton OR 97005 (Western & Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Not to far from Uwajumaya) and I am hoping to get a bunch of students signed up! The classes are so much fun. Is there anything better than cake and buttercream? I don't think so!

Here is all the info -

Wilton Course 1 - Four 2-hour long classes 
April 7, 14, 21, 28
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Cost - 22.50 plus additional supplies

Wilton Course 2-Four 2-hour long classes 
April 8, 15, 22, 29
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Cost - 22.50 plus additional supplies

I will be at the store this Saturday decorating cupcakes and trying to get people to sign up. Stop by if you have any questions, leave a comment here, or email me It would be great to have a few Damned Portlanders in my class!!


April Fools in Paradise

For anyone looking for some fun live music Wednesday night, put on your dancing shoes and come down to the Goodfoot Lounge at SE 28th and Stark at 9 p.m. to see Fools in Paradise. The group is an energetic combination of African marimbas, saxophone, mbira, hand drums and five-part harmonies. I've been following this group for eight years and they keep getting better each time I see them perform. There will also be short performances by Shoehorn, a one-man drum circle, and Rakasa, a middle eastern duo. The show is only $5 and is 21 and over only. Hope to see you there!
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Breakfast all day?

Are there any restaurants in the Portland metro area that serve breakfast-y foods after 4pm?

A friend of mine wants breakfast-y food for her birthday meal but she's forced to work til 3:30 so it's going to be a breakfast dinner of sorts. I do not want to take her to IHOP. I'd prefer to stay downtown, but as long as its not more than 30min out of Portland, we'll make the trip for good pancakes and such.