March 2nd, 2009


Another Cat Question

My cat Izzy's pupils are really dilated, and worse, I discovered today, completely non-responsive to light. She's about 12 years old. I don't think she's completely blind, as she likes to sit and look out the window, but I am suspecting that she is at least partially blind. From the research I've done online it could be several things, some of which are painless and incurable and some of which cause pain that can be managed. She doesn't seem to be exhibiting pain or any other symptoms, but it is hard to tell with cats.

The idea of a blind cat doesn't bother so much as the idea of a cat in pain. So off we go to the vet... which I can just so totally afford right now. I am expecting to get a referral to a vetinary opthamologist, which sounds damned expensive. Anybody else have experience with something like this?
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24 hour/Emergency Vets?

Our kitty is dying, right now. He has an appointment for tomorrow, but he might not make it. We really want to take him somewhere right away, but the only place my mum knows would cost more than a thousand dollars, we don't have that kind of money.

Do you know where we can take our sick kitty?

Pretty much as soon as this was posted my mom ended up taking him to the vet, one on 82nd I think.
For those who were wondering, we didn't know what's wrong with him, he just got very sick very fast.
I haven't heard from my mom yet (she's sleeping now) So I don't know how it went, but I bet he is doing better since we got him treatment right away instead of waiting all the way until his appointment this afternoon.

Thanks for your help and kind words DP!
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All you can eat crab?

One of my friends loves a crab feast. We usually go to Todai, but last time the crab legs had been frozen and the texture was gross. Where can we get fresh crab legs, or fresh crab meat at a restaurant? Grocery store?

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Oh, there's a word for that?

From a BoingBoing review of "Born to Kvetch":

"Of all the notions I took away from Kvetch, my favorite is the "klots-kashe," the klutz's question, a question that is both pointlessly stupid and incredibly derailing -- the example that Wex gives is the person who, in a discussion of slavery, asks, "But is slavery always bad for slaves?" The klots-kashe has found its way firmly into online culture (it's the scourge of message-boards), but I'd never known its name until now."



Howdy. My wife and I will be celebrating our semi-anniversary this coming weekend, and I'd love some suggestions on a place to stay.

Can be mountain or ocean or prairie
Needs: Fireplace or hot tub, both would be fab
Cozy is good; I don't want to rent an enourmous house and rattle around in it
Good food nearby or a kitchen to cook in even better

What's your fave? Please, and thank you!

Drugs are good

So DP,

My lack of health insurance has generally led to my avoiding care, but in a few weeks I have a surgical procedure ($1500 - ouch) that necessitates my getting a prescription for some antibiotics & percocet filled. For those who pay out of pocket, are some pharmacies cheaper than others, or should I just go to the walgreens up the street?
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Flying J

Is there anyone here that works at Flying J as a relief manager? Or just works at flying j and knows a relief manager that needs shirts?
I have 3 shirts (1 red long sleeve, 1 grey long sleeve and 1 grey short sleeve)because I was suppose to transfer but it never happened and now I do not need the shirts.

Ok anyone can have the shirts, let me know.
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Tonight: Smoking, Drinking, Eating & Paying For It




146,000 Could Live (1954, B&W, 30 minutes )
Cancer survivors speak in thier own words about the experiences they went through being diagnosed and treated for cancer. Interviews are conducted by a hard-nosed TV announcer/salesman who sees cancer as an opportunity to browbeat every survivor. Lots of ham-handed scare tactics that will convince you you have cancer by the end of the film.


Man Alive (1957, Technicolor, Animated, 12 minutes)
Man Alive, produced for the American Cancer Society – shows how fear impels Ed to ignore the warning signs of what might be cancer, just as it impels him to ignore the warning signs that his car engine needs attention. In the case of the car, Ed goes to a dodgy mechanic hoping to save money, but the mechanic ruins the engine, and it has to be junked. In the case of cancer, Ed eventually goes to his physician only to find that his worries were groundless. 

The Doctor Speaks His Mind (1947, B&W, 30 min., ACS)
A small town doctor implores each of his patients to get tested for cancer, with varying degrees of success. The film follows the subsequent outcomes of each patient's choices, until it seems nearly 90% of the population in Smallville, USA has cancer.


Free Monday Movies begin every Monday night at 8pm at Old Town Pizza’s Vanport location. Shows are all ages, free, and always real 16mm film. Old Town Pizza has a full menu and bar, and Happy Hour after 9pm, 7 days a week.


Old Town Pizza

5201 NE MLK (in Vanport Square Center)

Between Alberta and Killingsworth

#6 and #72 bus, ample free parking for bikes and cars



I need a sofa!

Hey DP-

I want to look at living room and bedroom furniture. And not Ethan Allen type, more like Dania or Design Within Reach (without the inflated price tag). I drove around a bit this past weekend and went to a "furniture outlet" store out by the airport, which was basically crap. All the sofas were various shades of cheap brown microsuede material and the salesman was relentless with his booze breath.

When I lived in CA, I would often shop at the Macy's Clearance Center which was full of furniture that had been returned for whatever reason...dings, chips, missing pieces, etc. Kind of like the Ikea "as is" section.
So, aside from Ikea, are there any stores like this around town? Or good furniture consignment shops?

I did some Google searching too. I found Eagle Bargain Outlet. Has anyone been there? And yes, I am also checking Craigslist and some of the secondhand shops.


Interior painters?

I'm moving into a new apartment and would like to have the walls painted before moving all my stuff in. I've never painted my walls and there's quite a bit of area to paint (700sq ft but lots of trim everywhere) so I'm looking to hire someone.. anyone have any recommendations of people who could do this, preferably people who do this type of work for a living and won't screw things up or paint over the trim/crown moldings?

(PS: What's up with girls in this city walking around with their arms folded? That looks so uncomfortable and unnatural but it seems like every girl is doing it now? Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine's co-worker won't swing her arms when she walks. End randomness.)
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Jay's Garage on SE 7th?

I'm curious what folks think of this garage? Just had this place highly recommended by a trusted friend and based on this had some (pricey) work done. Very nice folks, seemed very genuine and thorough but I'm concerned based on City Search Reviews to the opposite - especially regarding honesty.

Would appreciate hearing what any DP's with experience there would be willing to share.

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Cloggy Cloggy!

I recently purchased a pair of black leather Dansko clogs (the original? version) at a clog store on SE Hawthorne and they just aren't working that great for me. I paid $108 (yay teacher discount!) and am asking $90 since they are a 2 weeks old and I've worn them maybe 4 or 5 times. Posted other places but thought I'd offer them up here before they sit in my closet for ages. Email me at rosaleac AT gmail DOT com to ask questions or set up a time to try them on!

Size 40 (which translates into 8.5 to 9 American sizing)

**located in Hillsboro

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Yo D.P.,

Does anyone have a copy of the Feb. 20 issue of Science that they don't want anymore? I wanted to buy a copy, but nowhere I tried carried it. It looks like this:

My uncle has an article in it, and my name is in the acknowledgments (I read a draft for him). I know I can look at it at the library, but I'd like one for hoarding forever.

We're all smart, worldly people here, right? Maybe somebody has a subscription? I could trade you for a couple dollars, a cookie, or eternal gratitude.


Does anyone have an invitation code to a torrent website like demonoid? If some please comment back and I'll give you my email to send it to. Thanks so much! I'll mow your lawn or somethin'




I have successfully registered :)

this community rocks my socks

-content dannybear

Next Steps.

Ok, Portlanders, I need your advice.

I wish to return to school to pursue a graduate degree in...something.

I have a BA in International Studies with a minor in French.

My interests are quite varied.

Things I have considered:

-MSW (Master in Social Work - primarily interested in doing school counseling)
-Masters in Linguistics or Applied Linguistics
-Graduate Teaching Certificate (to teach high school history / social studies)

Those three things really illustrate the kind of range of ideas that I have right now. So, specifically, I want to know from those of you who have attended PSU - what's good there? How's the GTEP program? Is it feasible to get a graduate degree in the evening whilst working full time during the day?

My partner is going to be finishing his undergraduate degree in engineering in a similar manner (working / taking classes in the evening). From what I can tell, evening classes are available, but not all of the ones he might need are available in any given quarter. I assume that the classes that are available in the evening rotate from quarter to quarter.


Curb Painting

In front of my house, between my driveway and my neighbor's driveway, there is enough room along the curb for two cars to park. We often come home to find a car parked in the middle, thereby leaving no room for a second car. My question is, in your opinion, would the city be upset with me if I were to spraypaint a short and nice-looking line onto the curb and a piece of the street, to indicate that there are two spots, thus ensuring that I can park in front of my own house. I live on a side street but near a music center that has concerts every week that take up every spot on the block. I could always deny that it was me that did it. Blame it on one of those spraypaint hooligans. Maybe their tag is a straight line on a curb. I dunno what these kids are getting up to these days...
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Have You Seen By Bag?

So, I was out drinking downtown on Saturday and I lost my army surplus purse/bag thing. Olive green, frayed strap, has a few too-hip-for-my-own-good buttons on it, and a few books and a personal electronics device in it. I've checked all the spots I remember drinking at to no avail.

Did any of you damnportlanders come across it?