March 21st, 2009

Push Button For POPSICLES

Oh, uh . . .

My roommates are moving back to Ohio in 10 days, so they're having a YARD SALE TODAY and selling all of their stuff.

Actually, it's about to start. It goes until 2pm.

It's at my house, 8th & Jarrett in NE. There's a bunch of little random things, but there's also an older mountain bike, a folding nylon chair for like the beach or something, some small rugs . . . I don't really know all of the stuff they have, so you will just have to come and see.

That's all.

Hacking my Phone (sort of)

I have a land line phone with a very annoying ring, but the thing still works great so I don't want to get rid of it. What I'd like to do is hook up a red light bulb to flash on an off when the phone rings.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to do this?

I've tried google, but alas, DP is better sometimes.
Teala - lolwut


I'm not usually awake before noon, but I want to take my boyfriend out to breakfast for his birthday. Where is an amazing place to go that isn't super expensive? Like, $15-20/person range at the highest.

Bagdads Personal Apology

Okay, so waiitng an hour for a television show on a big screen only really begins to seem excessive after you are told that you can't get in. It's a little worse when you find out the next day that you had friends who snuck in and took up seats of the soggie bottom fans.
but it's okay, no battlestar but bagdad theater is making up for it by having a double feature tonight, texas chainsaw massacre 1 and 2
oh the happiness.

flowers in palm

rose garden madness

the gonzaga v. western kentucky game that's being played at the rose garden right now is pretty much one of the most exciting games of the tournament so far. i really wish i was THERE. did anyone get to go? was it awesome?

Have an art itch that needs scratchin'?

Here's my shameless self promotion plug as one of a bajillion artists who resides in PDX...

I'll make this short and hopefully sweet. If you like drawings and are in the market for inexpensive drawings ($13 bucks and up), I'd be much obliged if you took a look-see at my wares here.

Want something custom made- that can certainly be arranged- just drop me a line via the contact button on my etsy site, and I'll get back to you super-fly fast!

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Online Television

First - I'm really sorry. I know this has been asked before and I could have sworn that I ear marked it in my memories. I did not. The "search" function was useless.

So. I'm looking for television on line. I know of Hulu and maybe it's me, but I'm not terribly impressed.

What I'm really looking for are shows you might see on Discovery or the History channel. Stuff like that.