March 25th, 2009

what just happened?

Moving pictures

Hai gaiz, czech this out:

Every now and then, Livejournal does this totally inexplicable thing, where it replaces the image used in one of your icons with a totally unrelated image. For example, I've had this icon for a long time:

The image above is linked from my album, where I keep backups of all the icons I create (in case anyone should want to borrow one). It is not linked from the actual icon, because, in the place of that image, right now, this appears instead:

At the time of my posting this, it's a green-and-white picture of a guy (is it Elvis?) in a trucker cap. I mention this because for all I know it may revert to its original image - or to some totally unfamiliar third image - at some time, as mysteriously as it turned into this one. I've never seen this image before.

This has happened to me once or twice before. Those times, I fixed the problem by deleting the changed icon and re-uploading the original image. It's never been this particular image that appears, it's been something else equally random. Fixing it is no problem - I'm just wondering why this is happening, whether it's ever happened to anyone else, or if I'm just going crazy. Has anyone else had this happen? Is there any rhyme or reason to it? And who is that guy?

Coming up with 'K' words.

I'm writing this deliberately horrible poem and I'm having a hard time coming up with sappy lovey-dovey words that begin with the letter 'K.' Can you think of any?

'Kiss' & 'knight' have already been used.

Portland-related because I love DamnPortlanders.
stop it

I ♥ my GP's office

After that post last month about whooping cough, I finally got off my ass and got a Tdap booster done today.

Amy: *goes in for shot*
MA: *gets stuff out, hands paperwork, etc, does shot*
MA: OK, time for a band-aide!
Amy: ... did you stick me? I didn't even feel the needle.
MA: I do do my best. ♥

I see Dr Baugh at Legacy Clinic NW at Good Sam. He's generally awesome and also specializes in queer and transgender health, diabetes, and depression for anyone looking for someone in those lines.


It looks like I have to give in and call a plumber because my bathroom sink has a clog and will not drain. My fabulous boyfriend has already taken everything apart to the point where the pipes enter the wall, but that did not fix the problem.

I got a recommendation from my HOA board (it's a condo), but I don't know anything about average rates. They quoted me $150 for the first hour, and $85/hr after that. Anybody familiar with the world of plumbers and know if that is a pretty typical rate? I don't necessarily need the cheapest possible option, but I don't want to get gouged either.

Learning to ride as an adult

Now that I live up in a more bike-friendly area than Texas, I'm shopping around for bikes. In the process, I want to get something for my wife as well. However, she didn't get past the training wheels stage when younger.

Been looking in the archives, couldn't find anything.

Does anyone have some helpful resources, classes, contacts, groups that could help her with learning to ride a bike as an adult? It's been a while since I rode regularly, since I was a kid in fact, so I'd like to find some more professional help for this, in addition to what I can remember. There's a lot of "here's how to teach someone" or "how to ride a bike" type howtos out on the Internets, but something in person would be awesome. When we were at a bike shop this weekend and mentioned it, the girl there said "oh that would be a great workshop" so there's got to be some demand for these types of lessons.

Help me damn people, you're one of my only hopes.

Hey guys !

Hey everyone! Long time no post! I posted here about 7 months ago because I was moving to California because my Mom was sick. Well, everything is over and done now and I'm coming back to Portland. I am really excited, except my friends keep telling me about the impossibleness in finding a job. Yikes!
Besides that, I do have a little situation. I sold my bike to a DPer so I could buy a new one when I got down here... well now I'm coming back, I can't bring my current bike back with me and I'd like to buy a new one!
I really loved that bike I sold to the DPer, it was a Schwinn World Sport. I would like a similar bike, a road bike that is light weight and not too expensive. I'm willing to pay upwards of $150 maybe more for a really great bike.
Anyone selling or planning on selling? I have a friend that knows a lot about bikes to come look at it and possibly purchase it for me so I can have it ready when I get home at the end of April.
I have been looking on CL, not much luck. :\
So I guess this is a long shot but anyone looking to sell? I'm about 5'5" pushing 5'6"
thanks guys !


(no subject)

Racist white jokes are fucking impossible to find.

So far the only funny one I've heard is this:

Q: What's white and 10 inches long?

A: not a fuckin' thing

I don't know what brought this up but do you know any?


Is this offensive at all and I just don't get it or just silly fun?

coast holiday

How crowded and touristy does the Oregon coast get, in general, around July 4th? I have July 3rd off as a paid holiday and was considering going out to the coast. But if it's going to be anything like Cape Cod on July 4th, no thanks. :P Also, the weather is nice by then right?

Regardless of date, does anyone have suggestions of good places to visit during the summer? I'm looking for natural splendor along the shoreline, some beach and tidepools for strolling and wading and poking thru, maybe some easy hiking (easy meaning it can be done in street sneakers), good eats, and a cozy place for 2 to stay for a couple nights that won't break the bank.

Company info

Does anyone work for MAXIS or know of anyone who does that could tell me more about the company. The website ( tells me what they do but I do not understand it. (Yeah snark away if you want).
It is for marketing but what exactly IS marketing.
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People job looking

A company called Randstad is hiring ( from what it looks like it is a call center but they seem to have other jobs also including data management processor.
Though since it is March (almost April) jobs are going to start hiring again and hopefully this unemployment rate will go down.


solteronita made a challenge to write a good experience on the Max/public transport.
I actually have one.

A week ago when I got on the bus the bus driver asked me if I would like the pass for 2 hours or 3 hours. I think that was nice of him. And there were no miscreants on the bus either. Haha.
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carless, but...

does anyone have non-ownership car insurance? as in, you are insured to drive but you don't own a car? i need to get some, asap, because i regularly drive my bf's car, but it's for some reason difficult to find companies that offer it. i would think that quite a few people in portland would have it... i was trying to get it from progressive online but they seem to have a problem with the fact that i haven't been insured in a year (durr, i wasn't driving for a year. what's the problem?)... i think i would prefer a company that has a local office. any suggestions? also, do i have to have an oregon driver's license to get insurance here?

PCC Folks Gettin' Schooled In History?

Dudes! This is a long shot, but why not.

I have an almost brand new copy (just a very small amount of highlighting) of The West: Encounters and Transformations, the Portland Community College Custom Edition. It was purchased new from PCC last term. This is the text used for the Western Civilization course series (HST 101, 102 and 103). PCC's new price is $84, used $63, it's yours from me (and I might even be convinced to deliver) for $45 or best offer.

I also have the PCC History of The US (series HST 201, 202, 203) required text, Give Me Liberty! An American History by Eric Foner (this is actually a fabulous textbook, Forner is great) in almost-new condition, also purchased new from PCC last term. New from PCC it's $55, used $41, I'll sell it for $25 or best offer?

Comment if yr interested? Help an unemployed junior college student come up with a little extra scrilla for a vacation in the dirty south?

Why does the government make it so damn hard for me to give them my money?!

Almost all of my income last year was from freelance/self-employment work meaning I need a bunch of 1099 forms if I'm not mistaken and remember last year correctly.  However the government apparently wants to make this as ridiculously difficult as possible as the forms are not available (or legal to print out and send in at least) online, for e-file, in any post office, or library.  After trying to chase them down for 3 hours this afternoon I found out that the only place to obtain them is the IRS office downtown which I was NOT about to try to get to since it was rush hour by then. #@&$@!!!  At this point I got home, flopped in front of the evening news and a commercial for free federal filing at popped up.  This sounds really appealing and I've visited the website but can't figure out if it's legit or just another excuse to farm my e-mail address and spam the hell out of me or steal my SSN or whatnot.  Anyone with experience with this site before?

NOTE:  I WOULD just make things easier on myself and get freaking turbo tax but A) I went through all the money I had saved for taxes in the fall while I was unemployed and B) my computer is so effed up with a virus I STILL haven't been able to fix and I don't have a computer yet that I can on which I can download it. 


*bangs head on desk repeatedly*

EDIT (I'm sure it'll be the first of many...): So it's NOT a 1099 apparently as that's what my employers send me. BUT the form that TAKES the info FROM the 1099 is still nowhere to be found outside of the IRS office.  Booooooo-urns!


Do you guys remember back when it was during the time of the dot com boom and you could order from this company online things like Ice Cream and snacks and they would bring it to you via bike messenger? I remember their main color was orange I you remember what that company was called?

Man, I wish they were around now...
serious friends

Resume Writing & Design project

I'm looking to have my resume professionally re-written, anyone know of anyone or does that sort of thing themselves?

Now that I'm one of the unemployed masses I'd like to set out and get something that suits me and not just any office job.

I'd like to sit down with someone and tell them what I've done and give them what i have already as well as my long list of job descriptions i already have but am finding it hard to put into a more cohesive and non threatening way.


I'm looking to make business cards for myself and I need a nicely done icon (?) to make it distinctive and easily distinguishable. I don't want to just choose a stock design and I'd rather have someone I know (or is at least local) to do it.

I can pay or we can do a trade of some sort if that's what you'd prefer.

Thanks so much!