March 24th, 2009


This will be ridiculous, in the best way possible.


Thursday, February 26th, 6pm doors, 7-9pm showtime
Hollywood Theatre (4122 NE Sandy Blvd)
All ages. Tickets $8.
Hosted by CJ & the Dolls

Featuring: The Shook Twins, Annie Vergnetti, Kate Mann, Terri Untalan, Luxenburg and the Rebecca's, Malcom Rollick, CJ & the Dolls, Walking Home, Eric Tonsfeldt, Gone Against Blue, Nicole Sangsuree, Felina's Arrow, Mike Pardew, and more!

Costume contest with prizes (good ones!) – so pick an era and get your costume on!

Proceeds will go to In Other Words, the last remaining nonprofit feminist bookstore in the country.
Tickets are available at the Hollywood Theater and online: https://robot. boxofficetickets. com/800-494-TIXS/WebObjects/BOTx2005. woa/wa/inspectProgram?id=61101&passKey=c846a3decf

There are lots of raffle prizes, a ton of great musicians and their own takes on Madonna's finest work. Sure to be lots of interesting conversation going on, considering the polarizing nature of the woman herself!

Come out to a CHEAP benefit show, support a local non-profit, and be entertained in a great old theatre! Bring some friends!
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Does anybody have one?

Dear DamnPortlanders,

I'm currently on the hunt for a small animal cage. A cage for small animals, not so much a small-sized cage. I actually would like a lot of room for the small animals in question.
Something that looks much like these:
Collapse )
If you or anyone you know has one that I'd be able to buy from anywhere between twenty and forty-five dollars, that would be great. I recently found a perfect one on Craig's List for twenty dollars, but it was sold right out from under me when I was going to pick it up.
You can email me at if you have any information.
Thank you.
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Looking for an old isse of Special Interest Autos

I am looking for a specific issue of Special Interest Autos magazine from Hemmings. I believe it is the June '06, issue #153 featuring a driveReport on the 1958 Plymouth Fury. I've contacted Hemmings' customer service but the issue is apparently no longer available and I can not order.

Portlanders, I know there are classic auto fans out there. Does anyone happen to have a clean copy of this magazine they'd be willing to part with, perhaps for a small fee? Please let me know.

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Car Buying Advice

My husband's car is finally on the way out and we find ourselves probably having to buy a car this weekend (he's a coach who has to drive around with a ton of equipment and his new classes are starting up soon). We're looking to buy used and I wondered if anyone could recommend a dealer who they trust or had a good experience with, since we're finally breaking the cycle of buying crap cars from friends for nothing and then dumping a ton of cash into it. We're looking at smaller pick-ups with caps/things of the SUV persuasion to carry around the aforementioned equipment. Really, I just want to know who you trust or who was low pressure. We're out in SW and are fine with driving around to get a good deal. Thanks for your help!


Good morning! I've posted here before about my preparations for my trip to China. Now that my dates are set, the ticket is bought, etc., I need insight on taking the public transportation from Shanghai to Suzhou.

Trains? Busses? How easy or difficult is it to get around? Does anyone speak English? I heard stories of a "Foreigner" window at the main train station in Shanghai but then I heard from another source that it's really hard to find anyone that speaks English.

Any input would be extremely appreciated. Websites, personal experiences, whatever.

Thanks, world travelers of Portland!

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Baseball glove repair

My baseball glove is sad.  The connective leather webbing sewn onto the index "finger" has ripped, making it impossible for me to repair it myself.  I've called a couple of shoe repair places, but I'm not sure if that's even the correct path to pursue.  Anyone know of a place I could take it?  

Thank you kindly. 

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My boyfriends getting a used car.

What should we know about buying used?

I heard somewhere that you can take the car to a mechanic and they can check it out by plugging something into the computer of a car?
Do they charge for this?
We will be looking at a car in SE at 190th any mechanics out there you can recommend?

Who loves a little rat?

My daughter got a little boy rat from the guy working on her house - he apparently breeds them to show, and this little guy is too stupid for the show circuit. Who knew? Anyhow, she can't keep him, and doesn't want him to become snake fuds, so I'm askin' y'all. Anyone want a very sociable and friendly rat, who comes with a cage and food and bedding?


Oregon Name Change

So the time has come, I need to change my name and I would like to do it as quickly as possible. I have been digging around but I keep finding sites for people trying to sell the information. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

Birth certificates

So with that last post, another identity change question for folks born in Washington (like me). I need to get my birth certificate amended to change my name & sex, and I can't find any official documentation on how the hell to do that. I know it's been done. I have my name changed on all my other legal documentation, & pretty soon I'll have a letter from a surgeon saying that I've had irreversible surgery, which I hear is what I need. But do I just stuff a bunch of documents in a bottle and float it down a river to Olympia? Do I have to contact the city I was born in (Spokane)? How does this business work?

Changing a brith certificate seems wierd to me, but as far as I can tell it's the only path to changing my passport. Also, I don't know where the hell my old birth certificate is.

Boston Cream Pie

Dear Portland internet oracle,
My sweetie's birthday is coming up. Being originally from the East coast, he has requested some strange concoction called a Boston Cream Pie, which is apparently hard to find here. Any recommendations on where to look?
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El Gaucho - Impressions?

Anyone have impressions of El Gaucho? Particularily dress code? Or favorite cocktail?

I've never been and I'm supposed to meet someone there, and I don't want to feel too terribly out-of-place. Asking here might be a long shot, but every little bit helps.

Thanks! :}
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Tea Room

The husband's birthday is coming up, and he's asked to have a tea party. He wants one of those fancy tea parties where they serve tea out of china cups and have an assortment of tiny cakes/sandwiches and where one would likely need to dress up a little. I know I've heard of such a thing around here, however my googling has turned up nothing. Thus, I must suck and I come asking for help from the Mighty at DP. Anyone know a place like this?
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pet sitter?

We are going out of town for a few days in April and are looking for a petsitter to stay with our preciously sweet dog and our evil mastermind of a kitty. Takers? I'd prefer someone with references that demonstrate you aren't planning on stealing our identities/Firefly DVDs/souls while we're away.
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cat question

so the hairs around my cat's mouth, next to her lips and right under her nose are all hard. its like she drank or licked something and all the hairs are really hard now. i'm not sure what caused this, but i can't imagine it to feel good. any idea what this is? i want to make sure she isn't developing something. i've never seen anything like this before. thanks for the help.

Girl with green beret at Music Millennium earlier...

So I was at the Decemberists CD signing earlier tonight at Music Millennium and saw a girl there with reddish short curly hair, who had on a light-olive-green colored beret. She was also wearing a black jacket that had white jagged lines criss-crossing each other (kind of hard to explain) and I think also a green shirt. I wanted to tell her I loved that beret and ask her where she got it but I never managed to get close enough to her to ask her. If anyone on DP is that girl, please tell me where you got that beret, because I loved it and I have a few shirts that green color would go awesome with.