February 25th, 2009

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Kid activity ideas?

I need to kill a couple hours in downtown with my 6 year old this afternoon. Any ideas on where I can take her that's fun for kids her age?


Edited to add: Thanks all for the suggestions. I guess I should have been more specific, that's what I get for posting without coffee.

This is an ongoing thing for us every Wednesday. With the weather, we're looking for more indoor things. The kid loves the waterfront, and Finnegans, but we've already worn those out.

We'll probably do either the library or the museum (didn't know they had a kid area) for today.

Any other ideas? I'm all eyes/ears.
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Good Beer--I know you're hoarding it

I posted this a couple weeks back. Thanks for all your hotel recommendations!

Another question though--I'm looking for your thoughts on Portland's microbreweries. If a couple were in town for one weekend, where would you recommend we visit? Is BridgePort really the place to go, or are their some local faves you can recommend? Quality is obviously first priority, but selection is up there too. It's less about finding the perfect beer and more about finding interesting and unique brews. My man loves trying new beer (I'm actually surprised he hasn't yet taken a trip to Ptown solely for the microbreweries), but I'm more of a wine girl myself, and therefore pretty ignorant to what's widely popular and what's lesser-known. With the help of Google it's been easy enough to find the popular places, but I'm thinking there has to be something a little more obscure out there pumping out great beer. So I want in on these secrets, DP--what're your suggestions?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for sounding like such a fucking tourist).

My guide to health care economics: I promise you might actually like this

I wanted to point out two things about health care and why it is so expensive. I promise this will probably make a little more sense than what I usually write. It still might bore some people, being about serious community issues and what not, in which case you can scroll by, or you can post and say it was too long for you to read.

There are two things that make health care more expensive than other things you might buy.

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So that is my basic ideas on the matter, I think they are things that need to be considered.
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Is it important to be earnest? (Theater Tix for Cheap or Free)

Two lucky DPers might find out tonight!

The wife and I have tix to tonight's show at Portland Center Stage, and she's not feeling up to it, so I've got two tickets to offload. It's at 7:30p, and, well, the tix cost us something like $30 dollars and it'd be great to get something for them, but I'd rather get nothing than let them go to waste, so I'm taking the first offer rather than the best offer.

Only caveat: I'm in the SE, near Reed College and I don't want to travel too far to give them away, so you have to be willing to come somewhat near to my neighborhood, like close enough that I could walk my dog there. Maybe to the Gladstone Cafe/Pizzeria at SE Gladstone west of 39.

Any takers?

[EDIT: In case my title is too subtle, the play is "The Importance of Being Earnest"]

[Edit: Taken!]
C&H Fight
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Im looking for the following games

Mario (any sports) for Game cube
Streetfighter (for super NES or ps2)
Capcom vs Marvel

Thanks :)

OH Also if anyone has FLCL (Furi Kuri / Fooly Cooly) Im looking for taht too.
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down the rabbit hole?

i am pretty sure that while i was riding in the car with a friend downtown a couple of weeks ago i saw what appeared to be... an elevator? going down into the sidewalk. neither of us got a good enough took at it to know if that's actually what we saw.

so i'm wondering if i had some kind of massive hallucination (and if so, why it couldn't have been naked dancing girls instead of weird elevators) or if this kind of thing actually exists.

if it DOES exist, what in the heck is it for? what's under the sidewalks? can anyone get on these elevators? and HOW!

and before anyone asks, i have no idea which streets we were on.

i'm imagining portland laced underneath with some crazy tunnel system accessed by secret passwords, foot taps in morse code and other fantastical stuff. this is making my secret steampunk self all aquiver with the possibilities.
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Info for the smokers

March 1st is when the new SCHIP tobacco taxes take effect:

RYO tobacco will increase $25 - $35 per pound.  Papers and tubes will increase between twenty and thirty cents per package.

Pipe tobacco users get to add an extra $3 or so per pound.

Small cigars will also be more expensive too....around $6 or so more than what you pay now.

Cigarettes are going to go up too - at least another buck a pack.

So, smokers, do you plan on quitting on April 1st?  Or are you going to start hording?
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(no subject)

I am looking for a pagan/occult friendly and relatively low cost therapist in the portland area.  [I am doing shamanic work that I want to do along with therapy & I do not want to tiptoe around or spend time I pay for needing to explain that, i also do not want an untrained kook].
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