March 26th, 2009


My google-fu is weak

Does anyone know what the real name of the "Black Box" building is downtown? I have only ever known it as "The Black Box".
It's down next to the Keller Auditorium.
Better yet, does anyone know the name of the Optometrist in that building?


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probably a bad move, but ...

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Shameless Self-Promotion: Massage Therapy

I've been in business for a while and gone without doing this, but it's time I threw my net to the world of the DamnPortlanders. You know... just so you're aware that I'm out here.

I am currently working from my home in Sellwood/Westmoreland.
I have been a licensed massage therapist since last year and work evenings and weekends.

Lauren Grimm (L.M.T. #15546) -
Phone: 503-380-6232

SE Ellis near Milwaukie Ave. (Close to Sellwood)
Modalities: Swedish, Theraputic, Sports

60 Mintes: $55
90 Minutes: $75
120 Minutes: $95
15% off your first massage.
The first time discount is an offer good only on massages scheduled through the end of March!
For more information, visit my website:

Note: Erotic Massage NOT offered. Don't bother asking.

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Best place to have a hitch put on (a forrester, if that matters) on short notice (like tomorrow morning)?  Price and quality of service most important - I'd rather not break the bank but  I also don't want it to fall off or anything...


So a few weeks ago, some friends of mine and I met up for margaritas. It was impromptu and the margaritas were terrible. So we moved and found some decent drinks, but they were a lil more expensive. They did the job, but hey, if we can find a better location with better prices, why not??

We kinda wanna start doin a regular margarita night. So my question to you, my all-knowing-damned-people, is where do you go for good, fairly cheap, margaritas? Location isn't TOO terribly important, but we all work downtown so closer in generally tends to be easier.


edit: most of us work downtown and live, either downtown or N/NE. :)
Lobster Love

Car Battery?

Chevy Cav. '98

We need a battery and they must also be able to come to us to put it in, the car isn't going anywhere.

Les Schwab is less than two blocks away and wants 100$ to come over and put a battery in and the battery will cost 72$. 172$ for a car we're just getting a battery for so we can sell is not ideal.

We are in NW.

Anyone have some alternate ideas? Good places to contact? I really appreciate it.

Legal Question.

Okay here's the situation:

1) Boyfriend and girlfriend are fighting.
2) Girlfriend runs up to 7th floor of apartment and threatens suicide by jumping.
3) She jumps. Boyfriend tries to catch her so she doesn't die.
4) The impact kills him, but she lives with a few broken bones.

Question: Did she kill him? My instinct says her actions led to his death, so maybe negligent homicide? Perhaps murder 2? Is it a suicide on his part for getting under? Can a whole body be considered a deadly weapon?

Just curious.

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Anybody know places at Reed and PSU and maybe OHSU where students who are perhaps a bit older and more likely to pay their bills than the average undergrad hang out, where I could post old-style, printed-on-paper housemate wanted notices? Grad students would be great too. I am really not interested in interviewing 56 flakes and space cadets off craigslist only to get a charming one that then doesn't pay rent or leaves in 6 weeks or steals all my shit.

Flame on!
portland map

tell me a story, spin me a tale

i'm pretty sure i could wiki this or do some kind of searching on my own for the answer, but frankly, i'm lazy and also i love how DPers explain things.

i met a friend for coffee downtown yesterday and i happened to notice (hello captain observant!) a giant statute of poseidon? on top of a building across the street. i think it's called "the portland building." my friend, also not a native, said she thought there was some controversy about the building.

so i ask y'alls. what's the controversy? what's IN that building? and what's the significance of poseidon on the roof? i kinda like both the building AND the statue. but then again, i like the sky tram thingie too, so i'm probably the odd girl out here.

Kaiser Dentist

I've been putting this off, but since my tooth just exploded:

Do any of you have a Kaiser dentist you particularly recommend? Eastside preferred.


Oooooooohhhhhh. My face hurtz.

copyright/etc question

Say someone wanted to take a story that is not public domain, and turn it into a play/something of that nature. Then take that play and charge people money to see it.

I figure there's some illegal stuff going on in that situation, but how illegal? ie can anyone cite me some laws? For example a children's book from the 60's turned into a play.

Irregardless of legality, have you personally ever seen such occur on a local level? (ie not some grand big budget thing that obviously paid for usage of most likely copyrighted figures/words).

I suppose I could go public domain if I have to, but I'm also a fan of challenging laws that are at all hazy, and like to know the best way to push the boundaries of legality.

Portland related cuz I do music/live performance shows here in town and ideas are percolating.
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

Quicken help

I have been trying to self-teach myself Quicken, and have discovered I simply don't have the patience. I have never used it before (I really haven't had the need), but with some upcoming life changes, and being called upon to help some family keep track of their finances, I am really thinking that some rudimentary skills would be helpful.

I checked out adult education classes at the community colleges, but there really aren't any crash-course Quicken classes. I think I have the personality that would benefit from one-on-one instruction.

Would someone out there in DP land with the skills for Quicken be willing to tutor me for 2-3 hours? I have Quicken for my Mac, and would be willing to compensate you.

Leave me a comment, or message me, and let me know ~


I'd like a personal recommendation for someplace in Portland (in order of preference: NW, some other place that's close in, or the outskirts if you've got a glowing recommendation) that offers boxing classes for beginner beginners (read: absolutely NO previous experience). Also, I'd like it to be woman friendly, as in I'm kind of a small girl and don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of intimidating beefy guys who don't want to see me there. I'm interested in building strength, endurance, and some good boxing moves! Any personal stories/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!