February 26th, 2009

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We are moving next week. I want to pay someone to carry all of our shit boxes down the stairs.  Does anyone want to make some money next Thursday?  e-mail me at Pssstoast@Yahoo.com.  We will have the u-haul already and all you would need to do is pack it. I would love 2 people or better yet 3. Oh we live in the Gresham/ Fairview area.

i have a book case that i want gone - its been following me since college. FREE. thought i would offer it here before i offer it here before i put it on craigslist. ( freecycle proved to be a bunch of no shows)  snibbernibs  called dibs first.


 EDIT: one other thing  we are going to need to sedate one of my cats for the move. Does anyone have any experience with this?  What am i going to have to do? can i just call his vet and ask for drugs?


Who wants to get inked?

I'm ready to ink real skin, no more grapefruits! If you're in the market for a tattoo and would be up for a student inker charging a low cost ($20/session), let me know. My school schedule is Wed-Sat 1-5:30. Pick a day and I'll mark you on my calendar. Smallish/simple designs are welcomed to the front of the line, considering I'm just getting started on skin, but I'll need clients all spring and summer so bring me your ideas and we'll get to work.

If you hadn't seen my previous post about my tattooing adventures, here's a link to pics of my practice grapefruits -and two pieces I've done on myself recently- http://www.flickr.com/photos/9457787@N04/sets/72157613260915099/

email me: info at lastporter dot com

edited to add: The facility where I will be tattooing is a state licensed school, my teacher is on site all the time, and I have been taught and I practice proper precautions with sterilization and overall cleanliness from setup to tear down.

ps: you all are rockin my socks with your interest in getting inked, thanks!!

Studio For Rent

I have an art studio on Grand above East End and Sea Tramp Tattoo. My studio mate is moving out so I'm looking for a replacement. I don't take up much space so I could potentially have two people move in which would make the rent cheaper. As it stands rent is about 415 for 400 sq. ft. It's a sweet spot with a green floor. Email me with interest.


Feel free to repost or spread the word!


Last reminder about what you should be doing tonight....

Hollywood Theatre, doors at 6 and music at 7 until 9pm (nice and early, so you can still have time to go out afterward!)-


14 bands, all Madonna covers. Wonderful ridiculousness will abound with emcee CJ from CJ and the Dolls, a oostume contest (you know there's a Madonna era that you could totally rock!), and 4 great raffle prizes- all for the low low (for a benefit!) cost of $8. All ages.  Come out and support your local non-profit feminist bookstore, y'all. inotherwords.org

And check out the short write-ups on the front page of the Merc's website and the culture section of the WW site!!

Express yourself!  See y'all out there!
&amp; Daggers!
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Thursday Time Waster.

The Teenager Audio Test.


Clicking the play button below [go to the site] will produce a tone that is generally only heard by people under the age of 25. It has been used as a deterrent device to keep teenagers from loitering in malls and shops, and sounds similar to a buzzing mosquito. Typically the longer you listen to it, the more annoying it gets.

I'm 26 and heard it just fine. Yeesh, it's not pleasant. I wonder if anyone, uhh, beyond the average age can hear it? ;)

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I'm on a committee that has been asked to plan a quiz night.

I've been told there will be anywhere from 20-50 people, and we already have a room set up. I believe we have a projector, but sound is iffy.

We can do ANYTHING quiz related. I guess last year they did something Jeopardy-ish, so if we can change it up that'd be good.

Any ideas for fun quiz type games? Even trivia would work, but do you have any ideas to make it more interesting? If we do resort to a trivia-style game, do you have any fun trivia questions I should put on the list?

Our first meeting is in a few hours, but I believe we have a couple weeks to finish the whole thing.

FUN is key. No alcohol, unfortunately, so if you have any tried-and-true quiz games please pass the info along. I will be entirely grateful.


I hate Qwest.

I hate Qwest. I have been with them for about a year. Their connection is slow (12 mbps MY ASS), and unusually laggy and shitboxy lately. At the time, they were a million times better than Comcast. Maybe that has changed with the proverbial biatchslap that they got from the FCC plus with the switch to digital broadcast. At least, thats what the Comcast tech told me at my house at the time I complained.

Comcast may have had shitty shitty connections and mess with your P2P, but at least they had local offices, had IMPECCABLE phone customer service and were always perfectly willing to help you out, one way or another. They were fast and if they weren't, they cut your bill.
I cannot say the same thing about Qwest. Their customer service is HORRIBLE. The US part is based in Logan, Utah. Their reps are very friendly (some a little too), but you're lucky if you can get through to them. The technical part is based in the Philippines (no offense to anyone from the Philippines in advance) and MY god, are these people DENSE.

This is how the conversation usually goes
Me: I say something, anything,  and the replies is always as follows:

Them: "Okay mr. Sho and Sho, I'd be happy to look into your conshern. Sho, you shay your connecshun is shlow, I'm shorry about that.  Let me ask you all these useless questions that have nothing to do with your actual concern and waste gob s of your time before you ask to be transferred to a US agent. I'll be sure to transfer you to my supervisor, who speaks a little better English."

I am now dreading having to call in and complain (usually my favourite part) because I just simply don't have the 3 hours required to lodge a complaint and have them try and look at it. Besides, I feel like complaining to your ISP about slow connections is generally a lost cause but I cannot let that deter me from badgering them about it. At worst/best(?),  it can serve as documentation for me to prove I do NOT deserve an early termination fee for wanting to cancel because they are not living up to THEIR end of the deal.

Anyone have a better idea for an ISP?

PS> I apparently do have the time to write this pointless rant.

Portland related because, uh, I live here.....*eyes dart sheepishly*
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PDXers are too fucking nice. Annoyingly so.

Alright, I'm on my bike commute home. I need to turn left onto Akenny, and a Desoto is coming from the right - I'll have plenty of room behind him before the next car from the left shows up . . . except the Desoto slows down. So now I have to wait longer. Oh, wait, he's waving at me to cross in front of him. Apparently, trying to be polite, but I'm not trying to cross. I signal for him to go, he smiles broadly and waves me across again. This continues for a while, and I'm getting annoyed. He's politely asking me to do an illegal move.

No wonder cyclists don't follow traffic rules.

Eventually I get him to just GO and get OUT OF MY WAY.

And the SUV that pulled up across the intersection from me, with her turn signal showing she's going to my right, starts waving me to cross the intersection.

Grr. Traffic rules let me predict what your several tons of metal are going to do. If you want to be polite, follow the damn traffic rules.
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Are you a mechanic? Or do you know about cars? Would you be willing to look at my vehicle tomorrow? I am the process of buying a used vehicle AS IS, but I would like to check it out before hand. There is a slight vibration that is making me slightly nervous....

and again with the rental legal questions...

I have tried looking this up at several rental legal type sites, but I am made of fail.

So... my "apartment complex" has a "manager" who does not live on site. He is the son-in-law or some crap of the batshit lady who owns it. (She's the one that accused a house sitter of murdering the tenant (and threw him out) rather than call the woman in question.)

Obviously he has a legitimate reason to be here in the day during business hours - we have an empty unit that needs cleaning and repairs and landscaping needs, etc - no question of that, perfectly normal.

BUT - and you knew one of those was coming, you clever folks - he also randomly shows up at 9 or 10 at night to go through the rubbish (recently they installed locks on the dumpster and provided us with keys) he's admitted he's going through it - and knocking on my door.

The first time it was to tell me that the water bill was ridiculously high - at 9:15pm on a Sunday night. Ok, that's a real concern since Mrs Batshit pays that - but I'm a single guy and I don't have a bathing fetish. Regularly, yes. Every 20 minutes - no. There are 2 other units in my building, a studio with another single guy who works a lot and a 1br with 3 people who are being evicted. Guess who's running up the water bill? He said he knows they're running up the bill. So why exactly did he need to show up on my doorstep after 9pm on a weekend to mention this when they have my phone number on file?

He's done this several times - coming to the property at night, rifling through the rubbish bin and then knocking on my door to chat about something - usually some gripe with other tenants I have nothing to do with. I feel weird *not* answering my door (I do not have a peep hole) and I do have people come over - but it's very strange to me to have him just show up like that. I don't know what his game is, but it's beginning to feel a bit intimidating and I'm wondering if I have to mention my cousin the Jew Lawyer.(tm) who would be no help as he does copyright law in another state, but that's not the point. two people can play the intimidation game.

Am I just paranoid? Or is this seriously not kosher?

Thank you kindly.
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Do you like Happy Bunny?
Do you have a car?
Do you want a license plate frame? It's Happy Bunny.

It says, "hi. cram it." on the bottom. I never used it, I'd tell you the story of how I got it but it's really uninteresting.

I like Happy Bunny. I'm just not the "cram it" type. More of the "it's okay to for you to drop dead now" type, I suppose.

I live in inner SE near Col. Summer's Park. I can meet you there to give it to you.
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Thai Chi?

Does anyone here do Thai Chi? If so, have you noticed any personal benefits for yourself? It seems like it's relaxing, but I've heard that it can health, emotional and mental benefits? What say you all? Anyone who thinks it's full of crap?
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Rules Refresher Time!

So since we had a complaint thread earlier, I thought it seemed like a good time to remind everyone a bit about the rules and why they are what they are. (If you know the rules already, skip towards the bottom and I'll talk more about the specific complaint.)

The main point of the mods and rules are to keep users from abusing LJ's technolgy to be pests. What does that mean? Well, among other things, it means that the mods are NOT here to be a babysitter and make everyone "play nice." Generally I'm in favor of moderation being as hands-off as possible.

I AM big on personal responsibility, however: if you're a dick, people won't like you and probably won't help you if you ask. If you're thoughtful/helpful, you'll have more friends and more help when you need it. I am NOT big on any kind of censorship-- blame journalism training.

So, the rules, more or less:
1) Don't disable or delete comments (except your own). If you feel a comment (other than your own) should be deleted, contact us FIRST.
2) Don't stalk peoples' personal journals for personal information to use against them in flame wars or posts or anything else.
3) No "general dickitude." I've explained this concept a dozen times and it never seems to stick..."general dickitude" is kind of like obscenity; hard to define but I know it when I see it. It usually involves, for example, repeated spamming of comments, posting of large and/or gross images without any LJ cut or warnings, etc. This is basically a blanket way for me to say that yes, it's not allowed for you to do that kind of shit.

NOTE: When someone says something you don't like, it PROBABLY does not count as "general dickitude," even if you think it's trolling. There are RARE cases where it might, so you're ALWAYS welcome to come to us if you think these comments may reach the level of harassment that would fit under this rule. That said, we may not agree.

4) Blah blah blah, don't use images to advertise an event more than once unless you use an LJ-cut, and don't post images larger than ~500px wide or tall without an lj-cut.

So, on to something more specific: dodecalogue. YES, we're looking into it. Why didn't we just ban the user straight away? Well, the trick is: ban for WHAT? The posts aren't technically spam, they're not offensive in and of themselves (let alone offensive enough for me to consider them ban-worthy), and we don't actually have any rules against posting multiple times in a day. As for them being "about nothing," so are a metric fuckton of the posts here, which makes deciding which ones are annoying a little tricky. Oh, and did I mention that when we've had trolls in the past, we've generally had members who enjoyed their trolling? It's a toughie.

In other words...we're not robots with a set algorithm, we're humans, and we're just trying to make sure our moderation is as hands-off as possible while still keeping people happy. Sometimes we err on one side or the other, but we do our best with a community that is vast, obnoxious, and in the end, impossible to please in its entirety. Seriously, would YOU want to try? And no, we're NOT looking for more mods. The two we have is plenty for the complaints we get (once again: hard for us to know you don't like something if you don't tell us directly!), most of the difficulties of modding are in deciding how to keep the majority of you happy, which would NOT be assisted by more moderators.

Yeesh, this is getting almost novel-length here. Anyway, the sum-up is: follow the rules, tell the mods if you have a problem and we'll either explain why it's permitted or deal with the problem (I've contacted dodecalogue, by the way, and given him/her a warning), and please please PLEASE keep in mind how tough it is to keep everyone here content. ;)

(P.S. I'm not really 'gone' as far as the community is concerned; I still have my computer and check my e-mails! I'm just checking LJ less because I'm on a work-cation, which means I'm trying to cram Maui fun AND work in. Jeez!) ♥