February 27th, 2009


planning=5 months+, performance=15 minutes

So a group of us massive geeks want to put on a musical number at Pioneer Square some day, but one of the major stumbling blocks is figuring out how we'd get it so that everyone could hear us. The thought is synching up boom boxes with the original music and having people at various locations in the square hit Play at the same time, but if that didn't work we'd be sunk.

Also, do you know if something like that requires a permit? We'd basically come in on the MAX, do the number, and ride off into the sunset.

...and there's got to be someone here who can help with choreography? Not much since it's an opera, but there's a sword fight in it (we can use sticks or something...would that be allowed to do in public? Maybe something big and plastic?)

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hey, question for you guys.

my friend is really going through some rough times. she used to be on a lot of meds for helping her cope with bi- polar, but she isn't now because she lost her insurance and can't to see a doctor.

i know plenty of sliding scale clinics around portland, but none that do counseling or mental health for low income/ sliding scale. she is finally asking for help, i would love if i can point her in the right direction within her means.


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Help my coworker!  He needs to join a climbing party for Mt. Hood.  He has been preparing for a couple months, but all of his friends bailed on him.  Help a brotha out.

Chain Salons

DP, I come to you again with a question. I know there are consistently posts regarding where to go to get your hair cut. This is another one of those... but different.

So, I'm in the market for a hair cut! Woot. Thing is, I've been cutting my own hair for the past two years or so.. and before that, my friend back home who is a professional, was cutting it. I'm one of those annoying girls who would be super wrecked if anything bad happened to her hair (and it has..) so I'm pretty nervous about this.

Now, I'm broke. When I say I'm broke, I don't mean I can still afford $50 on a haircut. I'm looking to go to some place such as Great Clips, Master Cuts, etc. And, I'm looking for it to be in the Gresham area.

So for those of you who are trusting enough to go to these places and are familiar with the Gresham locations, where/who do you recommend? I'm not looking for anything crazy, as I like to keep it low maintenance, even more reason I'm not going to spend an arm and a leg.

I'm a chick, if it matters. However, my boyfriend is also wanting a haircut, as I've been cutting his for two years now as well, so if you need to make separate recs based on that, please do.

Thanks DtotheP.
HBIC, river song


For my spirituality and counseling class, we are asked to go to a religious or spiritual service not of our own.

I picked Judaism - anyone know of any synagogues in the area who are open to visitors?

Rentals and leases

I need to move out of my apartment because I don't have money for next month's rent.  But I still have 3 months left on my lease.  The landlord says I have to pay a $1500.00 fee to break my lease....but again, that's money I don't have.  What do I need to do to move out? Should I just not pay rent and wait to be evicted?  Other than this going on my credit history, what else can the landlord do to me?  And how long does it take for the eviction process to be completed?


Since when is it inappropriate to ask for change?

I don't mean spare change, or change like Obama. I mean "Can you break a fiver so I can put some quarters into the parking meter outside your place?" The guy at some cafe on Broadway by PSU acted like I was asking for something unreasonable or something. His initial reaction contained so much disgust that I was immediately opposed to buying anything from him in order to produce change out of him. That pile of change in his register was for his "customers".

I had to walk a block to the Starbucks where they happily gave me meter change. If I could remember the name I'd rant and tell people not to go there. Instead I think I'd like to recommend the Starbucks on the south park blocks, they were (apparently according to today's standards) uncommonly nice.

i may have a job for you!

i may have a opening for a cook at my cafe, the existing cook maybe moving on to better things....

i wanted to throw it out here before i go somewhere else, the hours are a little over part time for the time being but may increase.

the food we serve is simple but you will also be expected to prep for other shifts and clean dishes....

anyhow drop a comment if you are interested. this is not for sure as i am meeting with him at 5pm but i would like to get some options before hand because thats how i roll!

*edit* juliascafe @ gmail is a place to send resumes.... if there is a opening which i feel there maybe, i will drop more info later tonight!

thanks for the instant response dp!

Your seamsters. Let me see them.

Hey DP.  I come to you in search of an awesome seamstress or tailor (though I also like the term "seamster"!).  I have a bridesmaid dress and a bridal gown that I'll need to have altered in the next few months, so the need isn't immediate, but I wanted to gather recommendations before I completely forget about it and have to scramble for someone at the last minute.

I'm happy to go through a shop or a person who does alterations from their home, as long as the person has experience and is trustworthy.  Oh, and doesn't charge an arm and a leg, of course.  West side preferred, in the Tron would be best.  Thanks in advance!
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At the moment I'm a damn Michigander, but I'm a potential future damn Portlander and I'm flying out there tomorrow morning to check out the city. I'd like to take a look at some neighborhoods and see what looks like the best fit for my family and I'd also like to get a peek at some fun stuff to do around town. So what's going on tomorrow? Where would linux nerds go to convene and do nerdy things?

Things I'm looking for specifically in a neighborhood would be:

Good elementary schools
Near public transport
Something quietish and laid back

So where should I look? I'll be there for a couple days and have pretty much all day to traipse about.

Broccoli, please?

It makes me sad that pizza places around here don't regularly have broccoli as a topping. I've found one place (Pizza Oasis) and they torch it.

I look at these menus and they have fontina, proscuitto, zuchinni, sun-dried tomatoes which are all awesome too but no broccoli.

Anyone know where I can find this in Portland? East side preferred but I will totally travel for this if it's tasty.

Oh and major bonus if they have a white garlic pizza (ricotta base)

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So before I moved here (back off! I transferred with my company!), I heard some talk about "no good Mexican food!"

Well, it's outer NE, but it's fabulous. El Indio at 11114 NE Halsey.

Dee Lish.