February 15th, 2009


P-D-X in a B-O-X.

OK Proud and creative DPers. I'm sure it's been done before, but hey, who doesn't love repeated postings, eh?

Let's say you've got a friend who used to live here and loves Portland to death (who can blame her?) You want to send a little piece o' PDX via mail, but what would you include? I've already got the pound of Stumptown coffee. That's a given. But other sorts of crazy, cliche or totally-obviously-Ptown that only a true Portlander that has traveled far from home would be grateful to have....within USPS rules and regulations that is. And I'm not sending her a hipster-with-fixie-and-bad-attitude in the mail, that's too much shipping and handling...and I think listed under human trafficking.

Additionally, any new local bands/songs you might currently love that would go well in a mix?
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Dearest Damnportlanders--

I am looking for several things:

A. Wheelchair basketball. I used to watch college tournament wheelchair basketball when I was in high school in person and it was fantastic. I have been missing it ever since. Also, if it is on a channel on tv by all means I will make an attempt to watch it on tv. But in person would be best.

B. Kushikatsu. Deep fried Japanese kebabs, coated panko. Years ago, Olive Stick and Madame Butterfly used to have them, but they are not around anymore. I also miss the Korean stew they used to have at Madame Butterfly. I have no idea what it was called, but it was spicy and red. What is that delicious stuff called?

C. What is that delicious slaw that sometimes comes with my tortilla chips at my local Mexican restaurant called? I am sure it is not too difficult to make, but since they don't actually call it out on the menu, I cannot look it up.

Thanks so much!
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My company is looking for someone to build us a good high-functioning database-driven website ASAP.

If you or someone you know can do this, please e-mail me (address below). We have spent a lot of money on "professionals" that give us pretty websites that don't work, so if you've got experience and can work with us in a responsive and communicative manner, then I want to talk to you.

jesse at taureanglobal dot com

EDIT: Aaaaaaand never mind, apparently we just found somebody today. Sorry y'all.
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Dear all-knowing DamnPortlanders,
I need help. I have two very unrelated questions that I am hoping someone can help me with: 

First, has anyone attended an orientation session at PSU? Was it a big waste of time or did you actually learn valuable information? I am a transfer student and I already know how college works, so I as far as I'm concerned I am only really going to get my ID photo taken and talk to an adviser about degree requirements. I'd love to know where the library is also, but these reasons alone do not sound like justification for five hours of hell. The orientation office will give me very little information on what to expect, since they want everyone to attend so I am here seeking the truth....

Second, I am looking for a good nail salon. I have acrylic nails and am looking for someone that does good, high quality pink and whites. Price is not a huge issue, but cleanliness, quality, and reasonably gentle hands are important. I would really really prefer a nail tech that has a good grasp of the English language, as I have had problems in the past due to difficulties in communication. Bonus points for anyplace on the west side or with easy freeway access because I live in Hillsboro.



People keep insisting that Reeds is awesome ginger brew. But I keep insisting it's because they've never tried Bundaberg Ginger Beer. However, as I cannot find it, it's a hard argument to make.

So dear Damn Portlanders... how can I win this bet? Help me find Bundaberg?


I did some calling around and World Market Cost Plus carries four packs of Bundaberg Ginger Beer for $5.99, which is on NW 23rd and Burnside

Neato Hotel Recommendations

Hello hello DPers--I need some help.

The Boyfriend and I are heading to Portland the first weekend in April for a concert and I was hoping to book a hotel room and make it a short vacation-y romantic thing. I immediately thought of the Ace because it's close to Powell's, has a Stumptown, is kind of funky, etc, etc, blahblahblah.

However, the Ace has a 2 night minimum that weekend (no clue why), which we don't need. They said they might open up individual nights later on if it doesn't book up, but it's not guaranteed.

The only other hotel I can think of that's kind of like the Ace is the Jupiter Hotel. So my questions are:

-How does Jupiter compare to the Ace? Better, worse, similarities, differences?
The rooms with the murals look interesting...

-Ok, Jupiter's out, so how are the McMenamin's hotels? Kennedy School and White Eagle

-Are there any other similar hotels in the city I could look at?
I love the fact that Powell's and some other cool stuff is walkable from the Ace, but transportation isn't really an issue.

Thanks in advance!
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sex shops?

did It's My Pleasure close? i'm not sure where i read that or heard it... and if so, where else does a girl go in this town to get the same kind of stuff?

thanks in advance....
New Years

Cosmetology School?

Hi All knowing DP!

I was wondering which Cosmetology School in Portland is best for someone who's interested in Esthetics/Nail Tech? Or perhaps from a customers view, which Cosmetology school had the most professional-like students/atmosphere?



Hokay, so! My boyfriend has landed himself a new job and I want to send him something at work on his first day as a "good luck" and YAY!!!! kind of thing. I don't want to send flowers but I need some similar kind of service to get it there in time. Any suggestions? I'm kind of googled out, mainly 'cause I don't even have a clue what to google at this point.

Edit: I should add it's not technically a new job, just getting rehired after getting laid off a few months ago. Everyone knows him already, if that makes a difference.
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Is there a tailor in the house?

A while ago I found a really interesting 3-piece suit at Red Light for only about $20 - since suits usually cost at least $400, this is impressive - but it's a little too big. (At 5'7" and about 125 lb., I believe I qualify as a Very Small Animal. I have a hard time finding clothes that fit.) So can anyone recommend a tailor who could fit it to me?

Yes, of course, GFE. I'm asking for a recommendation, not just a reference - something Google can't give so easily.