March 14th, 2009

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gynecologist rec?

hello DP. Please could anyone recommend a gyno in SE or downtown? I suppose I am also willing to travel other places if the person is just unbelievably good.
See, the thing is, I've never been to a gynecologist and am somewhat terrified. I need someone who will either be very reassuring or so completely business-like that I'm not embarrassed to have them poking around down there. This person would also, preferably, be a woman. If possible a woman who is 40 or older.
It would be cool if it was a somewhat more "natural" (read: feel-good hippie) establishment as well, only I definitely want the person to be a "real" medical doctor who went to traditional medical school and everything.
I have a vague memory that I've asked this once before, but couldn't find any such post. if I have, I apologize & can delete this post.

wallet lorst in SE. halp.

hi.  my husband lost his wallet last night.  we're not sure at what point it became lost.

we went to these places last night: 

the bagdad theater (se 37th and hawthorne)
hawthorne fred meyer (se 39th and hawthorne)
holman's (se 28th and burnside)
north bar (se 50th and division)

so, yeah.  we've called all of these places and no luck.  i'm thinking maybe it fell out of his pocket in the street or something.

i'm hoping there's at least one kind, decent person out there.  please let me know if you or someone you know found a wallet last night.  (and didn't jack everything in it.)  that would be really awesome. 
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i have the sick

sooo. I can't stop puking. infrequently all day yesterday, and then very frequently yesterday eve/all night/a few times this morning. I was just coughing up foam most of the night. accompanied by ever-present nausea & stomach pain, headache, and I keep quickly fluxuating between sweaty hot & shivery cold. I don't really know what to do. I don't want to take ibuprofen on an empty stomach.

if this doesn't let up, I'm going to need to see someone. cheap/free/sliding scale health clinics in town? open on a Saturday?

thanks. :(

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Art Opening in SE

Art Show at The Fine Grind on

2035 SE 39th Avenue

If you live in SE Hawthorne/Division area come check it out. The work is by people in the immediate neighborhood. I have a couple of pieces and what I've seen from the other artists looks really great.

See you tonight 6-10pm!!!

Dear Portland,

I'm from Seattle. I know almost every nook and cranny in this city and I'm bored of it. So, a friend and I decided we're going to start making weekend trips to Portland from time to time but don't have much $$.

What are some awesome cool things to do in Portland that doesn't cost much $$?

The Bonana King

PS: Feel free to snark away!

Sat Night Ideas

Any ideas on what to do tonight?? It's a sixth date and I wanted to do something unique and interesting. He doesn't drink BTW! Art opening or perhaps check out a cool and fun show? ANy ideas would be greatly appreciated!


A decent proposal...

Regarding a calendar of events.

Google Calendars is spiffy, so I made one for DamnPortlanders.

Know of an event? Something coming to town?
Send an email to: damnportlanders at gmail & it can be put on the calendar.

Can RSS feed it, too, if you want.

Thoughts? Preferences? Snark?

There are plenty of places to find the dozens and dozens of live musical and stage acts (wweek, mercury etc..). I'm thinking mainly of those things like the mu'fuggin' SoapBox derby that I find out about 2 hours before it starts.
Eric fangy

Starbuck at the Baghdad

Heelllooo. I was wondering if any of you DPers happened to be at the Baghdad last night to watch BSG and see Katee Sackhoff (aka Starbuck) do the Q&A session. I was one of the very very last people let in so I just barely made it. What a great show!!

Anyway... I saw a shit ton of folks taking pictures/video of the Q&A... for some reason I didn't think to bring a real camera so my pictures are kinda lame from my iPhone. Did anyone here actually get some decent shots? I did run up to the front for a couple good ones though.

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laundry room ettiquet?

It's Saturday morning, I got my ass up and walked to the bank to get quarters (damn coin-operated machines) and sorted out my three loads of laundry. There's only one washer and one dryer for the 7 apartments in my building, but I figure any time it's not being used it's fair game, right? I did a couple loads earlier this week but it's not like i've been monopolizing the machines.
Anyway i went to switch my first load and put in my second, and somebody's already dumped their dirty bedding next to the machine... As tempted as I am to ignore it and just carry on, I do the neighborly thing and forfeit the machine. Put my stuff in the dryer, and take my second load back to the apartment.

My question is, what do you guys think? Is it rude to try and stake a claim with your laundry basket when somebody's already clearly using the machine? Or is it too much for me to expect that I can do two loads back to back?

ETA: thanks for deepening my understand of laundry protocol, DP!!
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strangest nontraditional appliance usage


what's the weirdest unintended use to which you've ever put an appliance or tool (kitchen, power, sex, surprise me)?

inspired by diamondnails' post in which i was distracted off on a tangent about non-clotheswashing ways to use a washer/dryer (storing things in 'em, sleeping on 'em)

absolutely not portland related because because!

Homelessness: what do you do?

I was going to make a new LJ and post here to ask some questions (because I'm sort of embarrassed), but what the fuck, I never use this thing anymore anyway.

So I'm in a situation where I have been unable to find work for a couple of months and as a result have fallen behind in rent for a couple of months. Which means I'm being evicted, sort of. I mean, I'm just renting a room from some folks here, but since I can't pay up and they're a family that kinda struggles as it is, they've asked me to hit the road so they can find someone who is able to pay the rent. Which means I'm gonna be homeless, basically, and I really have no idea what to do about this.

Well, okay, I mean, I have some ideas. I've looked up some shelters and things to see where I might be able to go to have a place to sleep for the night, though I find myself wondering whether these places are frequently at capacity or have waiting lists or things like that. I'll probably stop by or make some phone calls to ask questions, but yeah.

Wondering what the people of Portland would recommend I do in my situation. I'm hoping I'll find work soon. I'm determined not to become one of those kids who sits around with a cardboard sign asking for change -- nothing against them, but that's not what I want for myself. I'm willing to work to get out of this situation as quickly as I can.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.