March 28th, 2009

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Going Away Party Games/Activities

Tomorrow I am hosting a surprise going away party for a work friend moving to California. I am trying to think of some fun/silly farewell-centric party games we could play since it will be all work friends and we might need little boosts of activities. Games involving alcohol (drinking games) are ok!

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It's saturday morning and suddenly I really want to go get a nice massage today, but I have no pre-existing appointment. Who will give me the good stuff on a walk-in/last minute basis?

¿por que no? anyone??

Who loves it as much as I do?

My boyfriend and I have a semi-regular weekend taco ritual there. Unfortunately, he's out of town this weekend and I am all alone and craving it. Anybody want to meet up there later today? Mississippi or Hawthorne location, I'm good with either one.
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I'm wondering...

... is there anyone else in the Western Hemisphere still in possession of one of THESE?:

woodstock 01woodstock 02

Brought back from NY by a friend who attended the festivities. And, unused! :)

I'm willing to entertain trades for other weird/useless items. Alternately, see if you can find one anywhere else on the internet so I can figure out whether I've paid for my kids' college fund.

Annnnnnnd, peace/love/music!
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Best steak and eggs brekkie in Portland?

Hubby has been hankering for a good steak and egg breakfast - any suggestions?

We heard that the Hotcake House on SE Powell was good but it was waaay crowded and we didn't like the fact you can't get a table until after you order your food so you're walking around with your utensils waiting for someone to be done with their breakfast.  Plus I loves me some good fresh coffee and this was in a thermos style thing.

So any suggestions?

Bonus if they make awesome scrambled eggs too.
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contact lenses/cheap eye exams?

hello dp,

I just tried to re-order my contact lenses and was informed that my prescription had expired. A quick phone call to my optometrist revealed that renewing my prescription would cost me $129, and then i'd also have to pay for the lenses as well.

I'm proactive about my eye health but this is ridiculous.

Does anyone know where I can get an affordable eye exam? Or where they sell contact lenses without a prescription?

Thank you. I really need some new lenses and this is a price tag i definitely can't afford right now.
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GUC Crude

15'' PowerBook G4 for sale, $650 (very negotiable)

Hey Portlanders,
I have a machine to offer up to all of you who may be interested!

DVD-R SuperDrive, OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger), iLife 07. I think the hard drive is technically 80GB? I'm unsure, as the hard drive is listed as 93.03 capacity, which is an odd number indeed.

Machine Model: PowerBook5,8 (Model #A1138, 1.67GHz Hi-Res model)
CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (1.5)
CPU Speed: 1.67 GHz
Memory: 2GB
Bus Speed: 167 MHz

Size: 1 GB
Speed: PC-42005-444

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Another "I'm selling stuff" post

I don't have a job, and I need to sell some stuff to survive. If you would like pictures or to come see any of this stuff, or to have me bring it to you, please email I dont want to clog up livejournal with my pics as I have never figured out how to make a cut (I know, right?)

An old dell laptop, Inspiron 5100 It works just fine, but has no power cord (which I am told you can easily get) or a "Y" key, which my cat ripped off awhile ago. Comes with wireless card. $150. Its a fixer-upper, but I promise still works very well. You could either fix it up or use it for parts.

A woman's bike for $50 that is in great condition.

A microwave that is in great condition for $40. My bf and I moved in together and both had one and do not need two.

I have two wireless routers for sale, one is a Linksys Cable Gateway Model # WCG200 for $60. The other is a Wireless B Broadband Router, Model BEFW1154 for $30.

Thank you for reading!

popup failblock

So I run Firefox (which just updated itself). Mainly because IE eats my pitifully meager RAM and microsoft is evil anyway. Plus the ad and popup blockers sounded cool. But the popup blocker doesn't actually, like, BLOCK anything. Is it because I run FF all in tabs? I remember setting it at one point to open all new windows (that I /want/ opened, anyway) as tabs. But now that I have decent speed internet and no tv input, I watch a lot of tv online. And all of the fucking online tv sites have eleventy million popups. And I get the annoying little bar that appears at the top of my screen declaring that it's just blocked 12 popups... and I also get all twelve fuckers, each in a new window of their own. And since they all have sound and flashing lights and animation and shit, this pretty much eats my system and takes a good 10 minutes for it to actually catch up with itself so I can CLOSE the fucking things and actually start watching the show I wanted to watch ten minutes ago. Do they have any popup blockers that I can download to make it, like, actually WORK or anything? I've poked around the download section and nothing looks particularly relevent - one that claims to block the "good" popups which I don't quite get the point of (I do want the popups in my sim games, those give you money and stat points and good shit like that), but nothing that seems like it would make the popup software stronger. Help - this is pissing me off beyond belief (though granted my period just started which means my hormones are all screwy and I'm much more easily annoyed than usual. fucking hormones).
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The Further Adventures of Pinko & The Port

I am pleased to announce that...

The Port of Portland has accepted my proposition of a hijab (headscarf) as an alternative to the Powell's logo baseball cap to cover my hair when it is pink (or other unnatural color). This is progress anyway.

The baseball cap didn't cover all of my hair, obstructed my vision, was very hot, itchy and uncomfortable and seemed much more unprofessional than even just having pink hair. (Not to mention the bad hair day that ensued from having it in a ponytail, tucked under the hat.)

The headscarf is a good compromise for me. If I can't change minds about people with unnatural-colored hair, maybe I can help people be more tolerant of others in a different way. I still do not relish the idea of being made to cover myself as though there were something wrong with the expression of myself and my faith, but at least this is an avenue that may help others in the future. Unfortunately, this is not a viable option for my pink-bearded coworker.

One of the most distressing aspects of the situation was that I wasn't allowed to speak with the Concessions Operations Manager myself to explain why my hair color is an important issue for me, or to negotiate for my own best compromise. It was very disheartening to be cut out of the process that way. Being allowed to wear something that I will feel more comfortable in at least helps me to regain some measure of choice and control in the matter.

That being said, I am still going to work towards greater personal freedom in our dress code out here at the airport.

Thanks for your support everybody!
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Oh great and wise DP'ers....
I've been looking for a good celtic jam session in town, and while I've found mention of several online, I'm curious if anyone here has any firsthand experience with them. So far I've seen postings for Friday nights at Alberta Street, Sunday nights at Kells, and Sunday nights at Biddy McGraw's. Anyone gone to these? Know of others that rock? I'm a bit shy of my rusty fiddle skills and would like to know what I'm getting into before I just show up!

Thanks =)

And now, another chapter of the SNNLC

No-lifers, commence!

So what is our excuse tonight? Mine was that I was up all night last night, slept until noon, and then decided that what I wanted to do today is to browse wikipedia articles on sub-atomic particles.

Also, I think that "existential angst" is an acceptable reason for not leaving one's home. Everything to be done has been done, the world is meaningless, and "there is nothing on the top but a bucket and a mop and an illustrated book about birds".
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Anyone else enjoy low budget films? Like the cheap shit they play on sci-fi? I find them to be fucking hilarious and never take them seriously. The acting and special effects are SO horrible it almost makes it worth watching. I recommend 100 million bc if you're in the mood for a cheap movie.
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My parents have owned a timeshare for over 25 years that they
used a lot in the past, but now the maintenance fees run over
850bucks a year... and they just don't have time to use it.
They just went to this time share relief
conference and were told they could get rid of it... for 4 grand.

Has anyone successfully gotten rid of a timeshare they own?
There's all sorts of different information about i'm finding online... but 4k
seems a little ridiculous to pay for something you've been
putting money into for so long.

I don't want to have to deal with this mess when my folks die,
which is how it's set up now. Timeshares are ridiculous!

Snark away, but I got to go to Florida a lot as a kid because
of it, so it wasn't all bad.

Oh, in case it matters, I think the timeshare is through Westgate?
possibly RCI.


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Do you know of a magical place that I can watch the Blazer games and eat vegan food? If this also allowed minors it would be perfect. But really if you just have a favorite place to watch the games I'd love to hear about it.

Verizon FiOS vs. Comcast

I'm positive this has been asked before, but the tools for finding it appear to be woefully inadequate.  (My lj search results brought up several entries from 2004, some of which asked about dial up.  Yep.) 

Anyway, we currently have the Comcast TV/internet/phone bundle (I need a landline for work), and it's costing us an arm every month.  Verizon is offering some crazy deals and we can get the FiOS service where we live, so we're thinking of switching.  Just wondering if anyone has experience with Verizon's bundled services in the area.  Thanks!
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