February 28th, 2009


Village Free School- if you are interested in volunteering or are a parent, Open House TODAY!

FYI, Village Free School (www.villagefreeschool.org) is having an open house Saturday 2/28, 10am-2pm.  There will be student/parent/staff panels, time to visit and play, and general tours.  Come check it out if you are interested in student or volunteer opportunities there.  VFS is a private democratic school for kids 5-18 located in SE Portland at Foster/85th.

If you have a minute, shoot this note to others who might be interested.  My 15yo son will be there giving tours and answering questions.

There was a recent Oregonian article about the freeschool:

free thing++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-

Anybody need/want a free 4 port USB 1.0 hub? My fabulous employer decided we all need a bit more schwag. It amuses me greatly that it's decidedly a tech company, and yet some corporate drone somewhere thought it would be a nifty idea to give a whole bunch of computer geeks some free outdated technology.

It is outdated, but actually still works totally fine for most things. I'm offering it away because I already have one, and don't need or want another one.
upside downside

grrr arrrgh and other angry noises.

i'm still bitter about what happened to me this week, so....

i would now like to share my current feelings regarding the denizens of my PDX suburb:

f*ck you all very much.

my car died on the 217 highway off-ramp when i was driving home from my new job orientation.  i had enough momentum to pull into the oil lube parking lot.  none of the techs standing around gave me a second glance.  since this happened last week, i knew that if i let the engine sit for about 15 minutes the car might start up again.  so, i waited.  then in an attempt to do a 3-point turn to get out of their u-shaped, one-way lot.....my engine died again.  two of the techs came over and helped me push my car out of the way.  one of the guys says, "i heard your belt break.  pop the hood and i'll look at it."  so, i did.  he looks under the hood and then says, "well your belt is fine, i dunno.  i'll ask one of the senior techs to come take a look."  he never did.  after sitting for another 20 minutes as the usual rainstorm started, my car started up again and i was able to get out and on the road using a horribly unsafe method of braking with my left foot, so as to keep the car from idling.  i get about 3 miles from home and *foom* the engine dies again.  this time i am in the left hand lane of a super busy little highway during rush hour.  cars are whizzing past me on the right and i can't get over before my momentum stops.  so, i have no choice but to pull into the left hand turn lane.  i put on my hazard lights and the rain started pouring down in torrents.  despite using hand signals to alert drivers to go around me, i get tons of horn honking and rude gestures.  this goes on for nearly 30 minutes.  i didn't have a cell phone (because i'm traumatized from my last management job in oklahoma, where i was on-call 24/7.  i want nothing to do with electronic leashes.  except in an emergency.  this was an emergency....blerg.)
nobody stopped to ask if i was ok, if i needed help, needed a phone - nothing.  so i consider my options and since i can't abandon my vehicle, i attempt to give it a push.  i put the gear in neutral and turn the wheel, then push.....the car lurches forward a tiny bit, and then the light turns red.  cars are whizzing and flying by and everyone can see a little frou trying to push her car, in the rain.  yet nobody stops to help.  not even one of the many pedestrians in raincoats.  i sit in the car to dry off and warm up a little.  i watch the traffic light pattern and count the seconds.  i jump out just before the arrow turns green and start shoving with everything i've got.  the car starts rolling and i make it through the intersection running and steering as the sky continues to dump rain on me.  i jump in the car and manage to get it to a safer location on a side road.  no thanks to anyone other than myself.  a teenage girl standing on the sidewalk watches my performance and then runs over and asks, through her mouthful of braces, if i need to use a phone.  what, what?? somebody cares??  i gave her a wet hug and called AAA.  i got home, drenched to the bone, much to the horror of my hubz.   

so, the morals of my story:

1.  always bring your (emergency pre-paid) cell phone with you.

2.  denizens of this PDX suburb have very few morals.  save the little girl with braces.

3.  i kick ass.

the end.

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Photo-editing software

What is a good, free photo-editing tool for large batches of photos? I want to take about 500 pictures and re-size them so they will be easier to upload. I don't need anything fancy, just need to re-size a huge batch to a manageable size.

I googled and found a few but recommendations would be awesome. Thanks!

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SO, I STILL haven't gotten my W-2 from my previous job. I've called them every week for about the past 2 weeks. They said that they've 'called them' and 'they' are supposed to be mailing the W-2 to my current address. The last I checked with them was Monday. At this point, should I complain to the IRS?

Also, I don't have any pay stubs left from the previous job, as I quit about 5 months ago and my dad threw them all away when he cleaned my car for me. Thanks, Dad.
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Does anyone know if the dump on 122nd and San Rafael is still there? 

The East county metro website only shows Oregon city and NW as the only sites and Google isn't giving me any solid results.

EDIT : never mind, its turned into Environmentally Conscious Recycling and after i found a phone and called, they do not accept anything with food on it and they open all of your bags to check. The fees are $19.95 for the first 400 pounds ($0.05 a pound there after)+ a $9.95 environmental fee.


Hey! Does anyone have an idea as to where one would find unique greeting cards? I'm thinking more along the lines of home made cards that are unique to Portland(artsy fartsy underground ish). My good friend is pulling into Seattle on her ship(coast guard) and her Mom is running up there to visit for 2 days. I wanna give my karlabear something special :)


There Go the Farm Jobs

Front page of CNN:


From Beverly Hills to shoveling manure on a farm

(CNN) -- They bid farewell to their beloved trips to the opera and museum, the beach and Buddhist temples. They ate one last time at their favorite restaurants serving Indian curried chicken and warm bowls of Vietnamese pho.

Leah Bird and her husband, Ed Wright, have traded their comfortable two-bedroom apartment and jobs in Beverly Hills, California, for life in a trailer on a five-acre Oregon farm.

No longer do the couple hear roaring fire trucks in the street or chatter from patrons dining at outdoor cafes. On this farm, the dominant silence is occasionally interrupted by the sounds of frogs and crickets.
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I feel like this question has been asked multiple times; effing unworkable search function. SO.

I need a dentist.

I have no insurance.

I would like to go to a good dentist.

I would like to not pay up my bum.

I realize the fourth one may be non-negotiable.

Still, help?
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Senator Starr to Propose Statewide Ban on and Euthanasia of Pit Bulls


Let the flame war commence.

But first, some food for thought:

The American Temperament Test Society (ATTS) tests thousands of dogs of all breeds for character traits including aggression, friendliness and stability, and gives the American Pit Bull Terrier a passing score of 84.3%, the same score as the Golden Retriever.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there is currently "no measure to determine which breeds are more likely to bite or kill."

There is no such thing as a bad breed of dog. All dogs can bite if provoked. Responsible dog ownership is key. - American Veterinary Medical Association

Wikipedia also has a lot of info:
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Dog crate/kennel

Does anyone have a large-ish dog crate or kennel that I could borrow for a week or so? My kitty just had surgery and needs to be confined for a bit while he heals, and his carrier is way too small to keep him in for any amount of time. I can leave collateral if necessary. Please let me know!

Got one, thanks for the offers!

Keep Portland WEIRD! :)

 I was talking with my friends about how I could go about making Portland even more weird. I already put one of the bumper stickers on my car but I can't think of anything else I can do that would be pretty strange... I was going to get dreadlocks but I think thats sort of stereotypical so now I'm wanting to dye my hair purple or blue. I can't wait to add my own sense of weirdness to this awesome city :) What do you do to make Portland weird? Once I have my hair dyed I'm going to call my mom and tell her, and if she gets mad I'll just let her know it's the norm in Portland and that's why I moved here, hehe :)


2 weeks ago my car was totaled when a guy in a pickup truck didn't see his red light. i'm looking for a replacement, but i hate shopping and after spending a day with creepy used car salesmen, i'm ready to bring in a professional.

tell me, dp, do you have any recommendations for an auto broker?