March 1st, 2009

Gender (Free) For All Planning Meeting

Trans March Portland: MySpace

Gender (Free) For All March

Monday, March 16, 2009
7:00pm - 8:00pm
In Other Words Bookstore
8 NE Killingsworth St.

Our first two town hall meetings were a huge success. Participants have been providing valuable feedback, which has allowed us to begin to shape the direction of this year’s march. [Join our Google email list to see notes from past meetings, as well as to stay current]. We invite you to come be an important part in the planning of this event.

Questions? Comments? Want to help? Email

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Boom goes the fender!

So as the result of some doofus rear-ending me last night, my poor baby needs bodywork. Probably lots of bodywork.

Who's had a good experience w/ a bodyshop, working through insurance and all that? Where does one start w/ something like this?


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Does anyone else feel like there is disturbance in The Force?
Yeah things in life are a little crooked. Well, a lot crooked and uncertain. Maybe Great Depression's start out with a surge of anxiety cause I have had a piercing amount of anxiety lately. More than i can recall in the past. My gut feels like its been scrubbed with bleach and the usual remedy's are not working.

Maybe its my own thing, i don't know. My friends seem normal, someone is always up while the other is down. That is just life right? Happy/sad, patterns that come and go. Never taken pills to try to level it out and don't plan on it either. I'm just sayin, its been a month of gut-rot and pacing the floor and i have a job!

What is the point of this post.... If you are typically a cool cat and not overly up or down are you feeling out of sorts? Maybe its time to start helping out people who are doing worse than me. ughhh i feel like a trapped animal in a bucket of acid.

If you're happy and you know it please reply!!!!

Cigar Bar + Politics.

So, I have to finish writing my paper for my corruption and US politics class.

And I have a cigar that has been needing to be smoked. I figure the two go hand in hand. So where are these mythical cigar bars which are exempt from the smoking ban? I neeeeed to know.
ryan lochte


I know there are a lot of pregnant families on DP and I would prefer to give this away to someone who needs it rather than sell it on Craigslist. This is a Graco Lovin' Hug Swing in Classic Pooh. My daughter used it a total of half a hour. It has like six power settings, music & nature sounds. We got it as a babyshower gift and dont think its fair to sell it.

Please pick it up! Its taking space in our small apartment. I dont have the box anymore but I checked on the recall list and it is not there. It's a great $80 swing, my baby just prefered her bouncer.

i am in SE by Reed College. comment or email @ karla dot branson at gmail

CLAIMED! thanks

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My birthday is a week from today, and I'm looking for fun suggestions on ways to celebrate over the course of the next week. Places to go, things to do and freebies are all appreciated.

Here are also some criteria:

- Must be in Portland city limits.
- Spending a little money (<$50) is ok, but I don't want to spend that much every night for a week.
- I don't drink or smoke.
- I already have plans for next Sunday, so activities that require I be there *on my birthday* are out. This includes ToDai, which is just gross anyway
- Freebies I've already scored: Red Robin, Coldstone, Ben & Jerry's
-Bonus Points for anyone who can find me a good St. Louis-style BBQ joint. Partial points for good Texas-style BBQ. Either *must* use a large smoker.

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Hey DP. Selling a bunch of stuff on CL. Check out the cut, if you see something you're interested in, let me know you're from DP and I can probably cut you a deal. :) No deliveries on anything but we live RIGHT off the Ruby Junction Max stop.

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I'm in the midst of getting rid of a ton of junk not worth the hassle of selling on craigslist. I recall some folks here discussing the evils downsides of Goodwill, so is the Salvation Army a good alternative? If not, what is another outfit I should bring my stuff to instead? The clothing will go to the Portland Rescue Mission unless there's another good option someone suggests to me.


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 Can anyone actually explain just how it is that Tumblr makes money? AFAIK it's a kick ass service, very intuitive, only there are no ads anywhere and you can't "upgrade" your account or even donate. How do sites like this exist?


Hey, I just thought I'd let you guys know I'm selling big fatty blueberry plants if you're in the market for some. Here's the link to my ad: Blueberries

If this does not interest you, carry on...the rhododendrons are just beginning their blooming at Crystal Springs, don't forget to get out there March-May to see them at their peak! And all the little duck/goose families start to hatch. Ok, my plant public service announcement is over.