February 17th, 2009


I'm looking to do more at home yoga...but all the random yoga vids I've come across aren't what I want.

I'm looking for something beginner...something that allows you to learn the poses, but moves through them at a decent pace.

Also looking for any vids/resources on meditation. I'm a little familiar with it but the boyfriend is not and we'd like to start fresh.

Suggestions? Thanks!

(ps. if you have tai chi recs i'll take those too!)
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Ethnic foodstuffs

Last night I went with a friend to Arabian Breeze and I have to say it was quite yummy. Good atmosphere, yummy food and lots of cheaper menu items with expensive ones too though. They seemed kinda slow and the waitstaff was really friendly so I thought I'd maybe, I dunno, give them a good 'kudos!' on DP since it would make me a sad panda to see that place go :(

But anyways! Onto the topic. I love interesting ethnic foods in general, and have been to a good number of places. Japanese and Italian and things like that are kinda run of the mill here, so I am looking for for like.....the best Russian! The best Scandinavian food place! The best.....Luxembourg place to eat in portland!/ random.

Things like that! Give me your interesting, cool, 'different' cultural places to eat, oh wise DP members! :)
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Open Gym

Im looking for a place that has an Open Gym night. The gym must have most if not all of the following

* Fully padded floors (Gymnastics style)
* Foam Pit
* Spring Boards
* Anything Else of the Gymnastic Type

Im also looking for a place that gives adult gymnastic lessons. A friend and I were heavily involved in a sport called parkour / free running when I lived in southern oregon and Im looking to get back into shape and start doing something of the likes.

Coffee in the Tigard area

I'm looking for a comfortable coffee shop in the Tigard area where someone could go to relax and chat with someone.  Maybe some sort of couches or secluded tables, not like a starbucks.

I looked online a bunch.  There's one place called "Primo Espresso" that got good reviews but it said nothing about the seating style, and that's really more important than the quality of the coffee for my current need.

Anyone have any place in the Tigard area they especially enjoy for chatting with friends or a date?

EDIT: I went and reconned the "Primo Espresso" place.  Bad seating, and it closes at 2 every day so that's right out.  Its also in the middle of nowhere.  I'll look up this other recommended one.

Clackamas CC AAS Horticulture?

Anyone here been through the Horticulture program at CCC?

I just submitted my FAFSA and applied to CCC, tomorrow I am going to meet with a adviser. I haven't been to a actual IRL College (I have been to "distance learning" Everglades University)

Any classes at CCC you'd recommend? I am looking at taking "fix your own car", ceramics, and some other extra curriculars that interest me.


Opinions please about the current Vista OS. I know it's crap....but how BAD, what KIND of crap can I expect? I'm in the process of laptop shopping and finding anything with XP that doesn't cost a fortune is difficult.

MAC kool-aid drinkers kindly not to push your drug on me, I am interested in your philosophy and would subscribe to your newsletter, but am curtailed by business to purchase the MicroSoft drink instead.



Hey I am looking for someone to dread my hair

I am willing to pay a reasonable price. I can also make Tams.

As far as doing it myself... it's a possibility yes, but I can't even curl my own hair so yeah.

Reminder: Town Hall Mtg Tomorrow

Trans March Portland: MySpace

Gender (Free) For All March

Upcoming Meetings:
Our first town hall meeting was a huge success. We had several people show up and provide us with valuable feedback, which allowed us to begin to shape the direction of this year’s march. [Visit our MySpace for details on what was discussed at that meeting]. We invite you to come be an important part in the planning of this event.

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009 - 7pm
@ In Other Words - 8 NE Killingsworth St, PDX

Monday, March 16, 2009 - 7pm
@ In Other Words - 8 NE Killingsworth St, PDX

Questions? Comments? Want to help? Email transmarchpdx@gmail.com

Please repost and pass the word!
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Old Clothes Man.

In the manner of the mansion's mood
Free time is just a little

Every color of the scenery
You know you've got to get real

Captivated by the shoebox show
Old gloves and dusty drapery

Felicit echoes of a song

No easy change around
And I will let you down

An old clothes man I know
And I won't let you go

My life is but a dream
In a quarantined
Silent movie screen

Spreading up these ideals
Building high esteem
By the ancient creed

But in the next second then
I'm an old clothes man
In a ripped off land

Burn all the books
I'm banned
Fuel the flames I fanned

Do you think I'm mad?

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 i am new to this credit union thing, so forgive me.
my husband needs to deposit money into my account. He is on the other side of the country though, and i am not sure how he could go about this, can he go to any credit union? does he need any other information besides my account number?

online is being no help. i meant to call today and spaced it.

thank you!


i mac

I'm looking to buy an I Mac, and even with my student discount they are still really expensive!! Is there a reputable place in town to buy refurbished Macs, or do you know anyone looking to sell one?

Oh yes and if you were the girl who was about to graduate from PSU graphic design that commented on my last post, I sent you a private message because I was really interested in hearing more about your experience. I never notice when I have new messages from LJ so if you're reading this I'm really curious to know more!

ok thanks guys

portland kids what's up.

So here's my quandry:

I'm a native Seattlite, and am looking to relocate to either Portland or San Francisco in the next six months or so. (I took some time out in college, and then came back) Originally I hadn't thought much of Portland, because Portland as a city is not a loud talker, seems like, but the more I find out about it the more I like it.

San Francisco just seems exciting because it is big and gay and shiny that sounds entertaining.

I haven't spent a huge amount of time in either.

So feel free to sell me on Portland just in general (I would love that) but to be specific in terms of what I'm looking for in a city-

What I like about Portland:

It's bike friendly, progressive, seems like Seattle but flatter but seems a little bit more down-home, ie a little bit more community-minded in general, people are friendly, the coffee is decent, the rent is cheapish, and.....I like books and donuts and bridges. What else there is to offer, I'm not sure yet. That's where you come in.

So what I'm curious about in Portland:

What's the nonprofit scene look like? I'm an MSW student to-be, and I'm curious what all that looks like, particularly in the world of anti-violence stuff and gay stuff.

How about the gay stuff? Being in Seattle, there are lots of gaywads here, but it is increasingly incestuous and weird in terms of everybody knowing and dating each other. But I know something like two people in Portland. Woohoo! So, what fun stuff is going on? What is there to do? Where do people go dancing? Do the leather men have pancake breakfast fundraisers for AIDS? Please tell me they do.

How about the activisty/DIY scene? I exist sort of on the periphery of that in Seattle, I just want to know where they hang out so I can go there too and feel not cool enough to ride a fixie.

Any other pointers regarding such general things as places to get craft supplies for cheap, your favorite Vietnamese restaurant, your favorite farmer's market, you want to invite me to your book club, your favorite happy hour, bookstore, or neighborhood, talk to me.

Also, talk to me about neighborhoods. I have spent lots of time in Hawthorne, it's very cute-where do you live? What do you like about it?
I live in the Central District in Seattle, and walk or ride my bike everywhere, and this is crucial. Also, access to things like co-ops and things to do and other fun young people who want to be my friends is ideal.

Yay thanks!
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