March 22nd, 2009

Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

damn damn damn

I fear I have a follicle infection/boil. I need to get it checked out today, as I can hardly move, it's so painful. Is there a clinic that has Sunday hours, or am I best off going to an ER?
*EDIT* - found one, I'm off!
Nom nom nom nom

So am I just getting old, or have manners actually changed?

I was having a nice brunch with my fair lady at a nice little place when someone at the next table got a call on her cell phone. She took the call, and where I had not noted her voice at all for the previous 20 minutes, she spent the next 20 minutes talking in her cell phone voice,Collapse )

On a tangentially-related note, the place was the Taste Bud, on SE Milwaukie just south of Powell. Fresh bagels, fresh ingredients, nice environment--sans cell phone users, that is--and I'd definitely recommend it. It's a little spendy, but if you're looking for something like a high-end version of Noah's, this place is great. The orange juice was so fresh, it tasted like they'd just plucked the oranges off the tree in the back. I'm definitely going to come back another time to try their pizzas...

Road Trip

A friend and I are planning a road trip to Los Angeles around the middle of June. Ideally, we'd like to go to San Francisco and then down to LA. We only have about a week and a half, so we plan on having 4 people to take turns driving so we don't spend most of our vacation time driving.

What are some good websites for planning the best routes? I know there are a lot of California transplants on here....what are some really fun things to do that are maybe not so obvious and touristy? I want get Jay Leno or Price is Right tickets, and go to the beach. I don't know what beach, or anything else about LA really. I just know I want to get out of Portland and away from my crappy job for awhile and make the best of having a week off. I've only been to California once and didn't really get to do anything fun. Is public transit in LA really as bad as I've heard?

(no subject)

Apparently, my dog smells. I just took him to get groomed about a week ago. He smelled fine for a few days, and now he's stinking something awful again, I guess.

I say 'apparently' and 'i guess' because I don't really notice it, just everyone around me seems to bitch about it constantly (mostly the boyfriend). I can't afford to spend $20-$40 a week to get him bathed, and I can't bath the 50lb dog myself. He freaks out too much with the water, and I can't scrub and hold him at the same time. Also, the closest groomer is 20-30 minutes away from me. Yay for living in a small town!

Do you guys know of any deodorizers, wipes, etc that might help? Do you have this same problem?

Also, the last time he went to the vet was just after I got him, which was around Thanksgiving. In case you were wondering.
Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

What should I be feeding my cats? I was loyal to Iams for a while, but decided to stop that. Now we're on Nutra Nuggets from Freddies on the recommendation from a random stranger in the store. I'm really interested in feeding them the best I can (without going completely raw), especially since we're using gourmet kitty litter. I live near Urban Fauna, so that's where I'll be shopping for the food, if it makes a difference.

Thanks in advance :)