February 18th, 2009

Geography Trivia Challenge! -- My Evil Trick Revealed

In this post :

I hinted that two locations were somewhere in Oregon.
Actually, only one was...along the John Day River.
The other is in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains.

I didn't do this randomly, I did it because it is interesting to think that Oregon (a place that most people think of as rainy, rainy, rainy) actually looks in many parts a great deal like Morocco, right outside the Sahara.

in serach of an endodontist

I need to get a root canal, and apparently the tooth in question is a toughie, so I'm looking for a good endodontist, rather than just a general dentist. Any suggestions? I'm in SE, but as long as it's bus-accessible, I'll go anywhere. I just don't want my mouth to get fucked up.

steve perry is amused

HELP ME!! Spiders attack!!

I am FREAKING OUT! there is the BIGGEST, FATTEST spider on my wall/cieling I have EVER seen I need someone to kill it! RIGHT NOW! or I will NEVER EVER sleep again!! I tried it ended in dry heaves, shuddering, chills and screaming. Someone please come kill it.  I'll by lunch? A yaught maybe ANYTHING! *shudders*  I am in camas... I am serious! it just needs to go!

ETA: I sucked it up! And let me just say, it was big enough to make clunking and scraping noises down the entire vaccuum hose! gah sfdhsadgf
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Tipping on takeout

Something I've always wondered about....are you suppose to tip on takeout such as Chinese food? I've always tip whenever I dine out or have pizza delivered but takeout I don't...am I being cheap?
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Another kitty needs home

My neighbor found a tiny black kitten a few weeks ago- not being much of a cat person, he asked if I could take her, I said I would certainly try. Unfortunately my cat was not fond of this, to put it mildly, so I returned her to my neighbor after three days. Today he asked to borrow my cat carrier so he can take her to the Humane Society today, and I begged him to send me some pics and to let me try DP before he does. So if anyone is interested in adopting this kitty, PLEASE email today! I am sure my neighbor would be willing to hang in there for another day or two if there was a comfirmed home for her.

Samantha (aa I call her) is very sweet, playful, inquisitive, friendly. She has no fear of people- and as you can see from the picture, she's be fine in a family with dogs. I think she is fine with other cats too, it was my cat who had issues. She seemed more interested and curious than anything. She is black with dark golden green eyes, I think she is going to to grow up to be very beautiful. She is kittenish, with all that goes along with that, but I haven't noticed any behavior problems at all.

Please, if you or someone you know can take her, please email my neighbor at manny dot rendon at gmail dot com.

Thank you so very much!

ETA: Thank you for all of the replies and compliments on the cuteness! Hopefully she's found a home, but if not I will try some of the really good suggestions some of you have made. I really appreciate it!

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I Do. Again.

My brother and his wife are visiting (not moving to, mind) our fair city this September and think it would be fun to renew their vows.  Not being the marrying type, I have no input.  She's a Recovering Catholic, he's a Baha'i.  Wifey has her eye on Voodoo, of course, but I'm afraid it'll be a little underwhelming as they don't know enough people here to make it a whole lot of fun.  No offense to the owners of Voodoo.

I think what she really wants is something along the lines of the 24hr Church of Elvis and sadly we all know that story.  Google gives me a lot of individuals and churches who will accomodate them, but I'm hoping for something more Portland-y.  Suggestions, please?

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side view hot pink lotus

Pug Activities

Hello fellow DeePeers...

I know that there's a big pug (and dog, in general) community in Portland and Vancouver and as a new dog owner and PugMom, I am looking for all the cool happs!

I went to the Irving Park Pug Crawl many moons ago. Anyone know if that is still going on?

Flood me with your pug-related resources!

Thanks so much!
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IKEA gift card for sale

Hey DPeeps,

If you are contemplating a somewhat substantial IKEA purchase in the future, please consider making me an offer for a $340* store credit, which is on an IKEA gift card.

It's actually my sister's and I'm asking on her behalf. She and her husband purchased a mattress there and apparently store policy is to issue a store credit upon return of mattresses. However, they want a mattress and are a bit cash-poor, so she'd rather see if someone might be interested in purchasing the gift card at a discount than keep it to use gradually.

If you're interested, email me an offer at my LJ handle @ yahoo, or comment here with one.


* - $338.46 is the exact amount.
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(no subject)

So has anyone actually spotted people wearing DP buttons around town? Did you introduce yourself to the person? Or just stalk them from afar, trying to figure out their screen name from half-remembered blurry userpics?

Job question

I seem to recall seeing bad reviews/comments/whatever here about Cutco Cutlery and Vector Marketing. A friend has an interview with Vector in the morning, but Cutco wasn't mentioned. He found them on some work for students webpage or some such. Tell me?

ETA: Thanks for the all the info. If this is what he walks into he won't be happy. And he won't get sucked into it.

help with my photography project?


My name is Colin. I've lived in Portland for the last 10 years. I'm participating in a project called '100 Strangers' on Flickr. I've wanted to take photographs of strangers for as long as I can remember. Part of this fascination comes from my love for people-watching and a wish that I could strike up a conversation with more strangers on a daily basis. However, I'm a somewhat shy individual, so subsequently, I'm hoping that this project will help me break free a little from my introverted nature. I've recently invested in a new camera -- it's not very fancy but I'm pretty enamored with it so far.

So here's my idea:

I will be in Pioneer Square in downtown Portland on Saturday February 21 from noon to 2pm. I will be sitting near the statue of the man with the umbrella. I'll be the guy with the camera and a green backpack. If you would like to help me with my 100 Strangers Project, please come find me.

A little photography, a little random conversation, a random encounter with a friendly stranger (me, you), and free chocolate. That is, I can't afford to pay you for your trouble, but I will have chocolate if you would like some. I can also send you a copy of the picture to your email, if you would like.

Also - I will be posting your picture on Flickr. If you would like to participate, please be okay with that. This is just for myself. Not for any sort of art show. No financial gain involved. All are encouraged to participate. No experience necessary.

I look forward to meeting you.


Questions? Reach me at colin100strangers@gmail.com

You can see some of my attempts at photographs of strangers here:

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Hey DP,

I'm feeling nostalgic for some kangaroo meat! Is there anywhere in the area that serves it, or anywhere I can buy some and cook it at home? Thanks DP :) you people are awesome. I even finally found an anvil thanks to you guys leading me in the right direction ^^ Also, who else here is a dirty mostly-carnivore like me? :P
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Party with the Heartless Heathers this Saturday

Come celebrate the right way with your favorite derby team, the Heartless Heathers, at our 4th Annual Anti VD Party.

When: Saturday Feb.
Time: 9pm - 1am
Where: 1322 SE Water Ave

$5 suggested donation at the door.

Expect music, booze, spanking booth, games, raffle, and much much more! Tell all your friends!


(insanely cross posted, sorry)
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