March 16th, 2009

Uh, farm animals in portland?

I'm trying to find info about having goats in multnomah county, but my googlefu has proved unuseful.

Chickens/goats ok in the city? y/n?

EDIT: I could have 3 Pygmys, yay. Now to find out if a.) i could get away with Nubians and b.) if not, are Pygmys good milk producers? Oh and c.) need to find a place with a bigger backyard (ha)

to keep from waking up

online money management

Good morning Portlanders,
Since it's no secret that many of us are:
1. experiencing some of the financial challenges of this lovely economy
2. generally rather tech and web-savvy
3. (unusually good-looking, I may add)

I come to you with a question:

Do any of you have experience with online money management outfits like, Mint, Wesabe, Geezeo, and the like?

Even though these services have been around for awhile, according to the all-knowing internets, they just recently came to my attention now that I'm looking for a easy, shiny, preferably-online way to track my finances now that I'm eating copious amounts of instant ramen and cheap bourbon in order to have enough money to pay my rent and student loans.

Do any of your Damn(financially wise)Portlanders use any of these sites to manage your money? And if so, what are you thoughts on the utility of such services?

My sodium- and alcohol-laden liver thank you for your input.

Tonight at Free Monday Movies – Blockbuster Night (It's not what you're thinking)

Tonight Tom Robinson will be showing:
No Hiding Place, 1963, CBS, 60 minutes

Segregation Northern Style, 1949, 60 minutes

What is a "Blockbuster?"

From Wikipedia: Blockbusting was a practice used by real estate agents and developers in the United States to encourage white property owners to sell their homes by giving the impression that minority groups (such as African Americans) were moving into their previously racially segregated neighborhood.


For example, black women might be paid to push baby carriages in exclusive white neighborhoods to encourage white residents to sell their properties, on the premise that property values would decline with an increase in the visible social differences that characterized neighboring ghettos. In other cases, one house in a segregated block might be sold cheaply to a black family, causing fears that others would soon move in.

These are two amazing documentaries about the practice of blockbusting. It's hard to believe now that this practice went on until the 1980s, but it wasn't until housing anti-discrimination laws passed that the practice finally ceased. (At least openly.)


Show starts at 8pm in the upstairs loft. Admission is free. All ages welcome. Hope to see you tonight!


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking for bikes and cars



For Sale: Computer Schtuff

Hi everyone... I posted these on Craigslist, but wanted to give a heads-up here, in case anyone was interested in purchasing:

Mac mini
Samsung monitor
Logitech speakers

I've taken really good care of these things. The purchase of my first MacBook a few months ago just makes these items more of an entertainment center than anything else, right now. If interested, you can either contact me via the Craigslist ad, or at my username at the yahoo address. Thanks for looking!

Repair Help Needed

So my washing machine crapped out on me and I don't really want to buy a new one. It's going through all the cycles, but the clothes are soaking wet when it's done. Has anyone had a good experience with a washing machine repair company that they'd like to recommend? I'm in the Couve, if that's important.

Thanks muchly!
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Plant Nursery Suggestions

My husband and I are starting to plan out our landscaping projects for the Spring (something we're doing for the first time ever in our lives), so I was wondering if any of you have any great suggestions for local nurseries. Everytime we've gone to the local hardware store nurseries, we've never been able to talk to anyone that actually knows what they're talking about. Of course, we're trying to keep our costs at a minimum, so a place that has reasonable pricing would be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance!

Question for Portland gardeners

I've decided to start a large vegetable garden this year but there is a big problem standing in my way: I have discovered blackberry canes in the area where I want to plant the garden. I grew up in The Middle of Nowhere, Gresham and I remember the entire five acres of our property was absolutely overrun with blackberries. My parents would hire a guy with a machete to chop them down (or rented the next door neighbor's goats) but they would grow back almost immediately.

How do I get rid of these in an earth-friendly manner? I want to start planting my garden by the end of next month at the latest, so I need them to be gone by then. There are maybe three or four small clumps with two-three canes each right now. If I dig them up and miss any of their freaky little roots they'll grow back, but if I use pesticides I'll be hurting the environment and I can't plant anything for a year or more. Once I graduate from college (by the end of this year) I'll be moving out and I want to leave a nice garden area for my parents, and enjoy it while I'm still here. Is there any other way? Help me DP!
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Homos and smoking

This isn't mine, I'm just forwarding it, and cross-posting it to boot. I thought about just deleting it, but...hell, maybe it will help one person. Snark away if you feel the need. :)

As you may be aware, cigarette smoking rates among LGBTs are significantly higher than the general population. Many LGBT smokers are interested in quitting but may not have access to cessation programs, particularly programs that are sensitive to specific LGBT issues. Our research group at the University of California San Francisco has been working to develop and evaluate smoking cessation treatment specifically designed for LGBT smokers. We have recently completed evaluation of an Internet-based smoking cessation program. 793 LGBT smokers from across the country participated. Overall, we found that a little over 20% of the participants were quit one year after enrollment in the program. This was very exciting for us because most self-help programs have much lower quit rates.

As a follow-up to this work, we have recently started recruitment for a project comparing the Internet-based smoking cessation program to telephone counseling for LGBT cigarette smokers. The program is free. Smokers can find out information about the program by going to our website – I have also attached a flyer providing contact information for the study.

We are hoping to get information about this study out to as many LGBT smokers as possible. Our goal is to enroll LGBT folk from around the country. We hope you are willing to share this information with your group members.

...We appreciate any assistance in addressing this health problem within our community.

Indian Restaurant? (subtitle: I really hate LJseek)

(LJ Seek never, ever, ever works. The other search thingy on the user page just gives me outdated stuff from 2004. ARgh.)


Looking for a good east side Indian Restaurant. Take-out or sit-in. We did not care for India Grill on Burnside as it was "eh" and overpriced.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Or really any place with tasty curry that's not a Thai restaurant.

HALP! Need eyeglasses

That are cute and relatively cheap and fit my rather large head. I need first person experience because the last time I went a "cheap" place, I ended up with a $300 pair of glasses. It's was bit bait and switch-y, also I don't haggle well.

please help me. please.
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Yeah I'm that dog that ate the moon

Vegan Cake

Hey DP I'm in search of super-special-totally-awesome vegan cake. Where do you guys normally go to achieve such a creation? Also which cake(s) drive you mad with craving?

Edit: Thank you guys all so much for the suggestions. Due to overwhelming support I'm going with Sweetpea.
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Lolita: pic#65460477

Didn't Death Teach you how to Put a Condom on a Banana?

Total non-snarking question here. Has sex ed really gotten that bad?

In the vasectomy thread a bunch of people said, with much confidence and solemn knowledge, that the procedure is easily reversible. Which is complete bollocks, and one of the things multiple sex ed teachers taught me about over the years.

So, an informal survey
  1. How old are you?

  2. Did you have sex ed in your pre-college or post-college, post-high school educations?

  3. Where were the schools and what were the grade levels that you got the sex ed classes in

  4. Were the schools you got sex ed at public or private

  5. Freeform: What kind of stuff was covered in the class?

Educational Videos added behind the cut.

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