March 19th, 2009

i am pretty sure this is related to dp!

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New Developments in the Unsolved Case

Did the famous hijacker take his name from a popular comic book hero? © Dan Cooper – Albert Weinberg – Le Lombard (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.) – 2009 (link to video)

Electron microscopes, dollar bills on a fishing pole, and a French Canadian comic book hero are providing tantalizing new insights into one of our greatest unsolved mysteries—the D.B. Cooper case.

We’ve told the story here before—how in 1971 a man calling himself Dan Cooper hijacked a plane from Portland to Seattle, demanded parachutes and $200,000 in cash, then jumped into the night with the money, never to be seen again.

Did he survive the jump? That is the subject of great debate. But as it turns out, a certain Dan Cooper is very much alive—on the pages of a French comic book series that was popular when the hijacking occurred. In the fictional series, Royal Canadian Air Force test pilot Dan Cooper takes part in adventures in outer space and real events of that era. In one episode, published near the date of the hijacking, the cover illustration shows him parachuting

Seattle Special Agent Larry Carr, who took over the Cooper case two years ago, believes it’s possible the hijacker took his name from the comic book (the enduring “D.B.” was actually the result of a media mistake). That’s important because the books were never translated into English, which means the hijacker likely spent time overseas. This fits with Carr’s theory that Cooper had been in the Air Force.
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Hotels in Portland

A friend and her parents are coming to stay for a week in July and they want an affordable, but decent, hotel. This will mostly be for her parents so something that is less awesome and more quiet and clean is probably their style. Near Lloyd Center, downtown or the MAX would be the preferable location. If there's a space that's elsewhere though please suggest it!

I am kind of embarrassed that I have no idea what to recommend to her. Does anyone have any personal favorites or places they'd suggest?

Chains are okay, but nothing creepy like the motels on Interstate. Thanks!

Bulk Tea

Does anyone know of a place where I can get tea in bulk (specifically any kind of green) that isn't crazy expensive (ie, New Seasons)? I usually order from Atlantic Spice, but don't feel like ordering $30 worth to hit their minimum.

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Help my poor broken brain to understand, because I have the dumb.

Rice starts out life as brown rice, yes? The argument about why white rice is bad is because it is so overprocessed to make it white which also removes pretty much all the nutritional value and stuff, right?

So... why does brown rice cost more?
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Free cigar tasting tonight

From my local cigar store:

Join us at Cascade Cigar on 82nd Avenue for our monthly Third Thursday cigar tasting from 6pm to 8pm.

This month's featured cigar is from C.A.O. 

Cascade Cigar & Tobacco
9691 SE 82nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97266

(GPS users need to use "Happy Valley" as the city).

Because free is good!

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A friend and I are driving to southern California come Saturday morning. We don't have to be there until Monday, so we are trying to find interesting places to detour at. I suck at American geography, so my attempts to look at places on Google Earth were fruitless. The only things I can think of are like UFO sightings and Haunted Houses/Places.

We really don't want to just drive down I5 with everyone else. So, does anyone have any suggestions for places along the way?

edit: We are not going near the coast.

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This is probably a long shot, but worth a try...

Any of you in Sue Leung's PSY 201A Thursday night class? What Chapters are being covered on the test tonight? MyPCC isn't working and I need to study!

EDIT; Nevermind, found my syllabus and MyPCC is working again.

mp meetup

the layoffs are starting to get me down. i have less than 2 weeks here. whaddya say dp working in the mp - who's up for a montgomery park lunch meetup tomorrow?

*edit* 12:30pm, mp 2nd floor atrium. things are crazy where i work, so i won't be able to stay very long today. however, i'm so very excited to meet you damnportlanders! wearing a blue sweater today.

Freeware HTML editors???

My friend is trying to keep her business afloat during these rough times and wants to do some basic changes to her business's web page. She use to have someone do this but can't afford to do it. I told her I would try to help her for free. She wants to make future basic changes to the website herself. Is there a freeware HTML editor that lets you connect to your web hosting site, download all the content via FTP, let you edit it, then upload it via FTP? I also want it to manage her web directory structure so that we can easily copy stuff into backup folders when changes are going to be made in case she messes up something or if we want to copy the web site into a seperate folder where we can play around with it before it goes public. there FREEWARE software that will do this? I'm not necessarily for a full-pledged HTML editor (though that would be nice), but more about a simple HTML editor and web page management tool.


EDIT: Needs to run on Windows Vista since that's what her laptop uses. She isn't clueless on HTML coding, so an HTML editor where you can click and drag and drop would be great. Content manager would be nice if it was built in. Else an easy to use seperate content manager will work too.
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What are you thinking?!

Dear City of Portland:

What were you thinking when you decide to start all these major construction jobs NOW? You say that you are going broke. Are you really sure that now is the time to buy new train cars, and to construct a new multi million dollar Max line?


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Does anyone have any experience with a group in town for the family and friends of substance abusers that is NOT Al-Anon/AA-based? I think I'm looking for something that does not use the "higher power" deal in its support tactics. Thanks.

Do you use a laundromat?

I'm curious how the cost differs from laundromat to laundromat. I live in NE and we have a washer & dryer for 4 units. It's fine, except for big stuff, multiple loads, etc. So tell me DP, if you do your laundry at the laundromat, how much do you pay? I'm lookin' for the best deal...and not way out in Gresham.

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Another doctor post....

I'm looking for recommendations on good female doctors who have a decent understanding of endocrine disorders. Bonus points for doctors who will actually take the time to listen to what the patient has to say and not show signs of an overwhelming god-complex (gee, can you tell I've had previous bad experiences?)

Portland related cause I can't think of a witty way to relate it to Portland. And cause ya'll rock.
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Need some software for pulling bass lines out of mp3's

So I am trying to learn a few songs on the bass and the tab I have found for one of them is just not syncing up in my head while I listen to the song. Do any of you know of any software that can extract the bass line from an MP3 file? I know there are cd players that can do it but I would rather have something on my computer.

Thanks folks!