March 6th, 2009

Why are people stealing my attention?!?!!?!?

Hey, I noticed someone else started a flame war.

Lets keep things in perspective:


So, damnportlanders, don't forget who thinks you are a bunch of bourgeois hipsters because you like restaurants and dentists. ME. ME. ME. Do I have to repeat it until I get your attention? Or should I start a new tantrum/rant to return the SPOTLIGHT to ME?

I could, like, be anti-elderly, anti-youth...ooooh, anti-pet! And then you would debate MY WISDOMS.



Something more positive.

If you go into a FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) on Tuesday, March 10th.. we are giving away 25 free resume copies to anyone who asks. Just bring in a hard copy or your USB drive or CD or whatever, and ask for it. (Hey resume paper is pretty nice stuff.)

That day only.

Figured I'd mention it.
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Lost Wallet

Tonight after a movie I happen to find a wallet on the ground. The DL is on the outside and says Sierra Sperling.

If you happen to be this person or know this person please shoot me an email so it can get returned.

Thank you.

I want contacts!

I have insurance (Lifewise of OR).

I want contact lenses, specifically the kind you can wear up to 30 days straight.

I don't want to pay a whole bunch out of pocket (Insurance covers a regular exam and up to $120 for lenses/contacts).

Where would be a moderately priced place to go that isn't America's Best?

Please and thank you. :-)
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Ah, sweet DP.

So listen. I'm from the Midwest (*gives you time to snark*) and out there we had two restaurants that were essentially the same. Rally's and Checker's.

Y'all, their fries are good enough to make you slap your mama. (Okay, so maybe I spent some time in the south.)

So. I suppose this is mostly asked to the non-natives. Where in PDX can I get fries like Rally's or Checker's?
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Good (moderately priced) sushi and thai in the NE

I finally moved up here from Arizona this week, and I'm living in the Alberta/Concordia area. I haven't had time to scope out restaurants, and my best friend is coming up from Phoenix tonight and I want her to taste fresh sushi for the first time, and real Thai food, not just the crap she can get near her law school campus. Do you have any good suggestions for delish sushi or Thai in the NE? I'd like things which are fairly moderately priced, but suggest anything!
Thanks, DP!
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(no subject)

ok i know they are around here somewhere....

cheap bike rental?

my friend is coming to visit for a week from atalanta. i get everywhere via bike, life would be easier if she had one too, but everywhere i look its 100 bucks or more for a week- which is just crazy... i mean its a bike not a pony.

anyone? anything? or is that just the reality of the situation?
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Rental Recommendations?

(Yes, we're checking all of the other resources, websites, papers, craigslist, etc. Just tossing this out in case one of you might get a finder's fee or have the perfect thing for us.)

-The big deal? We need parking for three vehicles, off-street hopefully. We know that limits a lot.
-East side of the river, hopefully not quite to Gresham, but we may end up there. West-side if you've got the perfect place. :-)
-Minimum 700 sq ft. (flexible for the right property)
-Finances: Under $1000 preferable. If it's an apartment, we'd hope for much less. For a house we'll go to the high end or consider more.
-Bedroom numbers are fairly irrelevant. One big room will work just as well as a few small ones.
-Safe. Yep, that's vague, but you get the idea.

Any help or direct suggestions would be wonderful and appreciated. Thanks so much everyone!

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Psychiatrist recommendations?

I know this has been asked before, and I tried searching the lj, but I only found stuff from 2004. Anywho, I'm looking for a psychiatrist somewhere in the SE (near a bus line would be awesome) that is good with anxiety/ depression issues. Insurance isn't really an issue. Oh, and a female doctor would be preferred, but I'd certainly look into anyone if they came highly recommended. Thanks dp.
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(no subject)

I'm looking for an outdoor track nearby to go running. I didn't go to high school here so I'm not sure which schools have them. Plus, coming from a small town where the one track was a free for all, I'm not sure if things are different and if they are open to the public here.

I live near Alberta so anything fairly close by in North or NE Portland would be best. Anyone have any good suggestions?


Facial recs

Sometime in the next few months I'd like to get a facial (no, not that kind, you sickos....) to both celebrate getting a new job by pampering myself and to get on some kind of skin regimen as my skin has decided to start FREAKING THE FUCK OUT with this nutty PacNW humid weather by breaking out, well, all the time.  I have a few things I'm looking for in a facial/spa and I'm having a hard time finding a lot of the following information online since annoyingly enough not all websites list exactly what they do during their facials.  My list of needs/wants:

- Relaxing, pampering environment but without being snobby (it doesn't need to be low key, totally hippied out and, in fact, I prefer it to be on the classy chi chi side of things, but I don't like snobby attitudes of staff/people to whom I'm handing money)
- Actual aestheticians would be nice for the skincare recommendations
- Does extractions
- Uses/offers a variety of products/lines rather than relying on only one
- Extra perks during or before the facial would be nice (the one place I went to once back home did some cool steaming and microcurrent something or other and I'd LOVE to be able to soak in a hot tub or sauna beforehand which I know some places include/have with the price of a treatment)
- Good at helping me figure out a skincare regimen without being pushy about my buying the products
- Ideally give out samples of the skincare so I can try them for a while at home before committing to the prices.

Things that are not important to me:

- Using all natural products (the fallacy that 'all natural' equals safer/better drives me BAT SHIT)
- Location (have car and will travel for a good experience)
- Cost as long as it's not over $150 or so (again, looking to seriously treat myself but I'm not going to spend my life savings to have someone rub ground endangered albino liger corneas on me or whatever). I had excellent luck with a wonderful day spa back in Texas but unfortunately those products worked terrifically for my skin in the hot and super dry weather there but not so well here.

I'm intrigued by Terra Del Sol (especially with their soaking pool, 'the grotto' *snickers* It looks somewhat silly, but also potentially awesome) as well as this place/woman, (though her overuse and lack of understanding how/when to use quotations rather disturbs me).

So, lovely helpful DP persons, can you recommend any places that fit my needs/won't piss me off?  Do you have any experience with the last two places I listed?  I got a facial a few years ago at the Portland Spa and really liked it but would like to hear recs about other places as well.  Thanks for your continuing awesomeness!

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Graduation party space?

Help me out, Portlanders! Where can I hold my 50-person (college) graduation party? I would like to have several hours in the space with heavyish hors d'oeuvres. I'm really open to anything as long as it doesn't cost more than about $900. I don't want it to be stuffy or boring, and a place with furniture other than tables would be really, really nice. Thus far my only ideas are Edgefield's theater and the Jupiter Hotel's DreamBox. A restaurant would definitely be fine, too, I just don't know where to look.

new to portland

hey guys i'm another californian coming into your state. i don't miss cali at all though, because you all are so much more relaxed imo.

i was wondering if there are any vintage car shows that you can recommend from personal experience? i would like to see some, and i have heard that portland has a bunch.
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Who's your Fence?

I lost my shoulder-bag/purse last week after a night of drinking. It hasn't turned up (Craigslist Lost+Found not withstanding). Inside the bag was a semi-pricey Sony Ebook Reader (a gift) that I'd kind of like back.

Besides Craigslist (which I've been watching) if you were going to sell something you'd found and/or stole, where would you do it?