March 13th, 2009


Is there anyone going to Funker Vogt on the 8th that would be willing to give my boyfriend and I a ride? Gas money would be given of course.

They are going to be in Seattle NOT Portland =(
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i LOVE this community!!
And I don't even live in Portland!...yet.

And by this community, I mean the interesting assortment of people and topics that appear.

And it makes me exited to be living there soon, but don't worry, I will be unemployed, so you don't have to be.
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Virus help? Pretty please? I'm about to smash something.

So my work computer has a virus, after doing some research yesterday I think it is the Downadup/Conficker worm (or some similar variant of it). It is apparently spread via USB drives, so I think I may have gotten it from the external backup drive we use here.

-At first it was just redirecting my Google search results - if I searched for something and clicked a result, it would send me to an unrelated page, so I'd have to physically copy and paste the URL. Annoying but not unworkable.
-Blocked access to a number of antivirus/antispyware sites. I found some workarounds and downloaded a few different tools (AVG, Spybot, Malware Bytes, Spyware Terminator, Ad-Aware) but about half of these wouldn't load at all. I'd try to open them and the computer would hang for a moment and then just do nothing. The ones that did work found no problems.
-Downloaded a few special tools designed to remove this particular worm - all found no infections.
-Upon first opening browser this morning, webmails were all screwed up (I use AOL webmail for work and Gmail for personal). By "screwed up" I mean buttons doing nothing, inbox displaying nothing but blank emails, Gchat showing only one person signed on 20 times, etc.
-As of about an hour ago, I cannot use ANY search engines. I try to search for something and it returns a blank page. I've tried several different search engines and none seem to work, so I can't even look for other possible solutions.
-I've tried both IE and Firefox, very little difference.

I am running out of options. Even if I reformat this computer, I know of no way to get the virus off the backup drive without reinfecting the computer. PLEASE HELP. I am at my wit's end here. :(

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kitties don't like the new kitty litter. I've got a nearly full 20 lb bag of Feline Pine that's going in the trash if I can't find anyone who wants it. Free if you'll come pick it up from NE.
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poll time~

Should the dude who threw the shoe at Bu$h be freed from prison?

Yes. Being jailed for 3 years is unfair for serving it ice cold to Bush.
No. He could've hurt the former leader of the free world!
I don't care.
*throws shoe*

You get a line and I'll get a pole and we'll go fishing at the crawdad hole...

A few friends and I want to go on a camping trip this summer that would include a crawfish boil. I've looked up instructions about how to make traps but I'd like to test them out a little before the big trip. Do any of you catch/eat crawfish within city limits? If so, where? I'm guessing the Willamette is out for obvious reasons. Have any of you caught crawfish to eat while camping? Where were you camping at the time?
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Are there any other pi day activities around here other then this hike? Boston is having a creme pie fight.

I might just calculate a 3.14m hike in google, having it end a place that makes really good apple pie.

Restaurant recommendations

So, has an 80% off promotion on gift certificates that's good for today only (Coupon Code: menu).  Unfortunately, one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants (Marco's) is sold out.  Got any recommendations?  I figure this is a good excuse to try out new places!

UPDATE: I just called Fish Grotto and they said they accept these gift certificates. I don't know about the rest on the list, though.


Book Shipping

I am hoping that one of you have done this before because I am kind of at a loss. I am trying to get 66 pounds of books shipped up here from Texas and was looking for an affordable media shipment route. I looked on USPS, but they seemed a little unclear about how to go about that(it just basically quoted me the same thing under media rate and regular stuff). I looked in google, but I think I am using the wrong key words or something. Any advice?? Thanks =)

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lets say i want a pimptastic awesome burger.... and some beer tonight. i have some friends in town and its my birthday.

where would the bestest burger ever be? somewhere close in? mer? great and powerful dp?

Seasoned Crab

Dear Portland's damned,

Where is your favorite restaurant to get crab with yummy seasoning?
Also, where do you think is the best place to get yummy seafood in general in Portland?
And finally, does Portland have anything like the Crab Shack up in Seattle? I've never been to one, but it sounds like a good idea for a group meal, although with the one in Seattle you have to order a minimum of two orders.
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