March 11th, 2009


Something fun!

So I am looking for something fun to do Friday or Saturday night... what is going on that is super awesome that two dudes would totally like. Any bars have something going on... anything please tell me! thanks in advance!


Hey all,

I'm thinking about looking for another job. My time at my current one may be coming to an end in a little over two months, so I've begun shopping my resume around. Needless to say, because of the stupid economy and how many hiring freezes there are, I am freaking out a little bit.

I'm wondering how in depth you all make your resumes? I normally have three pages that are designed around the job I am applying for. My cover letter (the bread and butter), the work history page and a reference page. I've always subscribed to the one page work history, but I'm wondering how everyone else does theirs? I've also got my education and interests on that page too, so it can get crammed really fast. Are education and interests even needed if the job announcement doesn't state anything about wanting a certain type of person?

As you can tell, it's been a while since I've done this.

Any tips for the job seeker and his/her resume?

I know I can google stuff, and I have, but I'm interested in hearing what others on here do.

Don't worry, I'm not applying for anything in Oregon.

Help a girl out?

I can't live with four messy boys anymore. It's killing me.

So who needs a roommate?

I'm pretty quiet, I like to be introverted at home so if I do need any crazy time, I go out and make some for myself. I'm twenty, so I can't come home at three in the morning drunker than a skunk and knock over all your expensive breakable stuff. I like cats, I have one myself and she's a total mama's girl. Spooks easily, but instead of causing skirmishes with other animals, she's like to run for cover instead.

I have a part time job that keeps me out of the house about five days a week, I take public transit everywhere so I'd prefer to stay within the SE part of town just so I don't have to spend hours on the bus for a five hour shift.

I clean, a lot. I love clean kitchens. Doesn't matter if the dishes aren't mine, I'll clean them. I know crystal doesn't go in the dishwasher and neither do chopsticks and caked on food needs to be scrubbed off before going in the dishwasher. Not so good with living rooms, but that's just because I'm always wary of touching other people's stuff.

I can afford four hundred at most (rent and bills altogether). Any more than that and I'm stuck with living off of ramen every single day.

I just gotta get out of here. I love my roommates, but if I come home to another day where I have to spend three hours cleaning the house, I'm going to go crazy. is my e-mail, if you don't want to comment here.

I love you, DP!
don't look down

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Thank you for all your comments on the questions I've come to you with. I haven't responded or given back as much as I'd like b/c of elbow tendinitis, but this is a great community full of great people and every comment was appreciated. <3


Edit: Portland is one of the few places I would expect to get any interest on this, but if you would like a used Before-childbirth Keeper, lemme know. I tried it out but it didn't work for me. Stem intact, in its little bag, carefully washed obvs. Missed return deadline and I'd love for it to get used.

open mic variety show

People have asked about open mics in town. I thought I'd re-post this one starting at the Fez on Wednesdays:

Come check out our new OPEN MIC VARIETY SHOW!

It's your midweek cure for EDD (entertainment deficit disorder)

Every Wednesday night at 9pm
You can sign up to do anything legal for 10 minutes.
It's your big chance at little fame.

Hosted by RICK WHO?!

No Cover Charge

At the Fez, 316 SW 11th

Marley in his bandana

Coos Bay - guud eatz?

We're stuck in Coos Bay for the afternoon. Any recommendations for a GOOD place to grab a late lunch?

After google-fu'd reccomendation for b'fast in Eugene resulted in major epic gastrointestinal fail we're hesitant to try ooglying again.

Portland related bc I'm from Portland and need my DP peeps to hook me up.
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C&amp;H Fight


Anyone know a good place to find random big assortments of things like Candy or Soda/Drinks

I like quirky places with huge selections. Im also looking for a place that has "giant poprock candybars" I was told there was a story called "enter streetname" Store but I cant recall the streetname, maybe freemont? Anyways I look forward to hearing back.

Synecdoche, New York (and why it sucks like nothing else has ever sucked before)

I have to get this off my chest.
I went to see Synecdoche, New York at the Laurelhurst last night, and by golly, I wish I had gone to see something else instead, maybe then I coulda been either impressed or righteously angry at something, had a few drinks at Holman's and call it a night.

But no. It's the most depressing, cynical, bleak, long drawn, Kafkaesque (not that's there anything wrong with that), endless, eternally deteriorating,  hopeless movie that I have ever seen this side of Pan's Fucking Labyrinth (I'll see you in hell, Guillermo del Toro).  "Why don't you tell me what you really think, Winston".

I'm kinda bummed now.  Thanks for nothing, Charlie Kaufman.

On the plus side, it's an immensely densely layered remarkably inventive story about one man's decaying career/life/mind and/or body and how it affects his artistic vision (he's a theater director) and how he tries to deal with his life and its failures (by living it) through this unimaginably vast play he is directing in this world of a lifesize replica set of NYC that he's building inside this massive decrepit airport hangar and how he populates it with the people in his life and his mind's eye replicas or something and how THEIR lives continue/mingle with their vision of the characters in his life with his directing and how sometimes they don't agree with his direction. Or something. It's a bit of a mindfuck and it gets stranger til the very end.

I loved his other movies, they were all incredibly well constructed, written and inspiring in one way or another despite being generally being about sad lonely people but this one just bummed me right the fuck out.

His interview on the Colbert Report made feel a bit better though:


(no subject)

So. I'm not super familiar with the coast. But I'm going back to work in the next week or so and I'd like to rent a smallish cabin or just a regular ol' hotel room. I'd like to be close to the ocean, maybe have a balcony facing it if it's a hotel.

I'll be going during the week, likely. Say, two days-ish? I don't mind touristy because I don't think the weather makes that an issue. I stayed in a place at Seal Rock in June that I found on line. It was okay, but a bit spendy for the rustic Judds-like feel of the place. And me with no banjo!

I know of VRBO, but I've found that y'all generally have tons more useful info than VRBO or The 'Fu.

From personal experience, what do you recommend?

Vocational schools...

Have any of you attended any of the area vocational schools? Particularly, Apollo or Concorde? ...Or others you know of?

I'm looking at their Medical Assisting w/ Limited X-ray program. I've been working for the last few years taking classes at PCC to get into their RadTech program, but now that I have those pre-reqs done, I really need to find something else to do until I can get into the program. I really want to be working in the healthcare field.

So I'm here, asking if anyone has done these programs and wouldn't find sharing their experience? I know they're shorter and more condensed, but I've already taken all those health science classes, so I figure the faster pace won't be so annoying.


Where in the world is, Carmen Sandiego? Uhh and a soda and a poster.

So, I'm looking for two things that may not be available in our area.

1) Poster of that damned cat hanging from a tree that says "Hang In There".  My Grandma wants to get it for my great Uncle who is going through chemo right now, and my mom has been charged with finding it.  My mom hasn't been able to find it, and I looked online and it seems like that iconic image can only be found on greeting cards and in books.  She found one with a really cute monkey, but it's the cat that is needed I guess.  So maybe some shop in Portland would have it?  Maybe?  Or online, whatever.  I just need it.

2) There is a soda that a friend of mine talks about, it's called Cactus Cooler.  It's a pineapple-orange soda, and so far I've found it can only be obtained from Southern California, Nevada and Arizona.  They DO have a website(, and I CAN order it from there, but the shipping is $25 for 3 day and $15 for ground, plus I dunno if I wanna ship soda.  It might explode, or get to us and be flatter than... something that is really flat.  I'm hoping to find this semi-locally.  I am willing to drive anywhere within two hours for this.

And finally...  exactly where IN the world IS Carmen Sandiego?   Ask these guys!

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Fatty Goldfish


     and in japan, it would mean that the season for Kabutomushi would be upon us!

however, unfortunatly this is not japan :( and i cannot catch kabutomushi here in the states.

   Does anyone have any good ideas as to where online i could pay a good amount of money for a live kabutomushi beetle? i have loved tem for ages, but the only sites i find selling them, are selling them already deceased; and i want a live one to call my very own, and to feed protein jelly to <3.

(BTW   kabutomushi =  japanese stag beetles   pictured many times here)

   they are cute and honourable and handsome and awsome and i need one to live.  please help~

OG cougars!

I was watching THIS the other day (I think it's 2.2 if you have the fancy converter box - which is what we have) and this movie came on - which reminded me that I'm totally in love with this song.

Portland related cause it was on the tee vee... or I live here... or something.

Attn: Mothers of Portland

Your baby, in a stroller, a crosswalk does not make. Nothing pisses me off then seeing you toss your stroller off the sidewalk and into rush hour traffic expecting traffic to stop because you have a kid. You're 30 yards, at most, from a crosswalk, complete with stop signs, flashy lights, and people that will be more than likely to stop for you - not to mention moving at a slower rate of speed. Think of the safety of your damned child and take the extra steps to go to one.

If it were my kid in the stroller, and I saw that shit, Ike Turner would give you a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer.

no health insurance, what are my options for...

Sleeping pills!

Insomnia sucks!

I have no health insurance, have I any options?

I must say I have an unusually high tolerance for numbers/sleeper things. When I had health insurance before the doc tried the low level sleeping pill, saw how it did NOTHING to me and got me the max one; which worked great.

Another example is my dentist, who every time has to shoot me up with 3-4 more times the usual amount of novocaine (or whatever that numbing agent is).

Dunno, I guess not taking any form of man made medication (other than birth innocculations/vaccines) for near 20 years might have something to do with it.

So... anyone know any non super expensive clinics or sliding scale or something?


I would like to recommend people check out Iyara Thai at 18th and West Burnside. I know there are a zillion Thai places in this city, but this one is tasty, cheap, and nicely decorated, and I feel bad for them because they're almost always empty (at least when I pass them on my way home from work, which tends to be at or around dinnertime). So go there, and eat, and enjoy. They also have a deal where you can get a boxed lunch from 11:00 to 2:00 on weekdays for like five bucks.

unemployment benefits

I have a question regarding unemployment. As of tomorrow I find out if I have a job or not, as they sent me home today to "investigate" the incident. I'm pretty sure they are going to let me go and well I have bills to pay, rent, etc...
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