February 19th, 2009

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I'm aware that I might be able to get these at a supermarket, but those never just have the same kind of taste as getting it from a local bakery.

I've tried googling it, but it appears that Portland has no Polish bakeries. So, does anyone know if there's any local bakeries that will be making paczki on Tuesday (or earlier)?

I'll have the special with a side of RANT

So it's not all rant, I'd love some ideas from the DP brain:

Basically our next door neighbors are old and crazy. The main problem I have with their doings concerns our cats and other animals. The woman has a habit of tossing food scraps out on their front lawn including chips, bread, waffle fries, cooked chicken on the bone and ribs. I see our three cats (2 are outdoor only and one is indoor/outdoor) over on their lawn snacking as well as crows and seagulls. I am constantly finding bones in the garage, the driveway, and on our lawn. There was one instance when our I/O cat came in for the night and he puked up a handful of chicken. Good times.

I have spoken to her twice in the past year and asked her to stop throwing food on their lawn. I've told her that we feed our cats enough cat food and they shouldn't be eating human food scraps because it can make them sick. Her response has been "it don't hurt 'em none" and "i've been feeding cats since before you were born". That's terribly comforting, especially when coming from the person who doesn't clean up the puke nor pay for the vet bills. I've also told the landlord about it and she contacted someone [part of Mult county something or other?] and they said they can't do anything (though I think I will mention it to her again soonly). I've taken many pics from our kitchen of the cats eating on their lawn, bones in the driveway, and even have caught her on camera tossing food up in the air. Last night was a fun incident too. At about 8:30 we were putting some stuff in the car which was parked on the street. I saw her out of the corner of my eye standing in her doorway like she was hiding from us but still spying. As soon as I got in the car I looked over my shoulder at her door and she came out with a bowl full of food and started tossing it on the lawn.... She seriously waited until she thought we couldn't see her doing her shit!

So DP what do you think? Talking to her is pointless and we cannot keep the three cats inside as per our lease. It's not just about our cats either, all this food is attracting other critters, and it just can't be sanitary to have rotting food sitting around outside. Has anyone experienced something like this in town? Is there a higher authority I can contact in Mult county?

Thanks :)
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Rope Lights

Where can I find the cheapest rope lights hereabouts? I'd need 80-100 feet of the stuff, not fancily coloured. I'm only interested in ordering online if I'm ordering from somewhere nearby, as I need these at the top of next week. My best bet so far is a couple of boxes of lights I saw at Home Depot; 48' for $28. Not bad . . . can you do better? This is for a nonprofit, if it matters. Collapse )
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

It's been awhile since I've compiled a list. I want to get into a better habit of doing this weekly....

1. While shopping at Frederick Meyer of Hollywood recently, picking up a box of Kleenex which was lying on the aisle floor as i was passing by, and putting it back onto the proper shelf space--and being complimented by a random stranger immediately for "doing the right thing".

2. Having a random conversation with a fellow foodie/stranger while enjoying the yum-eaux food cart goodness on SE 12th and Hawthorne (yes, it was at Potato Champion....)

3. The delicious Fastback cocktail drink at The Teardrop Cocktail Lounge: it is also an awesome place to go with groups of friends, especially on V-Day!

4. Being greeted with radiant rays of sunshine during lunch time yesterday!

5. Being introduced to the Mr. Yuk video here on damnportlanders! :)
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New Glasses

As a treat to myself (and also because I'm semi-concerned about the current state of my glasses), I was thinking about getting a new pair of glasses. Anyone know where I might find Ray-Ban and/or Marc Jacob frames in Portland? Or even Oakley frames? 

Thanks. :)
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Hey gang,

What's the conventional wisdom of the DP hive mind regarding email clients? Personally I have never used one on my home setup (and only use Outlook on my work PC to access email from the work server).

To be honest I have some kind of vague notion that there's more of a security risk by using an email client, as opposed to checking webmail accounts via the web, but I can't really say how.

Advantages/disadvantages? Any clients that are preferable to others, and/or are easier to use with certain webmail services? Thanks.

The state of our jobs

I've got an imcome in Portland?

Yes! I am employed.
No! I'm down in the dumps and unemployed :*(
I have a job but don't enjoy it because I'm stuck.
I've been looking for a very long time with no results.
I've been laid off or know people who have.

Feel free to share any stories or tips in this tough economic time. I've been looking for a job for quite a while now and sending out my resume like crazy. I'll take anything, even a dish washing position, if it pays and I'm not sitting around all day feeling like a deadbeat.

A Portland treasure worth sharing...

Since its thankful Thursday and all... :)
I wish I'd first checked this out when I found out about it in 2000, but really enjoyed the tour and seeing this lil Portland secret.

The MacCaw Landing Foundation is a wildlife refuge that has a MacCaw flight with over 90 MacCaws residing there. They don't list their address and do tours at noon and 2pm if you call in to make a reservation before hand for a minimum donation of 5.00 per person.


Truly worth a visit! :)

Volunteering for the socially inept / places for publication

1) I don't think I have to tell LJers that this country isn't kind to introverts. Everywhere you look, people are wanting you to be bold! and outgoing! and a people-person! and a team player!, all of which makes me gag. It's so bad that I've seen introversion treated on an employee screen in the same section as theft and absenteeism.

Anyhow, I'm starting to see how much it's keeping me from my goals to be completely social inept with people who aren't just like me. Since my job right now is entirely solitary, I was hoping that somebody could suggest any place to volunteer where I'd come into contact with a wide variety of people, be obliged to interact with them at least a little, and eventually learn not to be an awkward mess around them. If it helps narrow things down, my strongest skills are writing and proofreading (which I hope aren't mutually exclusive with my stated goal).


2) I'm at work, mostly for my own pleasure, on a very whimsical piece about a certain change that I would make to the city of Portland. As much as I would love to see this change occur, I'm not terribly in earnest about the plan I set forth. Since this piece is looking like it'll probably be 3,000 words or so, I'd like to do more with it than just stick it in my blog. Can you think of anywhere that might publish a piece that length of farcical city planning undertaken more for its potential as a form of literature than as a sincere attempt to change something about Portland?

Irrigation Tubing?

I want to make my own hula hoop. According to internet, I need 160 psi 3/4" irrigation tubing.
But I do not need a 100' roll of it from Lowe's for $30.

Did you buy a big roll of this stuff for hoop-making and have some left over? Can I buy it from you?
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I'm hoping you can help me find the best deal on buying an artist mannequin like this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

What it is made of is not important, cost is really the bigger deal. I don't need a life sized one, just enough to base the shapes off of with my naked eye.

Any tips, pointers or places?

Thanks in advance!

Bumper stickers

Where can I find a bumper sticker that says "Portland makes me wet"?

Relatedly, where can I find one that says "So is your face", and "Follow me to certain death".

(All are bumper stickers I've seen on cars around here and must have.)

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 Can you take a little rowboat onto the Willamette from one of the boat ramps on the Eastbank Esplanade? Is it safe to paddle around in that part of the river? We're considering being slightly irresponsible with our tax refund this year by buying a rowboat, but I don't really know where we'd sail it. I looked on the Oregon Marine Board site, but that info seems to be geared more towards bigger boats than what we have in mind. Can anyone suggest some sites where I can figure this out on my own?