February 24th, 2009

Portland or Bust

Hey. Me and my buddies will be graduateing this June and we all decide on portland to move to. Theres 11 of us (crazy I know but were tight) and well be coming down in 3 trucks. Are ages are from 17 to 20 all dudes ecept 2 girls.. My town cheyenne just not cutting it for jobs so we all decide portland bein a big city should have enuff to go around. None of us will have any degrees or nothing but are HS dipolmas but we just need jobs that pay around 12-15 hour.I figure portland rent is more expensive then here so I figure 12-15 hour should cover are rents. we plan on renting a big house or two houses maybe. I dont no much about portland but we figure its got to be better then here. I guess any jobs well do right now but nothing that goes against are beleifs (the bible). I know there are alot of homosexers (and vegitarins) in portland but thats alrite as long as they dont try any thing on us. We just need good paying jobs and figure portlands are best shot.

also are there any rodeos around portland? thanx!

I haz a computer issue.

So, finally got the little adapter part thing I needed to run two monitors.

The second monitor is being recognized by my system, but when I go into Start>Control Panel>Display>Settings, it only shows one monitor, not one and two.  But if I go into my NVIDIA Control Panel (thingy for my video card), it will give me the option to do a clone monitor thing (same image on both sides) or to stretch whatever I'm doing across both monitors, but not to have one main monitor and one other monitor I can drag things to, say, like if I were playing WoW on one monitor, and had Vent and mob/raid/fishing info on the other monitor...  uh... hypothetically speaking...

Running Windows XP Home Edition.  My video card supports dual monitors, but I just can't get one to me the main and one to be the other, and all of then say to just click on monitor 1 and monitor 2 in the display settings from control panel, but there is just 1 monitor.  And I can clone or stretch, but not have have different stuff on them.

I hope this is enough info to go off of.  Am I missing drivers or something?  I wouldn't say I'm computer retarded... but... past normal software things, I has teh dumb.

Please and thank you!

EDIT: Uh....yea....  just had to reboot.  Wow... you guys ever seen the British TV show, The IT Crowd?  Yea...  for those of you that haven't, it's a show about a company's IT department, and when ever someone calls in their first two questions are "Is it plugged in?" and "Is it turned on?".  Yea...  I'm a 'tard.  Thank you to <lj user="bennetfox"> for pointing out the obvious, because it's exactly what I needed.
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So...why is Portland so over-run with women's clothings stores? It's like I walk down Alberta or Mississippi or Hawthorne and literally all I see is little independent(+1 for independent) women's alternative clothing shops. You know what I mean. Everything is all super cute and funky inside. Weird old floral prints on the walls and hand knitted feminine accessories and wallets. I mean it's great and I'm glad we have that flowing through the city's veins but where the heck does a man shop around here? Any tips or favorite stores would be greatly appreciated. I got my federal refund and I GOTZ TO SHOP!

-updatez: we got 1!


Stop cluttering DP with mundane posts. You're holding up the next shipmment of Portland hype.

Lots of white people who claim to love diversity, so they move to Portland to be around other white people who also claim to love diversity. Check.

Everyone is an "artist" or a "photographer" or a "clothing designer" or some sort of random "creative" type. Check.

Everyone propped up on passive aggressive behavior and the inability to look strangers in the eye and say "hi". Check.

Self absorbed, self proclaimed "weird" people who are also "chic", "hip", "urban" (in Portland? cute), vegan and "green" minded. "I support Sam Adams, ride a bike AND don't eat meat. Are those leather shoes? Ew. What did you do today to help the planet? Brb, kayaking. I'm more Portlandy than you." Check.

Phony personalities and people who mistake being a snarky douchebag with being "witty and clever", to go along with their scarves, black framed glasses and geek-chic attire. Check.

Hyping Portland up to all your friends and family back home, or anyone who will give you the time of day, in order to tell them about how "amazing", "progressive" and "open-minded" Portland is, while tacking on cliches you picked up while watching cable tv (lots of strip clubs, lots of microbreweries, shanghai tunnels). Check.

Pretending to hate anyone who moves here because you moved here first. Check.

Being fake. Check.

hhaha, just kidding y'all. As you can tell by my username: I LOVE PORTLAND!
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Friday Night Yoga?

I'm looking for a beginning / gentle / yin or similar style yoga class for Friday night after 5pm. (Not hot, bikram, vinyasa, flow... something good to take a beginner & an out of practice yogi.)

I've checked YogaBhoga, YogaPearl, YogaShala (both SE & N), ExhalePDX, Amitra, Harmony Yoga and a bunch of other places from a random yahoo search for yoga in portland. The closest I've found is a 4:30 class at YogaPearl downtown. But, my friend isn't off work til five.

So, does anyone know of any other studios that I should check or of a class that meets this description that might not be showing up in my search?

I'm looking for something in town, rather than out in the sticks or suburbs.

Thanks in advance, DP!
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Sewing machine, ennybody?

(X-posted to own journal)

I have no sewing machine and I want one. Anyone in the NW have a simple model they don't need and are willing to part with cheaply? I'm talking the cheap basic model (I won't complain if you have a better one than that! - I just don't need lots of different stitches, my basic requirement is: it works, and doesn't take a theoretical physicist* to figure it out.)

Buying used helps my local community, instead of helping large corporations.

*"Rocket scientist" is so passé.

Unique Local Jewelry?

Hi Folks,

My sister is turning 18 on Friday and I have yet to get her a gift. (Bad sister!) She's moving to London on Sunday as well, so I want to get her something awesome - both a birthday present and a 'welcome to adulthood' gift. 

Here's where you come in - I'm looking for recommendations for awesome jewelry stores around town, preferable with a vintage (or otherwise original) style. Something along the lines of this - http://juliadeville.com/.

Along the same vein, do you make awesome jewelry? Sell me on your stuff - I'd really like to shop locally and get something awesomely perfect at the same time.



Does anyone work on or just KNOW Volkswagens?

I have a chance to buy a 1987 Volkswagen Golf for $600 or less.
It's an automatic, very good body shape.

I went to look at it with a mechanic friend who didn't know Volkswagens and doesn't like foreign cars. He told me it wasn't even worth $500.
It had a leak that we pointed out, and the seller has since fixed it for me. He said it was something to do with the radiator. He was originally asking $1,000 but I told him how much I wanted it, and how I wanted to set aside some money if anything goes wrong, so he's gone down quite a bit.

It made some bumping noises when we drove it to one side, and the brakes were fine, but maybe needed some tuning up.

I am having a serious crisis because I know nothing about cars. I want it really badly but I don't want to buy something that is going to cost me too much right away. Over time, I can do some fixes, I guess the main question is, does it sound like it's worth my time and money?

How expensive are the parts for this model?

Uggggg..... help me.....

A Coffee Shop or like place . . .

I realize that things are changing. Places have closed, others have opened, and some have just changed their hours.

I'm trying to find a place that is decently lit, isn't crowded by furniture or layout(crowded by people is okay), serves coffee and food, has outlets, and is somewhat conducive to studying.

It doesn't need to be 24-hour(since there seems to be only one of those places left anyway), but I would like late-night, say 11:00PM or 12:00AM.

I am vehicular-mobile, but I would prefer not to go farther west than the 217 or farther east than the 205. Free parking is a plus.

Please, no Starbucks.

Thank you for your time.


Ok, quick question.

The FDA approved the sale of "real" absinthe either last year or in 2007. There's some controversy over whether the substance "thujone," which is the thing that the FDA is actually regulating, is actually responsible for producing the hallucinogenic effects attributed to absinthe. I had "real" absinthe in Prague several years ago. It was tasty, but nothing really special. I finally broke down the other day and spent the ungodly amount of money it costs to buy a bottle here, a French kind called "le tourment vert," or "the green torment." It's pretty tasty stuff, although my partner says it smells like a mixture of Ouzo and barber comb water. So I guess my question is this - for those of you who have drunk FDA-approved absinthe and/or absinthe in countries where it isn't regulated, do you notice anything odd about its effects as compared to, say, a nice vodka martini, and is there a difference between the absinthe here and the absinthe over there? Does thujone have anything to do with it? Am I just blowing $50 on an expensive licorice flavored alcohol when I could be having, say, a nice vodka martini for about a third of the price? Is my obsession with early 20th century Paris clouding my judgment? Why does the movie Moulin Rouge exist, except as a vehicle to look upon the gorgeousness of Ewan McGregor? Why, in Bram Stoker's Dracula, when Wynona Ryder is drinking absinthe with the hot young Dracula, is the absinthe yellow instead of dark green? Well, I guess those are a lot of questions.

Portland related because we're all trying to be Bohemian hipsters, aren't we? Even those of us doing it "ironically."

bike collision

My sister got hit while riding her bike this evening.

She is okay, no broken bones, no super serious injuries. Enough damage to keep her from work and school for at least tomorrow, and she now has a busted bike.

There was a police report, a totally cooperative driver, many witnesses, and even an awesome bike mechanic who said he would help her fix her bike! I took her to the emergency room at OHSU tonight, and she is banged up but okay.

So where do we go from here? I know she can get her medical bills paid, the work she misses compensated, and her bike fixed up. Does she contact the driver's insurance? the police again? She is just expecting compensation, we aren't going to sue or anything. Just the minimum.

I thought there would be resources for this on bikeportland.org, but I am coming up blank on the searches. It's been a long night.

PS. Wear your helmet. The doctors were ecstatic to hear that she was wearing hers.