March 23rd, 2009


this is the last time...

Do any of you get the phone calls about that car warranty shit? I know it's spam but how the feck do I get them to stop calling? I generally don't answer my phone when I don't recognize the number but when I do and it's usually one of those stupid recordings. So I press 1 to talk to a rep, tell them to take me off their call list, and then they hang up on me. It's always a different number, every time, so I can't block them.

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Hey! Has anyone here gone to/know someone who's attended OCAC? Heard good or bad things?
I just got accepted there & they gave me some pretty sweet scholarship money, but I've never met anyone who's gone there & don't know much beyond what I learned from a campus tour! I don't just want to take their word for it that they're awesome, you know?

Beaverton lunch recommendation

If you find yourself tired of the lunch options around B-H Hwy and Scholl's Ferry, call up Valentina's European Food and order their pelmeni for take-out. They have several kinds of handmade pelmeni. They take about 20 mins to make. Quite tasty! Order them with sour cream and pickled vegetables... great stuff!

I don't know the people but I think they deserve some business as I always like what I get from there :) It's right by the New Season's on B-H Hwy.

Plus they have tons of cool exotic Russian groceries!

4830 SW Scholls Ferry Rd.
Beaverton OR97225
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Hiking trails?

I'm looking for some particularly awesome easy-to-moderate hikes within about a 3-hour drive from Portland, ideally 2-4 miles in length. It helps if they're fairly easy to drive to, as I'll be taking a big group in 3-4 cars. Bonus points if there is a website!

Thank you DeePeeps, you have not let me down yet.
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Accounting Jobs

I know folks are looking for work, here's a few from the office:

Contractor-GL Accountant - (Job # 09-05c)
Reporting directly to the Assistant Controller this contractor position is a key member of the Finance team responsible for ensuring accurate...

Revenue Accountant - (Job # 09-04)
Reporting to the Revenue Manager the Revenue Accountant is integral in implementing controls and evaluating actions required for compliance with...


Also some software engineering/QA and international sales (I think they are looking for someone in Norway for that though).
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Where should I donate my stuff, for the win?

We just moved, and we're looking for a place to donate some general household stuff that may not be terribly useful to us or people we know. We could CL or freecycle it and that's on the list of possibilities, but it may require more phone tag than we're up for.

Now, there's the major thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army, but I've heard various things about their policies toward their workers that I'm not completely comfortable with. (Note that the purpose of this thread is not to start an argument about either of these organizations.) I do shop there, I'd just rather help, say, an organization that operates a local homeless shelter or AIDS charity or something.

So I'm looking for suggestions. Can you think of a local deserving charity that takes general goods?

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PSA: Don't Let your Employers Shit on you

So, all over the internet, including Damned Portlanders, I see a lot of advice along the lines of "don't ask for a raise/don't seek better working conditions/just be happy to have a job".

Balls to that.

Be aware that your request may be declined and don't go all fucking-diva on your supervisors, but if you're due a raise and review ask for it. If you were promised an ergonomic work station, casually ask if it's still coming. If your boss is grabbing your tits tell him to knock it the fuck-off or you'll have HR on his dick like Vicks® VaporRub®

The economy sucks, but guess what? Your employers need you. If they didn't need you they would have fired you already. Don't be stupid, don't be an ass, know the political waters you're treading into and take responsibility for any action you take, but don't meekly sit there and let them abuse you, passively or otherwise.

Qui audet adipiscitur.
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Found mix CD at Powell's

So while a friend and I were at Powell's today, I was casually flipping through a copy of Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. I found a mix CD in a yellow sleeve with "23E <3 mix 108" written on it, took it home, and listened to it. I figured out the names of roughly half the songs, each artist name starting with a 'C' (going backwards from 'z', 'c' is also the 23rd letter of the alphabet). There were songs by Cheap Trick, Cardigans, Coolio, The Coral, Chimaira, the Carousel soundtrack, and a couple instrumental songs as well as one in Chinese and one in French. Has anyone else found a mix CD like this in Powell's or around Portland, or know of anyone working on some sort of project like this?

Rubber stamps, holiday themed ribbon, stickers and card blanks....

I am currently moving my crafting downstairs and as part of the move, I am getting rid of some of my card making things.
I have a bag, the size of one of those small starbucks handled carry bags full of rubber stamps as well as some stickers and card blanks already set aside to get rid of. If anyone is interested, let me know and I will start setting the stuff aside. There will also be some holiday themed ribbon from Michaels and possibly some other stuff as well.

EDIT: The items have been claimed.
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Keeping up with the TVs:

I know that being "too hip for TV" is quite a cliche, but am I the only person here who hasn't really paid any attention to television since Seinfeld was canceled, and can't or doesn't keep track of all the shows that are supposed to be cultural touchstones for people in our generation?

I don't really know about The Sopranos, or Lost, or Six Feet Under, or The Office (besides "That's What She Said"), or Battle Star Galactica, or Firefly/Serenity, or Heroes, or Weeds, or House. All of these TV shows are I am sure very good, and given the right time, I would probably enjoy watching them. But they seem to be a constant buzz on my flist and other internet forums, and yet I don't understand exactly what people are excited about.

Strangely enough, what I do know about these shows is through other means. Like, I learned about "Lost" from doing a jigsaw puzzle at someone's house one night, and actually found it interesting. Maybe I should just buy Cliff's Notes versions of these shows so I can keep up with people's talk?

what did i do..

so yeah, i've got this pretty mandolin but i got bored and messed with the action and its a damn pain to get it back to not sounding buzzy.

where can i go in portland vicinity to get my mandolin tuned up?